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11:36 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: if you are around, I have generated a tarball for a 3.0.1 release
11:36 hdl_laptop Can I upload it somewhere ?
11:58 kados      hdl_laptop: did you sign it, etc?
12:25 gmcharlt   hdl_laptop: assuming you've signed, I can get it uploaded for you
12:25 gmcharlt   a 1-week beta test might not be a bad idea, just to make sure that there are no problems for people upgrading from 3.0
12:50 kf         hdl: have you updated the release notest? i noted some old entries about postgres, windows and german intranet partial translation (is full now) earlier today
13:15 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: yeah i have signed it.
13:16 hdl_laptop kf : I updated.... But not on PG and windows
13:18 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: agreed about 1 week proof testing
13:18 hdl_laptop I already spent time on it to test features.
13:19 hdl_laptop But still, maybe ppl can find some other problems.
13:33 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: will send you the tarball later today
13:41 kados      hdl_laptop: did you follow all the steps in misc/release_notes/README.txt ?
13:41 kados      hdl_laptop: (just in case you haven't seen that file)
13:41 kados      hdl_laptop: and any changes that need to be made to the steps should also be added to that file (if poodle changes things for translation for instnace)
13:47 hdl_laptop kados: I did and am doing.
13:47 hdl_laptop Pootle change nothing to translation stuff.
13:47 kados      cool
13:48 hdl_laptop I just find that release should maybe ask the translations to install rather than installing the whole stuff.
13:48 hdl_laptop but at the moment, it is a minor issue for me.
15:25 hdl_laptop kados: gmcharlt, please tell me asap when we agree on release.
15:25 hdl_laptop I would like to announce it asap.
15:26 kados      hdl_laptop: did you install translations?
15:26 kados      (trying to understand)
15:27 owen       any librarians here who deal with fines at their library?
15:28 danny      we have been talking a lot about fines lately owen, whats up?
15:28 owen       I'm adding replacement cost to the print view of the patron's record because our librarians often give these printouts to patrons who have old overdues
15:29 owen       I'm wondering if putting a "charges" column in there makes sense as well
15:29 owen       It shows on the patron detail page, but not in the print view
15:30 hdl_laptop kados: yes i installed translations.
15:31 hdl_laptop (It was written in README.txt : run update, install.pl...)
15:31 hdl_laptop => 51Mo archive.
15:32 gmcharlt   hdl_laptop: I will want to see tarball and test first
15:32 hdl_laptop btw kohanews is closed ?
15:32 owen       I'm curious why the patron detail page doesn't total up the charges at the bottom like it does replacement price
15:32 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: np.
15:33 gmcharlt   hdl_laptop: a Thursday release is possible, though I still recommend a public testing period
15:33 hdl_laptop how would you announce?
15:35 gmcharlt   you should post to koha & koha-devel of course
15:35 gmcharlt   inlcude summary of release notes in email
15:36 paul_p     51MB ! wow ! we really need to create translation when installing, that's huge & useless for most libraries !
15:38 hdl_laptop So I will post to koha and koha-devel on Thursday.
15:38 paul_p     kados: ++
15:38 hdl_laptop paul_p: in fact, i think that js libs should be taken out from translations, since nothing is trnaslated from jquery and others.
15:39 paul_p     hdl+++
15:39 hdl_laptop + icons should also be not in language but in theme.
15:39 owen       I'm not sure about that one...I think many icons have text in them?
15:39 kados      hdl_laptop: some icons have text, that's why they are in lang
15:39 kados      hdl_laptop: ++ on the js libs though, unless there are some exceptions
15:39 hdl_laptop But then you cannot translate text which is an image.
15:40 hdl_laptop kados: would be nonesense to translate yui or jquery libs.
15:40 hdl_laptop imho.
15:40 owen       If we were doing it right we'd distribute different icons with different translations. But I don't think anyone is up to that task at the moment
15:40 hdl_laptop we thought we had to becaus of cart.
15:41 hdl_laptop which is now solved.
15:41 hdl_laptop and included in tmpl.
15:41 hdl_laptop owen: But translating is copying all the images.
15:42 hdl_laptop So each translation you make, duplicates img directory.
15:42 owen       Yes, I understand.
15:43 hdl_laptop for instance, intranet-tmpl = 234Mo uncompressed.
15:44 owen       I'm just worried that moving them out of the lang directory prevents us from, in the future, providing images with translated text. Maybe that's too unlikely to consider at this time.
