Time  Nick        Message
12:09 danny       hello #koha
12:58 atz_        kwak: you can use MarcEdit
13:09 gmcharlt    greetings
13:12 atz_        kwak: to put all items in one branch, you could just use command-line mysql: update items set homebranch="my_branchcode_here"
13:13 atz_        that would change every item in the table
13:13 paul        hello koha world. I'm back from vacation !
13:13 atz_        greets paul
13:15 gmcharlt    hi paul - have a good vacation?
13:15 kados       welcome back paul
13:52 rhcl        at 17:08 chris said "some small features, or low barrier to entry bugs i can convince ppl to hack on". Actually, we (the two of us here at Rolling Hills Library) are kinda looking for a low-priority project like this to work on.
13:54 gmcharlt    rhcl: good idea.  if you need help picking something to start with, are there any small pain points in Koha that you'd like to fix in your own Koha installation?
13:56 rhcl        I don't know that we are aware of anything that's a specific problem for us yet. We are still mostly just "playing" with Koha in case our current ILS vendor goes south someday.
13:57 rhcl        We will probably start using the serials module for real sometime soon, since we don't have that now, but if we ever do completely migrate we'll definitely get a support contract for Koha.
14:00 owen        rhcl, you could always browse Bugzilla for stuff to work on :)
14:01 rhcl        Yea, we've looked that over a couple of times. When we really do pick something out I may select 2-3 items to work on and then ask for suggestions before we begin.
14:02 gmcharlt    sounds good
14:03 rhcl        But for today, there's 18 registry settings I have to make, I want to install and test timetrex, I need to get started on Greenstone for my MAS project, and we have one videocamera that's kaput.
14:14 hdl         owen : have you ever uesd treeview module in jquery ?
14:14 hdl         s/uesd/used/
14:15 owen        No I haven't
14:16 gmcharlt    hdl: I have - used for the granular permissions tree
14:18 hdl         So it would be ok to use it in acquisitions.
14:18 gmcharlt    hdl: yep, the plugin is already in the Koha source tree
14:18 owen         /lib/jquery/plugins/jquery.treeview.pack
14:19 hdl         would add some hierarchy in budgets.
14:32 acmoore     owen++ # Cleans up all my messes and that darned Australian spelling
14:34 acmoore     I thought the kiwis had different spelling than that anyway. I guess they use 'ou' and 's' and the other British, Aussie stuff, too.
14:38 acmoore     I still don't understand IndependantBranches, though!
14:48 danny       i am always amazed how many foreign language hits i get when doing searches on the koha wiki
14:49 danny       so many Ukrainian
14:50 danny       am I missing a way to limit it to english?
14:54 ryan        i don't know of one.  i think plone will offer some benefits there.
14:54 danny       ok
15:59 pianohacker hdl: around?
16:09 hdl         pianohacker: yes.
16:10 pianohacker Are you in bugzilla? I'd like to send http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2516 to ya
16:13 hdl         no problem.
16:15 pianohacker k.
16:22 hdl         gmcharlt: Is there anyone pushing patches from 3.1 to 3.0
16:22 hdl         ?
16:22 gmcharlt    hdl: not currently
16:22 gmcharlt    hdl: kados or I would be willing to do some initial pushing
16:23 hdl         ryan: posted a patch for quick push and asked for backport on 3.0.
16:23 hdl         This is why I asked.
16:24 hdl         And since I was willing to contribute on that, i asked.
16:29 gmcharlt    hdl: we'll get something arranged soon
16:30 hdl         should there be a vote ?
16:54 Kyle        hey all.
16:55 acmoore     hi Kyle
16:56 Kyle        I just rolled a unconfigured koha3 vmware appliance. Any idea how I get it onto koha.org?
16:57 gmcharlt    how big is it?
16:57 gmcharlt    upload as a contrib?
16:58 Kyle        it's 741.1 MB. Kados mentioned puting on download.koha.org, but we decided to wait until 3.0 was out before putting one up.
17:01 gmcharlt    Kyle: send me a URL to grab it from, and I'll make sure it gets put up on the downloads site
17:01 Kyle        will do. brb.
17:59 Kyle        gmcharlt: Here's the link : http://www.ccfls.org/temp/Koha3-Unconfigured_Debian-Etch_VMWare.zip
18:00 Kyle        I suppose we should put Zebra in the filename, so we can also have a NoZebra version too.
18:00 Kyle        let me change the file name.
18:01 Kyle        new link : http://www.ccfls.org/temp/Koha3-Zebra-Unconfigured_Debian-Etch_VMWare.zip
18:19 gmcharlt    Kyle: retrieving file now
18:20 atz         Kyle: everybody should have zebra... it they want to run nozebra they can toggle it off, but it's not worth a separate VM imho
19:08 danny       ok before I send this out as an rfc to koha-devel, has anyone talked about adding any type of advanced patron search to koha?
