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13:46 gmcharlt    greetings
13:53 acmoore     gmcharlt: It looks like Vincent is giving us lots of recommendations to clean up our organization and install process to make it easier to package on debian.
13:54 gmcharlt    acmoore: yes, I see that
13:54 acmoore     I hope we can accomodate some of those suggestions. We could use some more improvement in that area!
13:54 acmoore     One thing I'm surprised he didn't mention is the huge number of duplicate files that we end up with due to different languages.
13:55 gmcharlt    he did wrt to the Javascript libraries
13:56 acmoore     oh yeah. I guess those are the large ones, anyway.
13:57 acmoore     I briefly looked at some of the thigns we could do to put Koha on CPAN. One thing I noticed is that our distribution would be one of the largest things on there since we have so much non-perl stuff like images and HTML templates and such that get duplicated.
13:58 acmoore     It still bugs me that we distribute the entire set of item icons twice, once for each interface.
14:01 atz         acmoore: it should be easy enough to have a koha-tmpl/common directory
14:01 atz         and two ScriptAlias lines in the Apache config
14:06 acmoore_    atz: if we had a tmpl/common directory, then we'd duplicate them at insall time, right?
14:06 acmoore_    I think that would be an improvement.
14:06 atz         acmoore_: no duplication, unless installing more than once
14:07 atz         the apache configs would both point to the same directory
14:07 acmoore_    ah, so both apache virtualhosts would be looking for some files in the same direcotry?
14:07 atz         right
14:07 acmoore_    yeah, that could work, too.
14:07 gmcharlt    duplication of common would be needed only during a split-server install
14:08 acmoore_    we'd have to change some things in the actual templates, then. Such as the path to some icons may becoming src="/common/icons/foo.png" or somesuch.
14:08 acmoore_    duplicating during install may avoid some of that.
14:11 hdl         hi
14:15 acmoore     hi hdl.
14:21 gmcharlt    hi hdl
14:22 atz         vincent's comment about inode vs. filename order is particularly apt!
14:51 MikeC_Jones good morning/afternoon
14:53 MikeC_Jones My library system is going to be using Koha with a Google App, and I was wondering...what's the preferred Linux distro for Koha?
14:53 hdl         debian
14:53 mc          debian++
14:53 mc          hdl, is that official ?
14:54 hdl         Not official.
14:54 mc          ok
14:54 hdl         But since INSTALL.debian is the most uptodate + work in progress to build a debian package,
14:55 hdl         I think it is quite sensible.
14:55 mc          yep ...
14:55 MikeC_Jones Sounds good to me.  Had to convince my boss to let me blast the server and get rid of RH EL
14:56 mc          that's why i wonder if an additionnal message in the INSTALL file would be welcomed
14:56 mc          welcame ?
14:56 MikeC_Jones Is the support there for ia64?  The server I'll be using is a 3.2GHz Xeon
14:58 atz         yes, 64 bit architecture is supported.
14:58 mc          MikeC_Jones, koha is built on perl libs, mysql and zebra
14:58 mc          so i think ... ah .. atz replies :)
15:01 MikeC_Jones this is a new world for me.  i do run linux on my work desktop, but going this deep with perl and everything is going to be a learning experience for me
15:03 MikeC_Jones and unfortunately I suffer from experiences with Windows 64-bit and the horrible experience that is
15:12 rhcl        Didn't/doesn't Red Hat have an indexing engine that does something similar to Zebra?
15:15 MikeC_Jones I'm not sure.  We have RH running on 2 web servers, but that's all they do.  It's been tough for me to really have time to learn since up until now, I've been distracted by doing tech support
15:15 MikeC_Jones They're just taking that off my shoulders to let me focus
15:17 MikeC_Jones Time to go blast this server
15:19 rhcl        I was just musing...a quick glance of the koha mailing list seems to indicate (from a very quick glance--no statistical analysis) that Zebra generates a lot of problems, and I know we had probs with it when trying to do our first 4 or 5 Koha installs.
15:22 owen        liz: are you around?
15:23 liz         Owen: yeppers
15:23 owen        Hi. I'm wondering if any of your libraries charge overdue fines?
