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20:07 cnighs   ryan about?
20:07 ryan     hi cnighs
20:09 chris    morning
20:09 cnighs   ryan: re GetBarcodeData, the problem is that in "$datastring .= $record->subfield($1,$2) . $3 if($record->subfield($1,$2)) " when $1 == 952, only the data from the last 952 field is pulled
20:09 ryan     hi chrises
20:09 cnighs   heh
20:09 chris    heh
20:09 cnighs   hi chris
20:10 ryan     cnighs: yes, 952 doesn't work.
20:10 ryan     since it doesn't know which item it's using.
20:10 cnighs   my code attempted to make it item aware
20:11 ryan     ah, ok, i see.  it removed the $datastring .= $record->subfield($1,$2)  bit though,
20:11 cnighs   I think I should also have conditioned it on $1 == 952, though
20:11 ryan     so if it found the item, it didn't do anything with it.
20:11 ryan     hard to deal with potential framework changes there.
20:12 cnighs   so something like "unless $1 == 952 {$datastring .= $record->subfield($1,$2) . $3 if($record->subfield($1,$2)) ;}
20:12 cnighs   the problem is now the call numbers are messed up if you select a cvs format with something like 952o
20:12 ryan     i don't want to hard-code any marc fields, though.  should be able to get itemtag from framework.
20:13 cnighs   so we need to at least comment out the foreach loop for now
20:13 ryan     but there's no need to use 952o.
20:13 ryan     that should always be linked to items.itemcallnumber
20:13 ryan     did you see my patch ?
20:14 ryan     i left it in there, i think.
20:14 cnighs   what concerns me is this line on the label layout editor screen: Enter a comma separated list of fields to print. You may include any Koha field or MARC subfield.
20:14 ryan     right.
20:14 cnighs   yeah, but it needs to be commented out or removed for now
20:15 ryan     which bit?
20:15 cnighs   this entire loop: foreach my $subfield ($record->field($marc_field)) {....}
20:16 ryan     i think just disallow a match on the item tag would be ok for now.
20:16 ryan     and a note in the help.
20:17 ryan     you do mean that attempts to parse mARC item data should be scrapped, not attempts to parse mARC bib data, right ?
20:18 cnighs   right
20:18 cnighs   ryan: try generating this labels batch: http://staff-crn.dev.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/koha/labels/label-manager.pl?type=labels
20:18 cnighs   you will see the error the current code causes
20:19 cnighs   and perhaps modify the hint to read something like: Enter a comma separated list of fields to print. You may include any Koha field or MARC (excluding item level) subfield.
20:20 cnighs   is it standard practice to store item level data inside a MARC record?
20:20 cnighs   or is that unique to Koha?
20:21 chris    its standard to store it inside MARC .. whats not really standard is where to store it
20:21 chris    lots of ILS's store it in slightly different places
20:21 cnighs   btw: if one chooses to print labels based on a csv format string it appears that one cannot print item level call numbers; or am I missing something?
20:21 cnighs   ahh
20:22 ryan     cnighs: ok, so you are getting your 952‡o : is it the wrong item ?
20:23 cnighs   with your addition it looks like the 952$o of the final 952 field is being perpended to the 952$o for the current item
20:24 ryan     yes, that makes sense.
20:24 ryan     ok, i will prevent it from parsing the item tag.
20:24 cnighs   hence  Seeger L Test R220 3 H2793Z H32 c1
20:24 ryan     i cannot change the interface though.
20:24 cnighs   rather than  R220 3 H2793Z H32 c1
20:24 ryan     since the translations have all been generated.
20:25 cnighs   k
20:26 ryan     i think that's sufficient.  you can still get it by using 'itemcallnumber' instead of '952‡o'.
20:26 cnighs   but no item level call numbers when using csv format strings
20:26 cnighs   so its either/or for now
20:28 cnighs   nice improvements btw :-)
20:28 cnighs   I'd been wanting to make the justification template driven for awhile
20:28 cnighs   and making call number splitting optional is nice too
20:29 cnighs   I'd like to add a field to the classification source stuff to allow users to enter their own call number splitting regexp for custom/rule-breaking classification systems
20:30 ryan     cnighs:  itemcallnumber doesn't work with csv output ?