15:45 gmcharlt   I agree with owen; localized images could be part of a translation
15:46 gmcharlt   but we can reorganize directory structure
15:46 gmcharlt   so that base icon directories are not duplicated needlessly
15:49 hdl_laptop I agree.
15:50 hdl_laptop in fact, i think that most of the time, ppl will test icons set.
15:50 hdl_laptop Those who have text, which is not translatable, will not be used in non english speaking countries.
15:54 hdl_laptop And there, ppl will use custom set of template, unless they havetime to translate images, which generally ends up in doing a custom set of icons.
16:03 hdl_laptop owen : why is tinymce in js rather than lib ? Is it much different from jquery or yui ?
16:03 owen       jquery and yui are javascript libraries, and tinymce is just one javascript "application."
16:03 owen       tinymce is not jquery or yui
16:06 hdl_laptop owen : i am asking that because in my mind, it is just another external brick.
16:06 owen       Understandable.
16:07 owen       O
16:07 owen       Sorry...
16:07 owen       I'm not sure how tinymce is supposed to be handling other languages
16:07 owen       It has a 'langs' directory, but it only contains en.js
16:08 hdl_laptop if it was in lib, then all those external js libs could be considered as "language independant.
16:08 hdl_laptop "
16:08 hdl_laptop So tinymce has its own language structure.
16:08 owen       Since lib has calendar and greybox I don't see any reason why tinymce shouldn't be there too
16:09 owen       calendar and greybox are not libraries either
16:09 owen       the calendar script also has a language file, which means that we might investigate how that could be internationalized as well
16:10 owen       Perhaps calendar and tinymce can be configured to look for the language file in a custom location
16:10 hdl_laptop ++
16:10 hdl_laptop And maybe we could add links to all those third parties bricks at install
16:11 kf         about icons: i made special german bridge icons
16:11 kf         if icons are not in language, you cant use different icons :(
16:12 hdl_laptop kf : my idea would be to have kind of 2 levels of icons set.
16:13 hdl_laptop Or maybe hard links
16:13 kf         my idea is, that for example item type icons change, depending on choosed opac language
16:14 hdl_laptop mmm.
16:15 hdl_laptop But if you are a french library, with 4 or 5 languages supported.
16:15 hdl_laptop Would you create 5 different flavours of translated text icons
16:15 hdl_laptop Or only 1 set of icons without text ?
16:17 hdl_laptop + kf : you have to overwrite your german Bridge icons over the translations on each  update.
16:17 hdl_laptop you cannot make it enter po files.
16:18 kf         with bridge icons its easy, because there are psd-files
16:18 kf         i think in a production system you dont update too often
16:18 kf         but its nice, when its possible to have different sets, perhaps not a must have
16:19 kf         translation is not perfect now - you cant define descriptions in different languages for libaries, item types and so on
16:42 hdl_laptop kohanews is down for maintenance ?
16:42 hdl_laptop Or has been shut down ?
17:53 hdl_laptop kados: sorry for I had to answer the phone.
17:59 gmcharlt   hdl_laptop: #kohanews is on freenode, not the katipo IRC server
18:03 Khalsa     What happens there? ( gmcharlt )
18:03 gmcharlt   Khalsa: #kohanews has a bot that posts stuff from various Koha RSS feeds, like the bugs DB and the git log
18:04 Khalsa     exciting
18:04 gmcharlt   perfect for those who don't have enough information overload ;)
18:21 owen       anyone up for a question about labels?
18:21 owen       I've got an issue with /cgi-bin/koha/labels/label-edit-layout.pl
18:21 atz        ok
18:21 atz        like, how much label printing sucks?
18:22 owen       :)
18:22 owen       It's been working fine for us even in a 2.x system because we're using the CSV output to pass to a label printer
18:22 owen       Here's my problem: I'm trying to edit the layout by using the "List Fields" option
18:23 owen       I put in a bunch of fields, saved it, tested it, and it didn't seem to work. When I went back in I saw that the fields I'd entered had gotten truncated, like there's a limit to the mysql column
18:24 owen       I'm not even sure where that data is stored
18:27 atz        owen: ah, interesting.  yeah i can imagine the field might be too small
18:27 atz        i'll find it
19:55 liz        ah labels, a bane to my existence
20:04 owen       liz, do you guys try to print labels on a regular printer?
