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22:16 chris    heh
16:05 owen     And I'll bet "lecture" is the right word, based on the era
16:04 atz      owen: actually, Adlai Stevenson bought half-hour blocks of airtime, but he wasn't astute about timekeeping and neglected to wrap up his lecture before the networks switched him off.
15:38 owen     Usually the Republican party is opposed to limits on campaign spending, but this election may change their mind.
15:34 paul_p   a given candidate can't spend more than this
15:34 paul_p   for pdt election, the limit was (in 2007) : €13.7 millions for the 1st round, and 18.3 for the 2nd round.
15:33 owen     :)
15:31 paul_p   (hélas !)
15:31 paul_p   (no political ad on billboard. but we have a lot of billboards on the side of the highway)
15:31 paul_p   no billboard. Forbidden !
15:31 paul_p   for signs, if you mean personal or something on you car ? it's not forbidden, but politics is considered as private, so nobody would wear one !
15:31 owen     Billboards: big signs on the side of the highway
15:31 owen     A thirty-minute ad is unusual for us as well... I think Ronald Reagan was the only other candidate to do anything like it.
15:31 paul_p   what are billboards ?
15:30 paul_p   owen : strictly none on TV or radio.
15:30 paul_p   so, spending 5millions USD for a 30' ad, is REALLY strange for us !
15:30 owen     No political ads at all? No signs, billboards, radio ads?
15:29 paul_p   - the campaign spendings is limited by law.
15:29 paul_p   -it's forbidden to have politic ads
15:29 paul_p   that sounds really strange to us as, in France :
15:29 paul_p   newspapers speak a lot of the 30' ads obama bought last night, here in France !
15:28 owen     Do I ever!
15:28 paul_p   do you dream that you have a new president too ? ;-)
15:27 owen     paul_p: I dream the same dream :)
15:27 paul_p   hello owen
15:26 owen     This puts similar items into a tab and hides the Google, WorldCat, etc. searches in a menu under 'more searches'
15:26 owen     A new opac-detail sample for review: http://zivotdesign.com/examples/opac-detail-2.html
15:07 danny    ok
15:07 owen     danny, I don't know that it was a conscious choice
15:06 danny    owen, on the ISBD opac detail view, is it intended for comments and Amazon reviews tabs to show up but not any other tabs to display?
12:56 danny     it is along the same lines as the get_xisbn function that has its own Xisbn.pm, would it be best to create a new file in C4 like this? or would this fit in Koha.pm or Biblio.pm?
12:56 danny    i see that I can grab this using MARC::Record, but there would still be some processing which would be used in multiple places and require a subroutine
12:56 danny    my goal is to grab 2 subfields from the marc record, upc and ean
12:56 danny    have a question from yesterday anyone have any thoughts on this...
12:52 gmcharlt yep - check git log to see if your change is actually committed
12:52 kyle     I think I forgot to run git commit -a
12:50 kyle     I'm working on a new feature, and when I run 'git format-patch orgin' I don't get any output. I ran git fetch && git rebase origin fine this morning, but format-patch gives me nothing. Any ideas?
12:48 gmcharlt hi kyle
12:47 kyle     Hey all