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11:14 Amit       hi mason
11:24 hdl_laptop owen : some strings are still lost in js => lost in translation... ;)
11:24 hdl_laptop For instance look at opac-results.tmpl
11:24 hdl_laptop addtocart and so on.
11:25 hdl_laptop I have a proposition to solve this.
11:25 hdl_laptop But I would also like to make it a guideline for template design.
13:37 hdl_laptop atz: is there a SIPconfig how to ?
14:40 owen       hdl_laptop: Saw your message in the logs about js strings
14:59 hdl_laptop owen: what do you think ?
14:59 owen       You said you had a proposition to solve it?
15:00 hdl_laptop yes.
15:00 hdl_laptop sending the patch.
15:00 hdl_laptop or do you prefer file ?
15:00 owen       Patch is fine
15:00 hdl_laptop ok.
15:10 atz        hdl_laptop: there is an appendix to the google doc manual for SIP
15:10 hdl_laptop thanks atz
15:11 atz        the main thing for config is to have users in the file match users you create in Koha... and give them circulate permissions
15:14 hdl_laptop which I did.
15:15 hdl_laptop But it seems that uid and pwd are wiped out.
15:15 hdl_laptop owen tell me if you get the email.
15:15 owen       Yes
15:16 atz        hdl_laptop: what do you mean wiped out?
15:16 hdl_laptop $pwd undefined.
15:16 hdl_laptop even though I set it in admin.
15:17 atz        did you restart the process(es) after changing config?
15:18 atz        (still a manual thing... though I just sent in an example init script that will make it cleaner)
15:25 hdl_laptop yes.
15:27 atz        hdl_laptop: if you want to send me a copy of your config, maybe i can see something w/ it
15:32 hdl_laptop no problems.
15:38 hdl_laptop sent
15:49 atz        hdl_laptop: replied
16:40 Elwell     eening all -- coding standards Q: Have I missed something whole following the latest patches on the list (eg: [PATCH] (bug #2961) add a button to add manually the next issue) -- +++ b/serials/serials-collection.pl seems to add  my $squery = "UPDATE subscription SET lastvalue1=?, lastvalue2=?, lastvalue3=?, innerloop1=?, innerloop2=?, innerloop3=?
16:40 Elwell     ... outside of C4/something
16:40 Elwell     is this allowed?
16:41 atz        Elwell: not encouraged, certainly
16:41 Elwell     ok - thats fine. So all DB related calls should be in C4/mumble
16:41 gmcharlt   that's the goal
16:41 atz        ideally, yes... just to make them testable outside the script
16:42 atz        if nothing else
16:42 Elwell     OK -- I'll lurk some more :-)
16:55 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: atz I have already told nahuel I was not much happy with that.
21:14 owen       Good weekend, all
08:26 chris      evening