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13:10 liz    lol@atz's kittens
15:18 eric   good morning #koha
15:19 danny  good morning eric
15:19 eric   What is the best way to migrate from koha-2.2.5 to 2.2.9?  Should I migrate from version to version up to 2.2.9 or can I just use the migration script of 2.2.9 on my 2.2.5 db?
15:31 hdl    hi eric
15:32 eric   thanks hdl.  Do you know if there is something that I may pay attention to in order to be sure that it worked fine?
15:37 hdl    No major feature in 2.2.9 only bugfixes but you should consider get to 3.0 quite soon.
09:14 anasha hello mason
09:14 anasha are u there?
09:30 kf     hi, i m testing holds atm. allowonshelfholds is off and i was able to request a title with one  available item. is there another preference to look at?