Time  Nick        Message
13:21 acmoore     yay! lots of patches pushed into HEAD. thanks, Galen!
13:22 gmcharlt    yay! smoke reports!  thanks, Andy!
13:22 gmcharlt    ;)
13:22 acmoore     and, they're actually finally working this morning.
14:04 nengard     Facebook groupies - sign up to becoming a fan of the Koha ILS: http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Koha-Integrated-Library-System/22629166763?ref=nf
15:11 ryan        does anyone know how to fix the missing font problem with FF2 / mac ?
15:11 ryan        i'm not ready for FF3.
15:14 owen        ryan, what's the missing font problem?
15:27 ryan        owen: i get boxes instead of accented characters
15:28 ryan        for some forms of utf8 chars
15:29 owen        Yeah, I think I've seen that too. But I don't know of a fix :(
15:35 hdl         we could use a safe font
15:35 hdl         I guess that there is a list somewhere
15:56 hdl         http://www.apaddedcell.com/web-fonts may be a good ressource
18:51 atz_        Syspref question on kohaspsuggest: "Track search queries, turn on by defining host:dbname:user:pass"
18:51 atz_        what kind of DB is it expecting?
18:58 atz_        and why a separate DB?
19:10 danny       hello #koha, does anyone know where I can find sample marc data for my test koha install?
20:03 pianohacker Is it safe to run rebuild_zebra in zebraqueue mode every five minutes, so changes show up quickly?
20:09 atz_        pianohacker: as long as your rebuild never takes *more* than 5 minutes
20:10 pianohacker 15000 bibs?
20:10 atz_        probably OK
20:50 chris       morning
20:57 shedges     morning chris
20:57 chris       heya stephen, ltns on irc
20:57 chris       hows things?
20:57 shedges     pretty good
20:58 shedges     we're using irc in the office now
20:58 shedges     dusted of the old client and it went right to koha like a homing pigeon
20:59 shedges     my day ends just as yours is starting...
20:59 shedges     (and my laptop battery's about to die)
20:59 shedges     cya
21:00 chris       cya :)
21:02 gmcharlt    hi chris
21:14 chris       heya galen
22:43 chris       http://www.stuff.co.nz/4660716a11.html
22:43 chris       brrrr
05:58 mc          hello world
06:54 chris       hi mc
06:56 chris       http://koha.org/about-koha/news/nr1219098567.html
07:09 hdl         cool
11:37 shedges     morning
11:50 nengard     morning