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00:30 slef`     heh, same time here
00:29 ricardo   OK. It's 1H30 AM here now. It's REALLY time to go. Take care everyone. Keep up the great work!  :)
00:27 ricardo   kados: Welcome!
00:26 kados     ricardo: OK, pushed, thanks again!
00:22 ricardo   http://koha.markmail.org/search/?q=#query:+page:1+mid:xzys2rmp5igu3ny4+state:results
00:22 ricardo   There is my Patch in all its glory (ahem...):
00:19 ricardo   kados: You're welcome  :)
00:19 ricardo   kados:  Great!  :D
00:19 kados     ricardo: thanks!
00:19 kados     ricardo: got it!
00:18 ricardo   kados:  Take #3
00:16 ricardo   kados: OK. Back to editing main.cf
00:14 kados     ricardo: I'm afraid NO
00:13 ricardo   kados:  Got it?
00:13 kados     ricardo: ahh, OK :-)
00:11 ricardo   newlogbot:  Welcome Back!
23:58 ricardo   gmcharlt: OK. So I think the answer is yes. Great, thanks for the feedback  :)
23:58 gmcharlt  ricardo: I don't think in general there's a need for a ChangeLog section in the install document itself
23:58 gmcharlt  ricardo: the body of the patch ought to summarize the change
23:57 ricardo   Is it good practice, in the INSTALL (documentation) files, to put a "changelog" in the "body" (description) of the patch?
23:56 cait      atz: hi :)
23:53 atz       hello anyway cait
23:53 cait      oh sorry, wrong window
23:53 cait      No transfers to receive
23:52 atz       :)
23:52 slef      will be when it works
23:52 atz       sounds cool
23:51 slef      yep
23:50 atz       it just happens to be that the way to contact the pad is back through the same system that the browser is requesting from
23:49 atz       so the page submits some form to the server, server sends to pad, pad replies, server returns form to browser (potentially w/ error info)
23:48 slef      atz: also, the pads make beeps and boops on command
23:48 slef      atz: ? the pad gives feedback about command success/failure.
23:46 ricardo   atz:  LOL!
23:46 kados     one less bug :-)
23:45 kados     hehe
23:45 atz       for some reason american political discourse needs to have a new verb for "vacillate" every few years
23:44 ricardo   kados: I didn't know that verb "waffling". I do know about "wafles" though!  <Homer>Hmm.... Wafles....</Homer>  ;-)
23:41 atz       or is that the part you are working on?
23:41 atz       not much error control then, i gather, once you've sent the command back to the the pad
23:40 atz       ah, i see... you have to know who to spit back at (via non HTTP browser)
23:40 slef      atz: small daemons on staff terminals
23:38 slef      atz: no, the RFID pads are listening on tcp
23:38 atz       kados: .... anytime soon anyway
23:38 kados     slef: and i'm waffling about the release over them
23:38 kados     slef: no, serials are broken
23:37 kados     slef: there might be an NCIP profile that handles "modify item"
23:37 atz       so you have to setup IP maps ahead of time?  not much fun there.
23:37 slef      kados: nafaict... hdl (see comment #4) seemed to suggest it was a local problem.  Are serials working for you?
23:36 slef      atz: including evil use of REMOTE_IP to figure out what RFID pad to use...
23:35 atz       and yeah, SIP doesn't provide anything like "modify item" as a function
23:35 atz       sounds right to me
23:34 slef      atz: button that fills the barcode field with whatever RFID tag is on the writer pad.
23:34 slef      atz: pretty much, plus an RFID "keyboard wedge" for the circulation screens
23:34 ricardo   BRB
23:34 kados     slef: did you ever file the bugs related to and referenced in bug 1536?
23:33 atz       the RFID "barcode printer" then.
23:33 kados     ricardo++
23:33 slef      atz: no, it's a non-SIP RFID-writer
23:33 ricardo   kados: I've finished updating my openSUSE tutorial in the wiki. I'm now installing git to update the INSTALL.opensuse file
23:32 ricardo   Hi kados !
23:32 ricardo   slef: LOL! Hi MJ  :)  Well, technically I'm not a "Doctor", at least in the UK / US sense (I do NOT have a Ph.D, alas...)
