Time  Nick       Message
10:06 kf         hi hdl
10:04 SelfishMan Late night doing IT at the library and a few kids just tried to break in
10:03 SelfishMan Ugh...
10:03 hdl_laptop hi kf
10:03 kf         good night chris
10:03 hdl_laptop good night
10:03 nahuel     so good night (and good luck :))
10:02 hdl_laptop hi chris.
10:02 chris      not much, im just about to go to bed
10:00 nahuel     what's up ?
10:00 chris      hi nahuel
09:52 nahuel     hi people
09:23 kf         my first it-book in english, but i like the footnotes
09:22 chris      i met randal schwartz once at a conference, very interesting guy
09:22 kf         only introduction :) study is java, but atm soft skills
09:20 chris      reading about perl eh?
09:17 kf         yes, no koha but distance study
09:13 chris      good weekend kf?
09:12 kf         good morning ;)
09:11 chris      evening
03:18 SelfishMan Aside from the iPhone management app, what is Linode missing from this list?
03:17 SelfishMan http://specialkevin.com/?p=112
23:45 SelfishMan As long as web 1.0 compatibility is still there