20:30 cnighs   ahh, you're right
20:31 aindilis hello, what bot records the koha irc channels for later searching?
20:31 chris    newlogbot
20:31 cnighs   aindilis: newlogbot
20:31 aindilis thanks
20:35 cnighs   ryan: I've gotta run; that was the only issue I saw w/your patch, tnx
20:36 ryan     cnighs: ok, cool. thanks for testing it
20:36 cnighs   np, ttyl
20:42 ryan     kados: longoverdues.pl sent.
20:51 kados    thx
20:52 kados    ryan: do I understand from your chat with cnighs there's another patch coming for notices?
20:58 ryan     kados: yes, just testing that now, will submit in a moment.
20:58 kados    k
21:00 kados    I'm gonna go grab a lemonade
21:00 kados    brb
21:07 ryan     kados: patch sent to complete labels stuff.
21:17 kados    great
21:18 kados    ryan: OK, is that it?
21:18 kados    ryan: can I release 3.0-stable?
21:18 kados    :)
21:19 ryan     kados: testing serials rollover, it works for me.
21:19 kados    OK
21:19 kados    I'm gonna roll the release
21:19 ryan     not submitting anything there.
21:19 ryan     so i'm good
21:19 kados    can you update the bug worksforme?
21:19 ryan     yep.
21:19 ryan     i've got screenshots to be sure i'm just not understanding it.
22:06 kados    if anyone wants a last minute test of koha 3.00.00 before I announce, have at it:
22:06 kados    http://download.koha.org/koha-3.00.00.tar.gz
22:20 kados    cat's out of the bag now
22:20 kados    release is announced and tagged
22:21 kados    and I'm outa here :-)
22:21 chris    cool, updating websites now
22:21 chris    congrats on the release
22:22 kados    thx
23:31 russel   hi all
23:32 russel   anyone got a live 3.0 that i can take a screen shot of for the right hand side?
23:37 chris    hey russ, yeah i got halfway through that before i got distracted by meetings
23:47 russel   ok there we go - http://www.koha.org/
23:48 russel   i need to smooth out the corners but that will do for a quick hack job :-)
23:48 chris    cool
00:00 kados    russel: there are a few at http://liblime.com/demos
00:00 kados    none have the stock templates though
00:00 russel   kados: i found one with the stock templates
00:00 kados    cool
00:01 chris    i just updated http://koha.org/download/ too
00:18 kados    we seem to have lost the Venezuala news item
00:18 kados    that was after RC1 IIRC
00:19 kados    russel: nice job on the v3.0 graphic, thanks!
00:19 russel   np
00:19 chris    yeah it never actually went live, it was totally busted wrt utf8
00:19 kados    russel: can you also update the /showcase/ page to include the new demos on http://liblime.com/demos ?
00:20 kados    the koha.liblime.com demo is completely busted these days
00:20 russel   ah send me an email if you can - i'll do it after work
00:20 kados    k
00:42 kados    thx chris
02:17 cnighs   IBM & OCCS++
02:17 cnighs   http://www.informationweek.com/news/hardware/desktop/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=209904400&subSection=Infrastructure
08:25 chris    ohh thats awesome
08:26 chris
08:49 mc       hello all
08:49 chris    hi mc
08:49 mc       i feel a little bit stupid: what's awesome in your link ?
08:51 chris    oh thats the dehli public library in india
08:51 chris    with 2 million biblio's
08:52 chris    (recent email to the list)
08:53 chris    delhi even
08:55 chris    http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/2008/08/11/delhi-public-library-using-koha/
08:55 hdl      yes really this is worth a good blog post.
08:56 mc       ohh ... ok
08:56 mc       i haven't noticed the name of the library
08:56 mc       :)
09:03 chris    i will ask if its ok to do a post on the koha.org site
09:44 chris    apparently they havent started using it for circulation yet, as soon as they do, amit will let me know and ill do a post on koha.org