15:23 liz         yea, 3 of our libraries do
15:24 owen        Have you gotten any feedback from them about how Koha's working in that regard?
15:24 liz         we desperately need to be able to pay partial fines, and print receipts for fines
15:25 owen        Yeah, that partial payment thing is a real pain
15:25 nengard     owen liz is there an enhancement request for that in place?
15:25 nengard     I've heard that from lots of librarians
15:26 owen        I was just looking at the opac-user page where it lists what is checked out, and there's a column labeled "fines" which says either Yes or No. I'm wondering if that's even helpful
15:26 liz         hm lemme look at that
15:26 owen        Is it worth noting that there are fines if it doesn't list the actual fine?
15:26 liz         i haven't heard anything about that yet, but yea, I would wonder the same thing
15:27 liz         I would think it would be better to show what the fines are
15:28 liz         the whole fines system could stand to be revamped to make it more like accounting, rather than "fine events"
15:28 owen        My library doesn't charge fines, though, so we've never had a vested interest in funding any changes
15:29 liz         makes sense
15:29 owen        In fact we tell our librarians not to do any kind of monetary transaction in Koha (like paying for lost books)
15:29 liz         interesting
15:30 Sharon      one of our libraries doesn't have a cash register - they use the ILS to record fine income!
15:30 owen        I keep hoping for a critical mass of Koha libraries to say 'Hey, this doesn't work right!'
15:31 liz         lol we'll volunteer
15:31 liz         we're opinionated
15:33 nengard     hehe
15:33 nengard     i've had a few libraries that i train say that
15:48 owen        anyone here up to date on item type image handling?
16:22 kados       owen: I'm reasonably well versed in it
16:22 owen        Hi kados
16:23 kados       hiya
16:23 owen        I just sent an email to koha-devel with a couple of questions about opac-user
16:24 kados       hmmm, I don't recall item types being a fall back for book covers
16:24 kados       that doesn't seem terribly useful
16:26 owen        kados, what about the question of item-level_itype and icon display?
16:27 kados       owen: I sent a response to that one on-list
18:03 kados       hey brendan
18:03 kados       dou!
18:05 kados       hey brendan
18:06 brendan     Hey --
18:54 nengard     survey closes tomorrow - make sure you fill it out: http://blogs.liblime.com/open-sesame/archives/139
18:55 kados       nengard: feel free to guilt trip the koha list too ;-)
18:55 nengard     hehe
18:55 nengard     okey dokey
19:23 brendan     Hey all ---  Just joined the group today and wanted to introduce myself -- Brendan A. Gallagher from Connecticut, USA, currently testing Koha and learning some programming.  I've also got a question:  I've imported the same set of Marc records twice into the database (once, through the manage marc imports and once through bulkmarcimport.pl -- so I really want 60,000 items but have 120,000 -- all with koha-biblio-numbers).  I've thought o
19:24 gmcharlt    hi brendan
19:25 gmcharlt    question got cut off - need to use slightly shorter messages per line
19:26 brendan     ok thanks
19:27 brendan     bulmarcimport.pl -d vs. mysql query -- for bulk delete
19:28 brendan     will the bulkmarcimport delete all items (including the ones that have transactions attached to them?)
19:30 brendan     found what I was looking for in the archives -- thanks all --- look forward to chatting in the future....
19:30 gmcharlt    brendan: yes, would delete all items
19:31 gmcharlt    circ transactions (issues rows) would remain behind, but with itemnumber set to null
19:31 brendan     thanks
19:32 brendan     would removing the itemnumber (clearing that table) -- have the same effect?
19:32 gmcharlt    you'd probably want to truncate issues after doing bulkmarcimport -d
19:45 danny       after you run a git fetch and git pull --rebase to upgrade a previous version of koha, do you need to run perl Makefile.PL again?
19:46 gmcharlt    if you're running in dev mode, generally not unless something like the Zebra configs have changed
19:46 danny       ok, we are running in dev mode
20:19 chris       morning
20:29 gmcharlt    hi chris
20:29 chris       heya gmcharlt howd the packing go?
20:30 gmcharlt    it's going ;)
20:31 chris       :)