19:08 danny       for example, to make it possible to search on fields like email, address, phone number
19:14 owen        I've wished for it, danny. Does that count?
19:15 danny       hehe
19:15 danny       good enough for me, owen
19:15 gmcharlt    go for it, danny
20:01 pianohacker Is circ/pendingreserves.pl supposed to work?
20:05 owen        Naw, most of those reports are just for show.
20:05 atz         lo
20:05 pianohacker Eh.
20:06 owen        pianohacker: it's working for me in some fashion, at least
20:06 pianohacker koha libraries: what do you use to find out what needs pulled?
20:07 atz         pianohacker: galens hold reports, i think
20:12 pianohacker atz: the stow extensions on contribs.koha.org?
20:12 atz         i think that's the most current, where available
20:36 Moonstorm   hi.  does anybody know what contributions have been made by http://www.nexpresslibrary.org/ ?  I understand they did some heavy development on koha for thier own use
20:38 owen        Moonstorm: I'm not sure of the details, but I didn't think it was "heavy"
20:38 atz         Moonstorm: a lot of it is still in progress, i think
20:38 owen        okay, atz, am I wrong?
20:39 atz         i'd have to check our project DB
20:39 atz         or maybe I'm confusing with some of the other KS consortia we support now...
20:40 owen        Yeah, atz doesn't even know how many houses he has
20:40 Moonstorm   er, wrong library.
20:41 Moonstorm   http://www.ckls.org/ - I was thinking of this one.  I understand they hired a programming group out of Oregon to make some changes
20:41 chris       yeah looking at the git log, i dont see any patches
20:41 chris       ditto for ckls :)
20:42 chris       i see a couple from howard county tho
20:42 chris       morning all :)
20:42 pianohacker Good morning
20:42 Moonstorm   hrm.  any from Oregon?
20:43 atz         http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=summary
20:43 atz         all regular stuff in the main repo
20:44 acmoore     I guess it's possible they made a bunch of local modifications and didn't submit them.
20:45 Moonstorm   ok.  i'll poke around and see.  i'm curious
20:47 Moonstorm   so, is this channel a users or a developer channel?
20:47 acmoore     a little of both.
20:48 acmoore     mainly developers, though, it seems. Some libraries have folks that drop in, especially when they're getting started.
20:49 atz         yeah, they want to do big things
20:50 atz         very cool library system
20:52 chris       *nod*
20:52 chris       ohh long weekend for you guys eh
20:53 pianohacker I wonder how we're going to implement fast patron search for libraries that have as many borrowers as mine has bibs (~15000)
20:54 pianohacker Hopefully we can avoid Zebra and its endless indexing pain
20:55 chris       yeah i think we could do that in sql
20:55 chris       its fairly structured data, and much less mad than marc ;)
20:56 Moonstorm   gramps-project has some type of database lookup that is amazingly fast.  they do genealogy
20:56 chris       yeah its a pretty known problem and not jsut restricted to the library world (like marc searching) so lots of ideas we can use :)
20:57 Moonstorm   they don't use sql
20:58 chris       we have a db of about 600k users at work
20:58 chris       postgres works fine handling it
20:58 pianohacker chris: How about MySQL? I think that port is very stalled right now
20:58 chris       there is also the entire nz electoral roll, which is on a postgres cluster
20:59 chris       pianohacker: cant see why not, we just use postgres more at work
20:59 pianohacker ah
20:59 pianohacker You managed to figure out the authentication side of postgres, that's fairly impressive
21:01 chris       ahh, we have a couple of pg developers on staff .. that helps :)
21:01 chris       ok, im on kid duty, and he has finished breakfast .. might cya later:) good weekend all
21:02 pianohacker cya
21:20 Ahmuck      how does one register a nick here?
21:21 acmoore     from what I can gather, it is not done.
21:27 Ahmuck      ah.  works for me
21:27 Ahmuck      a level of trust i suppose
21:29 rhcl        Interestingly enough, you can register a nick on kohanews.
21:29 pianohacker rhcl: That's on freenode
21:29 rhcl        Yea. Diff server.
21:29 pianohacker yah
21:43 Ahmuck      gnite.  nice meeting ya'll
21:43 pianohacker bye
23:02 pianohacker g'night all
06:24 mason       sheesh , in other linux related news...
06:24 mason       http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/08/hans-reiser-s-1.html
08:21 chris       hey mason
08:22 chris       hi nicomo
08:25 mason       hiya chrissa
08:26 mason       ive been trying out my 1st esspresso machine
08:26 chris       oh yeah? working out?