20:09 liz        yes, they do
20:15 owen       liz, we've had success with a dedicated label printer. I've never tried to get a label template working with printed Avery labels or anything like that
20:16 liz        my big problem is that right now, it doesn't work at all to add labels to a batch
20:16 liz        the items just don't add
20:16 owen       Really? It seemed to be working for me when I tested today
20:17 atz        liz: are you getting a javascript error (from that bogus intranetuserjs value) ?
20:18 liz        atz: let me check again
20:20 liz        ok, clicked Add items to batch, search for item by barcode, click search, and the window kind of flashes but doesn't do anything
20:20 liz        and no item is added
20:20 liz        to the batch
20:21 liz        search by title, same thing
20:21 liz        the drop down to select search criteria doesn't seem to work
20:21 liz        Ours was working until the last big batch of patches
20:22 atz        liz: check syspref intranetuserjs
20:22 liz        nothing in there
20:23 atz        ok... not sure what the deal is then.  sounds like javascript is hanging up though
20:23 liz        :/ yea
20:23 owen       So liz the pop-up appears when you click 'add to batch' ?
20:23 liz        yes sir
20:24 owen       ...but when you type something and click search you don't get any results?
20:24 liz        correct
20:25 owen       Weird. That's working fine for me in our new system.
20:25 liz        hrm. I'm going to do a proper sync on the templates involved, see if that changes anything
20:27 owen       I do notice that it gives you no indication that a particular search has failed
20:27 owen       It just reloads
20:28 atz        yeah, it's using a dynamic JS trick
20:28 owen       ?
20:28 atz        oh, you mean the popup just comes back empty?
20:28 atz        and presents the same fields?
20:29 owen       Right, the search form reappears as if you'd never submitted
20:29 atz        yeah, some indication would be useful
20:29 atz        "I gots nothin.  Try again."
20:29 liz        hehe
20:29 liz        the barcode search used to work though
20:30 liz        and doesn't even seem to be finiding titles
20:30 liz        finding*
20:30 liz        i think this is what we're seeing, is failed searches
20:30 liz        but I don't know why it would be failing
20:32 liz        double checked the templates, was not our problem. :(
20:38 owen       Anyone know why we have an empty language bar at the bottom of our staff client pages?
20:40 kados      owen: do you have any language packs installed (har har har)
20:41 owen       ?
20:42 kados      owen: yea, it looks like you have some language packs installed
20:42 kados      /cgi-bin/koha/admin/systempreferences.pl?tab=I18N/L10N
20:42 kados      owen: if you notice, there are alternatives listed there
20:42 kados      french, chinese, german, spanish
20:42 owen       Listed but not checked
20:42 kados      IIRC, that may be a bug
20:44 kados      owen: we need an intranetlanguagesdisplay
20:44 kados      owen: like the opaclanguagesdisplay
20:44 kados      and opaclanguagesdisplay needs to go into I18N/L10N tab too while you're at it ;-)
20:49 owen       That I can do, at least
03:32 Amit       hi
03:32 Amit       good morning koha
03:32 Amit       gm mason
03:32 Amit       hi aindilis
07:33 Amit       hi hdl
07:58 chris      evening
08:01 hdl_laptop hi chris.
08:02 hdl_laptop updates commited on git 3.0.x branch
08:02 hdl_laptop It seems it doesnot really break previous translations.
08:03 hdl_laptop And 3.0.1 should be officially announced in a few days
08:06 kf         morning chris + hdl
08:10 chris      woo great news
08:29 mason      evening  kohaphiles
08:30 hdl_laptop hi mason
08:31 mc         hello koha people
08:33 mason      bonjour biblibrians
08:54 Amit       (++$availableitemscount > $maxitems) and last;
08:54 Amit       can anyone check this line in
08:54 Amit       search.pm
08:55 Amit       i think it look like this
08:55 Amit       ($availableitemscount++  > $maxitems) and last;
08:55 Amit       for solved availability problem
08:57 Amit       bug 2581
08:57 Amit       i have solve by this way
09:10 hdl_laptop hi amit
09:10 Amit       hi hdl
09:10 Amit       i solved this problem
09:10 Amit       where i sumit my patch plz give me email id
09:11 hdl_laptop koha-patches at lists dot koha dot org
09:11 hdl_laptop please join the list before.
09:11 Amit       k
10:13 mason      fyi: bug/patch 2943 fixes Amit's issue
10:14 Amit       yes
10:14 Amit       i have already see thanks for correct me
10:16 mason      np