Time  Nick      Message
10:15 Amit      hi johnny
10:12 johnny    hello everyone
09:59 Amit      *Amit
09:46 hdl       good night
09:34 Amit      thanx sir
09:34 chris     excellent
09:34 Amit      but now it is online 24 hrs
09:34 chris     cool
09:34 Amit      i think dpl director send u mail after the press release
09:33 Amit      sory
09:33 Amit      i think dpl directory send u mail after the press release
09:33 Amit      yes
09:33 chris     yep, im waiting for that, before I put it up on the koha.org site
09:32 Amit      but press release on 2 oct
09:32 chris     yep, looks good
09:32 Amit      chris: u check www.dpl.gov.in
09:31 chris     hi all
09:31 Amit      hi hdl
09:30 hdl       hi all
09:30 hdl       hi frederic
09:30 Amit      hi frederic
09:30 frederic  mason: bonjour
09:29 mason     bonjour frederic
09:28 frederic  Hello
05:57 Amit      hi mc
03:54 Amit      now delhi public library is online 24 hrs
03:53 Amit      good morning mason
03:53 Amit      hi
20:43 cesy      can anyone help, please?
20:43 cesy      I'm having trouble finding all the right prerequisites to install koha
20:43 cesy      hi
20:03 chris     heh
20:03 gmcharlt  I am surrounded by boxes ;)
20:00 chris     hey gmcharlt, how goes the packing?
19:53 gmcharlt  hi chris
19:44 chris     morning
18:49 owen      Bummer...my offline circ processing has stalled
18:40 owen      Seems like an omission. I'm glad someone will be sponsoring it.
18:39 owen      Okay, I just thought I might be missing it.
18:39 kados     ahh, right
18:39 gmcharlt  right, but staged records remain in staging area
18:38 kados     so you can do it for a whole batch
18:38 kados     there is a rollback function for the import process
18:38 gmcharlt  not yet, but one of our customers wants to sponsor that
18:37 owen      Can you unstage/delete an uploaded MARC import?
18:35 owen      Thanks gmcharlt, I wasn't sure where the offline circ client was or what the status of it was
18:34 gmcharlt  real life, generated by Kyle's offline circ client - kylehall.info
18:34 gmcharlt  owen: file format is described in wiki - pretty simple
18:12 owen      I'm checking out the new 'upload offline circ data' page and wondering how one generates a .koc file for testing it
16:50 danny     hmm interesting
16:48 atz_      that stretch of code probably hasn't been tested in a few revisions
16:47 atz_      danny: good question.  i'd be interested to know....
16:36 danny     is anyone using koha with pazpar2 and OPACGroupResults turned ON?
15:59 owen      Didn't I see a bug report yesterday or the day before with a .mrc file attachment?
14:15 Amit      Delhi Public Library Catalogue Goes Live with Koha 3.0
14:15 Amit      see the news at dpl site
14:15 Amit      http://dpl.gov.in/
14:15 Amit      see the new
12:54 Amit      sory Eeyore-Jr
12:54 Amit      hi Eyore-Jr
12:53 Amit      hu
12:53 Eeyore-Jr hi Amit
12:11 Amit      hi paul
12:07 Amit      ya
12:03 johnny    yeah, utf-8 on lunix is not trivial..
12:03 johnny    ah
12:02 Amit      some utf problem
12:02 johnny    nice!
12:02 johnny    ok, cool
12:02 Amit      yes
12:02 johnny    did you finish by figuring the basket stuff out?
12:02 Amit      on oct 2
12:02 Amit      it will go online
12:02 Amit      hi
12:02 Amit      hu
12:02 johnny    congratulations!
12:02 johnny    hey, Amit
12:01 Amit      Delhi Public Library Catalogue Goes Live with Koha 3.0
12:00 Amit      see news
12:00 Amit      http://dpl.gov.in/