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14:29 owen        Okay, so patch does not apply... then what?
14:31 gmcharlt    owen: referring to my message?  as I said, a rebase and resubmit will likely take care of it
15:03 owen        Okay, gmcharlt, second try is on its way to you
22:58 jaron       hi, I'm adding a local preference and need to access it from a template. it is basically for a page like the opac-main page but with different content.
22:59 jaron       how would I get at the local preference content? I created an apache scriptalias to a script very much like opac-main.pl and template like opac-main.tmpl except replaced OpacMainUserBlock with the name of my local preference variable.
22:59 jaron       but nothing is showing up :(
23:00 jaron       any ideas?
23:16 gmcharlt    jaron: not ideal, but you could make a local change to get_template_and_user in C4/Auth.pm
23:17 jaron       gmcharlt: how are local preferences usually used from within templates. not templates have access to local use preferences?
23:18 gmcharlt    jaron: there isn't a defined way of doing it except by modifying get_template_and_user()
23:18 gmcharlt    jaron: one could add a column systempreferences to indicate if a preference should be automatically exported to the templates
23:18 gmcharlt    add a column *to* systempreferences
23:19 jaron       ah, ok. i'll see what I can do.
23:26 jaron       gmcharlt++
23:27 jaron       gmcharlt: easy enough when I knew where to look :)
23:27 gmcharlt    yeah, that usually 3/4 of the battle :)
23:32 jaron       gmcharlt: I'm trying to make it so that a librarian can change content on some additions pages through the system preferences. Mostly static content but can still change every so often. right now I'm creating a script alias in apache, an opac-page.pl script, an opac-page.tmpl, and a system preference for each page. any easier way you can think of to force koha to be a little CMS for a few pages?
23:32 jaron       s/additions/additional/
23:35 gmcharlt    jaron: are the templates meant to be edited directly; or are they just containers for information stored in the sysprefs?
23:36 jaron       templates (basically the opac-main.tmpl right now) used to hold info in sysprefs just like OpacMainUserBlock is used right now
23:37 jaron       gmcharlt: i just want a few additional pages that'll do the same thing as happens on the opac-main page--take a bit of content and fit it into a place in a template
23:37 gmcharlt    gotcha
23:38 gmcharlt    one way to do it is to define a new table containing a code and html_snippet columns
23:39 gmcharlt    write a little script that references the code
23:39 gmcharlt    opac-page.pl&page_id=<code>
23:40 gmcharlt    and add a bit to get_template_and_user() to scan that new table
23:40 gmcharlt    and add a template var for each one (e.g., custom_html_snippet_<code>)
23:40 gmcharlt    if you want to use the snippet in an existing page
23:41 gmcharlt    that way, whenever you add a new snippet, you don't have to add a new syspref
23:41 jaron       i'm getting you. my perl's rusty but I think I can swing that. :)
23:41 jaron       right
23:43 gmcharlt    another way might be to clone the editable help system
23:43 gmcharlt    and let user create arbitrary static HTML pages
23:47 jaron       i like the parameter idea. It seems like I could still use local sysprefs which are chosen based on an incoming param.
00:01 jaron       gmcharlt: awesome. it worked! :)
00:02 jaron       gmcharlt++
00:02 jaron       needs some work but basically works
00:16 pianohacker Hello. Anyone around with a vested interest in overdue notices?
03:51 Amit        #Good morning Koha
03:52 Amit        Good morning Mason, hdl, chris
03:52 mason       hiya amit
03:53 Amit        so now to move next phase
03:54 mason       cool, whats that?
03:54 Amit        some cronjob setting
03:55 mason       ah, sure
03:56 Amit        fines, overdues, backup etc
04:39 Amit        hi paul
05:55 hdl         Gupta: you have cronjobs.example file for that purpose.
06:22 Gupta       yes in cronjob folder
06:22 Gupta       cronjob example