Time  Nick      Message
11:45 Amit      hi johnny i m back
12:16 Amit      hi gmcharlt
12:28 ryan      hi paul , johnny : will you be removing your entries on http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:dbrevs:start for the acq features ?
12:28 paul      hi ryan.
12:29 paul      ok, will to that immediatly
12:31 Amit      hi ryan paul
12:31 paul      hi Amit
12:31 paul      how are things in India ?
12:31 Amit      everything is fine
12:32 paul      congrats on your " run live"
12:32 Amit      now is dpl is online 24 hrs
12:32 Amit      thanks
12:32 paul      Indians++
12:32 Amit      yes
12:32 Amit      now koha is successful implemented on centos linux
12:32 Amit      this is first time in RPM based linux
12:33 johnny    ryan: yep, done
12:34 Amit      hi owen
12:35 paul      hi owen
12:35 paul      an url somewhere ?
12:35 paul      note : we write BibLibre
12:36 paul      with capital B and L
12:36 paul      (not very important though)
12:36 owen      http://www.librarytechnology.org/news.pl??SID=20081001383911132&code=&code=PR
12:36 owen      More specifically: http://www.librarytechnology.org/diglib-fulldisplay.pl?SID=2008100113763427&RC=13543&code=pr&Row=13
12:36 owen      And that gets the spelling right even if I didn't :)
12:36 Amit      http://www.librarytechnology.org/diglib-fulldisplay.pl?SID=20081001820648193&RC=13555&code=pr&Row=4
12:36 Amit      for delhi public library
12:37 owen      that's great, Amit. I was just looking to see if that was mentioned as well
12:38 Amit      yes owen
12:38 Amit      http://www.librarytechnology.org/diglib-fulldisplay.pl?SID=20081001820648193&RC=13543&code=pr&Row=13
12:39 Amit      hi josh
12:42 ryan      johnny, paul : thx :)
12:42 johnny    np ☺
12:46 frederic  ls
12:47 paul      frederic: wrong window ;-)
12:50 frederic  paul: too many windows! and screen to wide...
12:50 Amit      http://www.outlookindia.com/pti_news.asp?id=614656
12:50 Amit      see this
12:50 Amit      all one
12:54 paul      Amit: ++
12:57 laurence  hi, I'm Laurence, beginning today at Biblibre, previously librarian, already working with koha
12:57 owen      Hi laurence, welcome. I'm from the Nelsonville Public Library in Ohio, USA. I work on Koha's templates/interface
13:00 laurence  hi nengard, I'm going to work on koha3 french docs, so I guess we'll be in contact soon !
13:00 nengard   hi laurence - maybe you can help me push to get a more community friendly site up for that documentation :)
13:13 Amit      thanks paul
13:19 Amit      hi josh what is your response about delhi public library
13:20 nicomo    nengard ++ and I'd so love to see that plone site up ;-)
13:27 Amit      see this link
13:27 Amit      everyone
13:27 Amit      http://www.ptinews.com/pti%5Cptisite.nsf/0/EE5B4E04C37C62CC652574D400535B4D?OpenDocument
13:27 Amit      and give me some response
13:28 Amit      http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/sports/delhi-public-library-books-catalogue-will-now-be-available-online_100102330.html
13:28 Amit      this one also
13:32 owen      gmcharlt around?
13:37 Amit      any body check this link
13:52 owen      What's the difference between the "publicationyear" variable and the "copyrightdate" variable in opac-detail.pl?
13:53 owen      Do those get pulled from different locations in the MARC record?
13:53 owen      In the example I'm looking at copyrightdate is populated and publicationyear isn't
14:13 nengard   owen - my guess is that one is coming from the 245c and the other from the leader
14:13 nengard   but without seeing the code i don't know which is which
14:14 owen      Ah, the leader. That would make sense.
14:14 atz       interesting results of the OS ILS survey
14:14 atz       http://users.sfo.com/~lmr/ils-survey.html
14:14 nengard   atz - very very interesting
14:14 nengard   posted it on open sesame too :)
14:14 owen      What did you guys see? I couldn't face wading through it this morning
14:15 atz       nengard: in particular since the weak spots for koha (2.2.9) were documentation and installation
14:15 nengard   good stuff for koha ;) - top is overall ILS satifaction - the prob is that it's for the older version - we need a survey for the new release
14:15 nengard   atz - i missed that :) documentation is no longer weak - if i do say so myself
14:15 nengard   i haven't read it all yet
14:16 owen      I wonder if people who have switched to Koha know more about what they're getting into than people who go with commercial vendors.
14:16 atz       Documentation completeness: 2.7 (lowest overall score for Koha)
14:17 nengard   at least not an ILS - have been through other processes
14:24 owen      Hi liz-nekls
14:26 atz       you have to love the payoff of the Delhi Public library announcement
14:26 owen      ?
14:26 atz       "busiest public library in Southeast Asia" chooses Koha
14:30 liz-nekls atz hehehe
14:30 liz-nekls mornin owen
14:34 owen      Anyone here hacked on the OPAC xsl templates?
14:37 ryan      owen: re: pubdate, unfortunately the default marc21 framework maps 260‡c to copyrightdate, but the unimarc framework maps to pubyear.
14:37 ryan      marc21 pubyear will be unmapped by defualt, and converse for unimarc.
14:37 owen      So neither reference the leader.
14:40 ryan      owen: no.
14:42 owen      That makes it sound like anywhere we want to output a date the template should say if pubyear { pubyear } else { copyrightdate }
14:44 ryan      well, being on the marc21 side, i'd prefer the opposite :)
16:29 owen      paul still around?
16:59 nicomo    owen : paul just left and will be out of the office until tomorrow afternoon (local time)
17:33 owen      Hi danny
17:33 danny     hey owen and #koha
18:35 ryan      ;win 3
19:04 owen      Is "Restricted" a new thing?
19:54 liz       ttys #koha