23:32 atz       slef: so you are building an SIP client embedded-RFID-reader system?
23:31 slef      </simpsons>
23:31 slef      Hi Doctor ricardo!
23:31 kados     heh, hi there ricardo
23:31 ricardo   Hi everyone!  :)
23:30 slef      so we'll do that too
23:29 slef      although if we're writing tags, it's cheap to also interface to circulation
23:29 slef      it's the other side to SIP2
23:28 kados     slef: in that case, you're well beyond me, just ignore my comment :-)
23:27 slef      well, this project is to avoid a proprietary RFID writer
23:27 kados     or for an RFID reader I mean
23:27 kados     unless it's some kind of proprietary vendor-specific protocol for RFID
23:27 kados     I'm unaware of any other way in fact
23:26 kados     through the SIP2 interface
23:26 kados     because that's how RFID solutions typically interact with an ILS
23:26 kados     well, I saw RFID and thought 'SIP2'
23:26 slef      kados: that's what I thought, so I don't understand your question on 2244.
23:26 kados     slef: yea, I'm not the man to ask there, that'd be atz
23:25 slef      kados: I read 3M's SIP2 docs and didn't see how to set the book barcode-like number.
23:25 kados     SIP is basically just a way to communicate with an RFID hardware solution for things like circulation self-checkout or RFID checkouts
23:25 slef      kados: you put barcode-like numbers on the tags
23:24 kados     slef: how does RFID do cataloging? :-)
23:24 slef      kados: re kohabug 2244 - how does SIP2 do cataloguing?
23:23 kados     slef: it checks out, thanks
23:21 kados     slef: I'll go ahead and apply it
23:18 slef      well, it relates to that
23:18 slef      erm
23:17 slef      1337
23:16 kados     if not, there should be
23:16 kados     slef: is there a bug number?
23:16 kados     slef: looks better
23:15 slef      kados: key line is push(@breeding_loop,{'toggle'=>($i % 2)?1:0,'server'=>$servername[$k],'title'=>join(': ',$oConnection[$k]->error_x()),'breedingid'=>-1,'biblionumber'=>-1});
23:14 slef      kados: thanks.  It's reduced the number of "we can't find stuff in z39.50 when it shows on $whatever's OPAC, so Koha is broken" reports we get.
23:13 slef      kados: known bug, ask hdl || paul to give me access if they want help fixing it.
23:13 kados     slef: I'll take a look now
23:12 kados     or July for that matter
23:12 slef      kados: it's at http://serene.ttllp.co.uk/~mjr/koha-installer/0009-Improve-Z39.50-result-checking-and-display-a-little.txt too.  You rejected an earlier version of it, but I've had no reply to this one.
23:12 kados     slef: I do'nt see it on lists.koha.org in the may archive ... and I don't see a June archive(!!!)
23:11 kados     I may have missed it?
23:11 kados     slef: that's not in my queue, did you send it to koha-patches?
23:11 slef      kados: no, it's 'Improve Z39.50 result checking and display a little:'
22:59 kados     slef: is that 'BUGFIX opac-serial-issues.pl template.' ?
22:22 slef      kados: has 9a301c2608e07b79c2749ac859d41e87a1446e0c been applied?
22:18 slef      cnighs: it doesn't exist, but neither did koha_login_context.
22:15 cnighs    slef: I'm not familiar with that context
22:10 slef      cnighs: so you couldn't have had user_edit_context somehow?
22:10 cnighs    unfortunately anonymous session in the intranet might not go over too well ;)
22:10 slef      I suspect there are far more modified opac templates in use than intranet ones.
22:09 slef      it would be really really really really useful to modify the intranet rather than the opac when you have the choice
22:08 slef      the site I was debugging
22:06 slef      AY*(DF&AS(*D&AS(*&DA(S*&D*F(A
22:06 slef      ah, but not in their templates
22:05 slef      cnighs: I saw it, but koha_login_context isn't in the login form.
22:05 cnighs    works here
22:05 cnighs    if the user enters a userid not equal to the one contained in the session, the anonymous session is cleared, or should be
22:04 cnighs                #first we need to clear the anonymous session...
22:04 cnighs                #if a user enters an id ne to the id in the current session, we need to log them in...
22:04 cnighs     if ( ($query->param('koha_login_context')) && ($query->param('userid') ne $session->param('id')) ) {
22:04 cnighs    slef: take a look around line 534
21:59 slef      gmcharlt: Storable would have been nicest if it worked and it didn't look like it had been tested.  Thanks.
21:58 slef      gmcharlt: FreezeThaw is in Extras on darwin, which is a little better than CPANs.
21:58 slef      cnighs: unless confuses the hell out of me, so || might be right and my site's problem is elsewhere.
21:58 gmcharlt  (and FreezeThaw isn't a core module, anyway)
21:57 gmcharlt  freezethaw can't handle managing the session during the commit operation of a staging MARC import
21:57 gmcharlt  storable crashes outright
21:56 gmcharlt  slef: neither work as a trivial substitution, alas
21:56 gmcharlt  slef: I just tested both storable and freezethaw
21:56 slef      Do either CGI::Session::Serialize::storable or ::freezethaw work, by the way? Would be good to reduce PREREQ_PM instead of lengthening it.
21:55 slef      That was my first suspicion but NAFAICT
21:55 slef      kados: no error.  Just no-one can log in to OPAC if they've got a session cookie.
21:55 kados     slef: what's the error you're getting?
21:54 kados     slef: found it, thx
21:54 slef      kados: it's kohabug 1875 Public lists/virtualshelves are displayed and viewable whether a patron is logged in or not.
21:54 kados     ahh, nope
21:54 kados     ?
21:54 kados     fix for 2322: Failure to reach amazon.com to retrieve enhanced content causes fatal error in Koha
21:54 kados     slef: is that
21:54 slef      But I'm not entirely sure.  I've changed that || to && and it works, but I'm not sure about that either.
21:53 slef      I think commit 3d377cd7c1858bb865f8da7126961f888ca15692 broke OPAC logins for me.
21:52 slef      in C4/Auth.pm:/checkauth, why did you make it unless ($userid || $sessionID0 ?
21:52 cnighs    yup
21:51 slef      hi all... cnighs are you alive?
21:04 cait      ok. ill stay here so you can contact me
21:04 kados     cait: I'm wrapping up a bunch of bug reports/patches anway
21:04 kados     sure
21:03 cait      can you give one or two more hours to check some things before submitting?
21:03 kados     np
21:03 cait       thx kados
21:03 kados     cait: please just let me know how to get it, or zip it up and send to me directly at jmf@liblime.com (maybe cc koha-translate too)
21:02 kados     cait: OK, well I'll accept a late submission for that file
21:02 kados     *nod*
21:01 cait      po-file, fixing typos, looking that terms are used the same way everywhere in koha. thats not possible with translate.koha.org
21:00 kados     cait: you working from a .po file, or from translate.koha.org?
21:00 cait      oh
21:00 kados     cait: I'm working on the release right now, hoping it will be ready today
20:53 cait      hm, is there really no chance of getting my translation work to 3.0? i completed OPAC yesterday and in rc1 are still many strings completely missing or marked as changed in po-edit.
20:30 cait      the term appears in billing report... its on the left side. i cant test it, i have no fines or charges in the system yes
20:29 cait      btw is there a new date for final release?
20:28 acmoore   in order to avoid sending bills for negligably small amounts
20:28 acmoore   is that cutoff the lowest amount that koha will bill for?
20:27 cait      and i think a better german translation will be ok for next version? or perhaps as a patch oder download?
20:26 cait      thats ok, i had no internet last week...
20:26 kados     for 3.0-stable
20:26 kados     cait: I already pushe dup the german ones
20:26 kados     cait: the date for translation submission has passed unfortunately :)
20:23 cait      its on home > circulation > billing
20:22 cait      hi, i ve got a question: what means currency cutoff? im working on german translation (again) :)
19:45 paul_away this time, really away ;-)
19:45 paul_away (dunno the details, it's something about "pause request")
19:45 paul_away (he has contacted CPAN maintainers to have them fix a problem on CGI::Session package, that is the origin of the problems)
19:44 paul_away kados : mc planned to send a mail on koha-devel about CGI::Session pb. if you can get in touch with him, feel free to speak of it
19:43 paul      bye world
19:43 paul      going to dinner then bed.
19:43 paul      kados : 2 patches sent (french updated & 88/89 .chr version)
18:52 kados     excellent
18:50 atz       cool, glad to see that worked out (at least this initial part)
18:50 paul      (+ translation updated patch coming too)
18:49 paul      kados: patch coming
18:49 paul      (abel/abel) display "La communauté de l'anneau" !!!
18:49 paul      http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.com/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/search.pl?q=communaut3%A9
18:49 paul      {\x88-\x89 just work fine !)
18:49 paul      gmcharlt: you're the best !
18:43 kados     *nod*
18:42 gmcharlt  paul: well actually, we need to prepare proper .chr files for en to begin with
18:42 kados     sounds like it, yes
18:42 paul      (& you could probably use it for marc21/en as well, isn't it ?)
18:42 paul      OK, will check for {\x88-\x89} and you'll see a patch coming if it works
18:41 paul      gmcharlt: ++
18:41 gmcharlt  although now isn't the time to add yaz-icu as a dep, but for 3.2, different story
18:41 paul      (I tried icu, works very well)
18:41 paul      gmcharlt: ++
18:41 paul      so, let's check if space {\x88-\x89} works for zebra
18:41 gmcharlt  alternatively, switching to ICU chains would help, because then they could be readily filtered out
18:40 paul      which I can live with...
18:40 paul      yes, and for NoZebra, we could remove the chars when indexing, no pb here. so the last remaining problem would be display.
18:40 kados     so if you remove them from your data you lost taht ability
18:39 kados     in zebra to sort properly
18:39 kados     if we had DOM filtering for instance, we could use the presence of those chars to signal the index
18:39 kados     not quite as bad I agree, but still destructive
18:39 kados     this would be a similar mistake IMO
18:39 paul      (no need to ;-) I was a newbie at MARC, so I made mistakes)
18:38 kados     paul: ;-)
18:38 kados     paul: because they weren't useful at the time
18:38 kados     paul: remember that in 2.0 you removed leaders from MARC records :-)
18:38 atz       not useful for us only because koha doesn't handle it.  the fix is NOT in changing the data.
18:38 kados     paul: it might not be useful now, but what if we deal with it correctly later?
18:38 kados     paul: removing valid data that isn't useful is called corruption
18:37 kados     paul: I disagree :-)
18:37 paul      (again, could we deal with those markers correctly, I would change my mind)
18:37 paul      valid, but not usefull for us. so I think it's acceptable
18:36 atz       paul: you take valid data out.  that's corruption.
18:36 paul      are you sure it corrupts MARC records ? and where ?
18:36 gmcharlt  paul: actually, no - I would prefer that you implement this by adding routines to filter HTML output and indexing output, not by corrupting MARC records
18:35 paul      do you want to debate now ? ;-)
18:34 gmcharlt  given that 0088 and 0089 are clearly marked as control characters, that behavior is debateable
18:32 paul      gmcharlt: I think the strange boxes appear on non broken web browser (ff, konqueror, opera...) & don't appear on broken one (IE6) in fact ;-)
18:31 atz       even if is it problematic bizarre valid data
18:30 gmcharlt  NO! the solution is to fix Koha to deal with those characters, configure Zebra properly, and possibly add an option to filter then from output to deal with broken web browsers
18:30 atz       i don't think you can just thow out valid data though...
18:30 paul      (if we can handle them properly, I agree to change my mind ;-) )
18:30 paul      worth the price I think
18:30 paul      yes, because Koha don't handle them, neither zebra & it add some strange boxes on the display.
18:29 gmcharlt  let me spell it out - 0088 and 0089 are permitted in MARC records, have a defined purpose (surrounding nonfilng characters to remove), and your patch would just simply remove them before saving the record
18:29 paul      (changing the size of the subfield)
18:29 paul      + the line      $result=~s/\x0f//;  & later does somewhat the same thing isn't it ?
18:27 paul      corrupts ? the leader you mean ?
18:27 gmcharlt  because it corrupts data that is valid per the MARC standard
18:27 paul      (having search work would be much better however !)
18:26 paul      (as .chr will solve only the zebra problem, not the display or the NoZebra one)
18:26 paul      why don't you want to remove those chars ?
18:26 gmcharlt  or rather, \x88-\x89
18:25 gmcharlt  so \88-\89 might work
18:25 gmcharlt  but if you're trying \088-\089, that's interpreted as *octal*, not *hex*
18:25 gmcharlt  ok, gotcha
18:24 paul      etc/zebradb/lang_defs/fr/sort-string-utf.chr
18:24 paul      (if you mean adding encoding utf-8 at the beginning of the file, it's already here
18:23 paul      I know this page, but I still don't understand what you mean
18:22 gmcharlt  paul: read description of the encoding directive in http://www.indexdata.dk/zebra/doc/character-map-files.tkl
18:21 paul      gmcharlt: I don't understand what you mean
18:21 paul      + that solve the search problem for Zebra, but it's still here for display (strange char) & for NoZebra
18:21 gmcharlt  what about setting encoding of that one to utf8 and adding the appropriate encoding directive?
18:21 paul      but does not work.
18:21 paul      space {\001-\040}!"#$%&'\()*+,-./:;<=>?@\[\\]^_`\{|}~{\088-\089} ?
18:21 paul      I tried :
18:20 paul      (& I asked on zebra ml, but got no answer)
18:20 paul      but could not make it work
18:20 paul      yep.
18:20 gmcharlt  re Zebra's tokenization, do you try setting 88 and 89 as space characters in the appropriate *.chr?
18:19 paul      so, back to our problem...
18:19 paul      (strange to see that "google book scan" is Devil, and "google search engine is great"
18:18 paul      yep.
18:18 atz        :)
18:18 atz       paul: and google is worse ?
18:18 kados     heh
18:18 paul      (for most french librarians, Amazon is evil...)
18:18 kados     paul: XSL will come to the rescue there I hope
18:17 kados     hehe
18:17 paul      (not related to our 0088 problem, just to smile a little)
18:17 paul      just to point a difference btw France & US/GB : last week, hdl teaches Koha to some benevolent librarians. Some were english, some were french. When he showed the OPAC-detail, the reaction was "Hey (great), it looks like Amazon" and "Hey (horror), it looks like Amazon". guess who expressed what ?
18:13 atz       paul: didn't know.  and since you're talking about parsing, i figured backus-nauer would make sense
18:13 gmcharlt  kados, paul: it's not just BNF: http://www.loc.gov/marc/marbi/1998/98-16.html
18:13 paul      BNF provides a free z3950 that every libraries uses in France !
18:12 paul      atz: joking or you don't know that BNF is Bibliothèque Nationale de France ?
18:12 paul      it's UNIMARC standard v5 unless i'm mistaken.
18:12 atz       BNF != Backus-Nauer Form ?
18:11 paul      the book has to be sorted on C (Camp)
18:11 paul      it's here to say "Le  " is useless for sorting title
18:11 paul      it's BNF !
18:11 kados     paul: why did the catalogers put the char in there?
18:10 paul      not our problem though ;-)
18:10 paul      yes, it's a git problem
18:10 kados     )
18:10 paul      as the "word" indexed is "{0088}Camp"
18:10 kados     <<<<<<< HEAD:koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/includes/doc-head-close.inc ======= >>>>>>> 5ae7d4ea9738ab0c2ca499a578fdd3d23efdd836:koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/includes/doc-head-close.inc
18:10 kados     (at the top of the page I see:
18:10 paul      thus, searching "Camp" don't return anything
18:10 kados     paul: OK, looking at that record
18:10 gmcharlt  and possibly an output filter
18:10 kados     paul: apart from the patch, there is no bug report for this, so it's hard for us to understand what exactpl the problem is
18:10 paul      it's that zebra consider {0088}Camp as a word.
18:09 paul      not at all.
18:09 gmcharlt  barring a solution for Zebra, it should be implemented as a filter prior to indexing a record (NoZebra) or sending it to Zebra
18:09 paul      look at : http://o03.musil.biblibre.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=360
18:09 kados     paul: so the 'bug' is that linux doesn't know how to display the character?
18:09 paul      note it's "non printable char"
18:08 gmcharlt  I strenuously object to throwing out valid data that is permitted by the standard
18:08 kados     to the char_decode5426 sub in Charset.pm
18:07 kados     +      next if $char eq 0x0089;
18:07 kados     +      next if $char eq 0x0088;
18:07 paul      FYI : http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/0088/index.htm
18:07 kados     +      # discard 0088 and 0089, that are added by BNF for starting articles
18:07 kados     gmcharlt: adds the following :
18:07 kados     gmcharlt: paul's recent patch: BUGFIX (UNIMARC specific) : zebra dislike 0088 and 0089 chars
18:07 paul      hi gmcharlt
18:07 kados     gmcharlt would be the best one to ask
18:07 gmcharlt  kados: what's uP?
18:06 kados     I see that being done elsewhere in that function
18:06 paul      a space would be OK
18:06 kados     instead of just removing it
18:06 kados     paul: maybe the solution is to map it to a different character?
18:06 kados     gmcharlt: around?
18:06 paul      + my patches solves the problem for NoZebra as well
18:05 paul      + look what it look like here : http://o03.musil.biblibre.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=360
18:05 kados     not within that function I don't think
18:04 paul      it's done on the MARC::Record object, so the leader is recalculated when needed, am I wrong ?
18:04 kados     and could cause unexpected problems that would be very hard to debug
18:04 kados     it messes with the directory size
18:04 kados     because removing a character breaks the MARC record
18:04 kados     try again perhaps?
18:03 paul      and got no answer
18:03 paul      yes, on may, 30
18:03 kados     paul: have you asked on zebra lists how to do it?
18:03 paul      and could not get any result
18:03 paul      mc spent 2 days trying to add \{0088} to .chr file to explain zebra what it must do with it
18:02 paul      yes, we disagree.
18:02 kados     yes, and this one we disagree on I'm afraid :-)
18:02 paul      last one... the 0088 / 0089 unicode
18:02 kados     will try today
18:02 kados     *nod*
18:01 paul      so you'll have to use summary to see what it does
18:01 paul      it's very small, and everything is included in a <tmpl_if name="summary">
18:01 kados     paul: i will test it today
18:01 kados     so I could reference an issue that has been explained
18:00 kados     again, I wish there was a bug report
18:00 kados     right, and I need to test that one I think
18:00 paul      (june, 2nd too)
18:00 paul      (useless & harmless I hope)
18:00 paul      but it's very important for us, that use the itemtype.summary thing
17:59 paul      this one is useless for you (you use XSLT)
17:59 paul      86eca13ffb6f8747cfd5531f4bcb2bfcc20fd2c1     bugfixing (itemtype summary) : it summary is defined, the icon & author were not displayed
17:59 kados     next patch?
17:59 kados     OK, I will add it to the list of TODO for today
17:59 kados     hehe
17:59 paul      anyway, my patch is correct, you should apply it ;-)
17:58 paul      :(
17:58 kados     looks correct to me
17:58 paul      is it correct for MARC21 ?
17:58 paul      C4::Search.pm, line 475
17:57 paul      I think i've got it
17:57 kados     *nod*
17:56 paul      probably a marc21/unimarc problem
17:55 kados     it says 10 results found, but none display
17:55 kados     admin / demo
17:55 kados     http://staff-jmf.dev.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/search.pl?idx=kw&q=it&scan=1&op=and&idx=kw&op=and&idx=kw&sort_by=relevance
17:55 kados     on staff, still doesn't work for me
17:55 paul      http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&q=christ&scan=1&idx=kw&idx=kw&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
17:55 paul      mmm.... works on opac for me as well :
17:54 paul      there is none
17:54 kados     paul: also, your patch doesn't reference a bug number
17:54 paul      (abel / abel)
17:54 paul      works on staff : http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.com/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/search.pl?idx=kw&q=christ&scan=1&op=and&idx=kw&op=and&idx=kw&sort_by=relevance
17:54 kados     yep, not working on http://opac.liblime.com for instance
17:53 kados     before or after the patch
17:53 kados     I can't get scan to work at all
17:53 kados     I think we talked on IRC about it
17:52 kados     checking
17:52 paul      (in fact, you asked me for some infos, I answered, and ... nothing)
17:51 paul      I never had news from you about this one unless i've missed it
17:51 paul      (june, 2)
17:51 paul      5d327138cde8cb3dc245e0f20966083d791b8075 : bugfixing scan index
17:51 kados     which 3?
17:51 kados     actually, go ahead, now is fine
17:51 kados     OK
17:50 paul      I've 3 patches that I want to discuss of
17:50 paul      ok, will be here for 2 or 3 hours still
17:50 kados     paul: I'm working on translations atm, maybe in a bit?
17:49 paul      do you have some minuts for me & my commits ?
17:48 kados     really great paul!
17:48 paul      so, hdl+me+mc+5 new + 1 to decide = 9 BibLibrer's on oct, 1st
17:47 paul      one librarian still to find (we have a good candidate, maybe a better one can come. Otherwise, we have got our man)
17:47 paul      Laucence Lefaucheur will start on Oct, 1st, being dedicated to customers & contracts
17:46 paul      Jacques Piton should start on aug, 1st or Sep 1st, it's objectives not being defined yet
17:46 paul      Nicolas Moris has started on monday, dedicated to strategy & Marseille Universities
17:45 kados     excellent!
17:45 paul      Johnny Soros will be full time aug 1st, dedicated to new acq module too
17:45 paul      about BibLibre : Olivier Saury will be full time aug, 1st. Dedicated to new acq module
17:44 paul      what is nice with summer is that customers are in holidays, so we can work on what we can't usually ;-)
17:44 kados     *nod*
17:44 paul      same here (for being busy...)
17:44 kados     paul: hopefully in the next month or so it will be ready
17:44 kados     paul: but things are so busy we haven't had time to finish it
17:44 kados     paul: we are working on a site for all liblime sponsored dev projects
17:42 kados     true, but your first question was 'what will it do?' ;-)
17:41 paul      I thought BibLibre was not "everyone"
17:41 kados     and since we don't have customer sign-off on the spec, we can't say for sure
17:40 kados     the problem is that if we announce we have a new acq module, everyone will want to know what it will do
17:40 paul      maybe we could have merged our specs.
17:40 paul      as we're working on a new acq module too.
17:40 paul      yep.
17:40 kados     not sure I understand the last sentence, do you mean you wish we told you about the project before someone posted a blog about it?
17:38 kados     paul: and the specs will be published too, so you can have your answer to that question too :-)
17:38 kados     paul: we will announce it officially once they have signed off on the specs
17:38 paul      what will it do ?
17:38 kados     paul: will be similar to biblios, a separate project
17:37 kados     paul: it's not a Koha module in fact
17:37 paul      you're working on a new acquisition module ?
17:37 paul      Their original go-live date was supposed to be this fall, but they are now waiting for the new Koha acquisitions module, Get It, to be finished. They are co-sponsoring development of this with WALDO. It will be released in November, at a conference in North Carolina.
17:37 paul      how should I understand :
17:36 paul      kados : about http://biblio-os.blogspot.com/2008/06/howard-county-library-system-md.html
17:36 paul      we use .po & git directly
17:36 kados_    OK, I will ignore them
17:36 paul      I don't know who did them at all.
17:36 paul      not at all.
17:35 paul      (so I can eat when I want ;-)
17:35 paul      (this week)
17:35 paul      (almost time for dinner here, but i'm alone those weeks)
17:35 kados_    (hi :-))
17:35 kados_    for fr-FR
17:35 kados_    paul: there are 16 translation modifs on translate.koha.org, are those official?
17:35 paul      hello kados_
17:35 paul      yep.
17:35 kados_    paul: you here?
16:35 paul_koha hello world
16:29 owen      That sounds good to me
16:28 fbcit     so maybe bug 2318 should be closed and another opened recommending the addition of a warn so the error will be logged
16:27 fbcit     but that fix is probably as simple as adding a warn to the detail.pl script when it attempts to retrieve information for a non-existent biblionumber
16:26 fbcit     I guess my main concern was not so much the user, but the admin when (s)he is asked to discover what is going wrong
16:25 owen      Amazon and WorldCat both give 404-ish errors
16:24 owen      I think it's a difficult question... we consider detail.pl to be the page. We know it's always there. it's the ?biblionumber= part that changes. But does the user view each unique URL (including the biblionumber=) as a separate page?
16:23 fbcit     once the index was dropped and rebuilt, the bad entries no longer appeared
16:23 fbcit     it happened here due to messed up zebra indexes
16:22 fbcit     it is probably unlikely that attempting to view a non-existent biblio will occur
16:19 fbcit     perhaps I should add that bit to the bug as the sys admin will have a hard time understanding what caused the 404 w/no log entry
16:19 fbcit     incidentally, the koha-error_log gives no explanation of why the error occurred either
16:18 owen      Yeah, and I think you'll have to argue your case. The current behavior assumes that individual records can be considered "pages," and that someone following a link to something that's not there should be told it's not there
16:17 fbcit     so maybe an enhancement?
16:17 fbcit     right, I'm thinking that it might be nice to return why
16:17 owen      ...so technically the bug is invalid. But I agree it's questionable behavior
16:17 owen      The 404 error is by design
16:15 owen      Bug 2318
16:14 owen      No, sorry..
16:14 owen      About Bug 2319...
16:13 fbcit     hi owen
15:52 owen      cnighs?
14:40 owen      You have to have special permission to edit the permissions of staff members. A fairly recent addition.
14:39 owen      masonj: I figured out the answer to my question about StaffMember permisisons
14:21 eric      gmcharlt, you are right.  I replaced the koha-zebra-ctl.sh file with a previous version. gmcharlt++!
14:16 eric      Let me check something ;)
14:16 gmcharlt  sounds like it's running koha-conf.xml through the Perl interpreter for some reason
14:15 eric      (Missing operator before ebegin?)
14:15 eric      I got full of _Bareword found where operator expected at <koha-conf.xml path> near "/home/ebegin"_
14:14 gmcharlt  how so?
14:12 eric      for an unknown reason, it seems to be confused with the koha-conf.xml file.
14:12 eric      i ran through some problem yesterday with zebrasrv running with the RC1.
14:10 gmcharlt  eric: possibly to make it easier to identify which zebrasrv to kill when stopping it
14:10 gmcharlt  eric: I'm not sure - chris wrote those scripts.
14:09 eric      gmcharlt, concerning the zebrasrv daemon, do you know if is there a reason why the koha-zebra-ctl.h is using the daemon utils instead of using the -D switch?
13:57 mc        sudo -u $OTHERUSER zebrasrv 2>>$ERRLOG 1>>$STDOUT
13:57 mc        i work around it
13:48 mc        grmbl ... it seems that the problem comes from daemon : no logfile created
13:46 masonj    turn the log-level up, perhaps
13:45 masonj       'zebrasrv -D -f ./koha-conf.xml -l ./log -v all'
13:45 masonj    could be something in there..
13:44 mc        i try
13:44 masonj    and tail -f the log...
13:44 masonj    mc:   'zebrasrv -D -f ./koha-conf.xml -l ./log '
13:42 nengard   owen - i was wrong - ryan will be in in a couple of hours
13:41 masonj    ah, my bad
13:41 gmcharlt  -d is optional
13:41 gmcharlt  -d to specify name of daemon for hosts_access
13:41 masonj    oops, zebrasrv -h says '-d'
13:41 gmcharlt  -D to daemonize
13:40 gmcharlt  man zebrasrv says -D, not -d
13:40 masonj    for zebrasrv-2.0.32
13:40 masonj    hmm,  -d <daemon>
13:39 gmcharlt  it should be -D, not -d, right?
13:38 masonj    but  'zebrasrv -d -f ./koha-conf.xml' doesnt
13:38 masonj    so 'zebrasrv -f ./koha-conf.xml' works okay
13:37 mc        (with no error)
13:37 mc        failed with daemon ?
13:37 mc        anyone can tell me for what reason a zebrasrv launched successfully at hand
13:33 masonj    it does seen to look redundant
13:32 owen      yeah
13:32 masonj    in circ-toolbar.inc ??
13:32 masonj    ah, i spotted that a couple of days agao too owen
13:32 gmcharlt  hi Marc
13:29 mc        hello all