08:26 mason       40 bux from TM
08:26 mason       so far, so good
08:26 chris       cool
08:27 mason       i bumped into old friends down the road recently , and zane has an identical model
08:27 mason       hes a 4 years barista
08:28 mason       so i get to brain-dump his skillz to my machine ;)
08:28 chris       nice
08:28 chris       a lot of it is in the grind
08:28 mason       yeah, so i hear
08:29 mason       my stove-tops are stronger tho ;(
08:29 chris       we have a machine on level 3, so ive been getting some practice
08:30 mason       i think i tovetops are 4 shots
08:30 nicomo      hi chris
08:30 chris       coffee drinker nicomo?
08:30 mason       i guess ive just adjusted to it - so doubles seem weak..
08:30 nicomo      yes...
08:30 mason       heya nicomo
08:31 nicomo      hi mason
08:31 nicomo      was away 5 days in morocco for 2 koha workshops
08:31 chris       ohhh cool
08:31 nicomo      it's nice to see Koha implemented in developping countries
08:31 chris       did that go well?
08:31 mason       niiiice
08:32 chris       yep sure is
08:32 nicomo      yes, I think it went down well and they'll go into production with it
08:32 nicomo      probably in a couple of months
08:32 chris       my friend chris (another one) is off to the cook islands next week, to upgrade their national library to koha 3
08:33 nicomo      cool too: I'd love to do that workshop too, but it's a bit too far from France, I guesss :-)
08:33 chris       hehe yes
08:33 chris       there is quite a lot of interest in the pacific .. im hoping mason gets some work out of it :-)
08:33 nicomo      indeed
08:33 mason       work the Nouvelle-Cal├ędonie angel ;)
08:34 mason       angle
08:34 chris       ahh paul has already been there, if i remember right
08:34 nicomo      yes he has
08:34 nicomo      afair
08:34 nicomo      he hated it
08:34 mason       pack the scuba
08:34 nicomo      24h travel
08:34 nicomo      and it mostly rained
08:34 chris       heh
08:34 paul        hello world
08:35 nicomo      but I'd certainly would pack the scuba if taht was me going over there
08:35 nicomo      hi paul
08:35 chris       yes, i remember the travel when russel and I came to france .. its a long way :-)
08:35 chris       hi paul
08:37 chris       mason: regitered here http://softwarefreedomday.org.nz/
08:37 chris       ?
08:37 mason       oooh, thx
08:38 mason       done
08:39 mason       ooh, brought to us by cafenet
08:41 chris       pizza and beer from catalyst :)
08:44 mason       very exciting event, a 1st for me
08:45 chris       yeah should be fun
08:46 mason       hey, while yall about
08:47 mason       ive been thinking about a nice idea for the web-installer...
08:48 mason       that might take a bit of addintional setup, but would be useful to the project in general
08:49 chris       whats the idea?
08:49 mason       the idea is an option in the web-installer that send a koha-registration form back to a server somewhere
08:50 mason       and we start geting some usage stats
08:50 paul        I think this option should be in koha itself too. Because someone installing just for testing may not want to answer during tests.
08:50 chris       *nod*
08:51 mason       with other important stats on OS usage, locations etc...
08:51 chris       i like that idea
08:51 paul        then, when going to production, he may want to answer
08:51 chris       as part of the about section
08:51 mason       yes, good idea
08:52 chris       it could use the info thats already there, to populate most of it
08:52 mason       yep
08:52 mason       IP, host.domain etc
08:52 mason       theres some location info right there....
08:53 chris       yep
08:53 chris       plus we have all the stats about os, versions of software
08:53 mason       would be good , for people trying to start local usergroups
08:53 mason       sure
08:54 mason       that info alone would be veery useful
08:54 chris       as long as its totally voluntary, i think its a great idea
08:55 mason       yes, agreed
08:57 nicomo      ++ for all of the above: it's often asked about by libraries looking at Koha
08:58 mason       we could even get (with admins permission, of course) stats on cpu/ram/disk info
08:58 mason       and bib and item totals
08:59 chris       the bib and item totals would be very interesting
09:01 mason       an idea that will get discussed a bit before it happens... while we agree on the best method
09:02 chris       yep
09:02 mason       but i think most will agree it could be work the small amount of effort
09:04 chris       yep
09:04 mason       as nic says: libraries interested in koha *always* ask about usage/deployment stats
09:05 chris       yep, they sure do
09:05 mason       and we always say "umm, lots more than we know of"
09:10 chris       yeah, i find new ones on google everytime i look