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04:52 anasha   hello #koha wish you all happy new year!
21:02 ryan     it definitely was not supposed to convert to T\d+
21:02 atz      that's what I would think.
21:01 ryan     originally, it should have converted 'T32' to '32', afair
21:00 atz      i included some test cases based on my limited understanding of what was intended
21:00 atz      ok... i sent a in a patch that left the behavior unchanged, but it should be documented what the code is *attempting* to do
20:59 ryan     atz: that's a line of code often customized, i think.
20:57 atz      see the examples T32 and T42
20:57 atz      ryan: we strip the T AND an additional nonzero digit, then recompose it into T%07d
20:57 ryan     it's impossible to tell if a barcode as printed has the T or not in some systems that come  from Follett.
20:56 ryan     atz: follett systems strip a leading T\s ...
20:16 atz      ryan: can you clarify why we are dropping the first digit at the T ?
19:57 atz      TZZZZZZ => T0000000
19:56 atz      TFOOBAR  => T0000000
19:55 atz      i'm guessing not
19:55 atz      T42  => T0000002
19:54 atz      T32  => T0000002
19:54 atz      gmcharlt: is it our intention to use the t-prefix filter to convert the following:
18:46 gmcharlt atz: yes
18:46 atz      anybody know where the "T-prefix" barcode style originates?  is it Follett?
11:20 soul9    i know i had to play with these for z3950 to work iirc
11:20 soul9    i dunno what specifically is failing for you, sorry
11:20 soul9    go to admin/systempreferences.pl and search for query on top
11:20 soul9    yeah, then there are some configuration options that affect z3940 searching. like query* options iirc
11:18 ecognito Should already have all them.  I made sure I installed all prerequisites that running perl Makefile.pl mentioned.
11:17 soul9    you need the yaz library and ZOOM from cpan
11:09 ecognito At the bottom of http://tinyurl.com/a2jhhf it mentions a z3950 client daemon but I can't find the script file it mentions.
11:06 ecognito I have the library of congress set up my Z39.50 server... not sure what else I need to do...
11:06 ecognito Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -4 at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/cataloguing/z3950_search.pl line 189.
11:06 ecognito Hi, all.  Just installed Koha 3.0 and am trying to do a z3950 search, I get the following error message: