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18:06 pianohacker Is there any particular proscription between using statements like dbh->selectrow_array in the koha source?
07:08 kwak        what is the HDD requirement of KOHA 3?
09:19 kwak        hi again,
09:19 kwak        may i know the hard disk requirements for koha? i didn't see it in readme files
09:24 custard     my understanding is it kinda depends on how many records you need to keep, so is not something that can be easily specified.
09:25 custard     (and no, I  don't know how much disk space to allow for a given number of records).
09:31 kwak        custard, i'm using virtual machine to run this server. any rough estimate for about 50 thousand records? how about 15GB?
09:33 custard     I'm afraid not. I'd suggest a good time to ask questions like that is if you work out what business hours in the US is in your time.
09:41 kwak        oic]
09:41 kwak        thanks
09:41 custard     If it helps, I have this problem too.
09:42 custard     In completely the wrong timezone.
10:40 chris       id ask on the mailing list, that way you dont have to worry about timezones