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08:23 mc       hello world
00:05 chris    heh
23:56 gmcharlt ethernet jack at the base of the skull?
23:37 chris    wonder how they are managing that :)
23:37 chris    > direct, not through a web browser.
23:37 chris    > Sometimes I use Explorer, sometimes I use firefox, but my access to Koha is
23:37 chris    interesting
19:10 gmcharlt self: diagnostics don't hurt
19:02 slef     Isn't it always the way?  Patch emailed anyway.
16:44 slef     gmcharlt: I'll let them deal with that when it comes!
16:43 gmcharlt slef: at least until somebody adds item-lookup-by-title at the circ screen, as somebody was suggesting on koha
16:42 slef     (which would stop them circulating, after all)
16:42 slef     gmcharlt: if they do, they might have special shortcodes for non-circulating items
16:42 atz      need to do:  $x=len($val); $newval = sprintf("%$x.$xd",$val+1);
16:42 gmcharlt slef: so none use 14-digit codabar barcodes? (not sure if codabar was ever widely adopted in the UK, of course)
16:42 slef     not ISBN... EAN or UPC... I've forgotten which it is on the cover
16:41 slef     (no, they don't have a trained librarian...)
16:41 slef     only library I've spotted from my datasets that uses consistent-length barcodes so far is one that uses the ISBN because it has max 1 copy of each
16:40 atz      yeah, it's just a ++
16:40 gmcharlt as I would expect from the way the code is written
16:40 slef     mmm, we're stripping lead zeros
16:39 gmcharlt correct
16:39 atz      and the next one is?   probably "459"
16:39 atz      gmcharlt: now add 000458
16:38 atz      ok, cool by me
16:38 gmcharlt next barcode assigned was 457
16:38 gmcharlt turned on autoBarcode = incremental
16:38 gmcharlt fresh DB, new item with barcode 456
16:38 gmcharlt atz: I think it's your dataset
16:37 atz      i haven't tested catalogue *input* that much
16:36 atz      it might just be the dataset I have
16:36 slef     atz: is it definitely zero-padded in the database?
16:34 gmcharlt .
16:34 atz      i hate this js in particular.
16:34 slef     but I hate javascript, you know.
16:33 slef     IMO
16:33 slef     easiest way would be for "next" to be a special value in the cataloguing form that the database fills out at INSERT time
16:32 atz      pretty cheesy though that we don't have any way of knowing the next barcode without executing a value_builder that returns javascript :\
16:30 atz      slef: rather, it shows it doesn't control the zero-pads there
16:30 slef     how doesn't it?
16:29 gmcharlt doesn't look like it's doing zero-padding
16:29 atz      it doesn't answer my question though
16:29 slef     so it's the length of the barcode field in the html
16:29 atz      yeah, i've seen that
16:28 slef     it's not mysql
16:28 slef     see cataloguing/value_builder/barcode.pl:108
16:28 atz      ?
16:28 atz      i.e., it lets mysql try to autoincrement
16:27 atz      perhaps the rule is in mysql default?
16:27 atz      yeah, it's one of the autoBarcode functions
16:27 gmcharlt atz: what's the context? autoBarcode?
16:25 atz      since the field is varchar(20)
16:25 atz      i.e. 00001 vs. 00000000000001
16:24 atz      gmcharlt: how does "incremental" barcode calculation know how many digits to apply?
16:20 gmcharlt you're welcome
16:19 slef     Thanks for your help with that.
16:19 slef     (for the logs)
16:19 slef     kohabug 2243
16:17 slef     ok, will report
16:17 gmcharlt could be construed as such - only display the offset and length fields if the entered tag is < 010
16:16 slef     ok, so this is a UI bug?
16:16 gmcharlt only apply for tags < 010
16:16 gmcharlt slef: for a matchpoint on a subfield, offset and length are currently ignored
16:15 slef     gmcharlt: is zero-length some sort of magic value?
16:15 gmcharlt slef: should not be a problem
16:15 gmcharlt effectively - for fixed field, use offset and length to extract only the component of interest
16:15 slef     In short, is Length: 0 and Normalization rule: ISBN a problem?
16:14 slef     ah, it's linked to normalization rule?
16:14 gmcharlt intent was to have length apply only to fixed field positions
16:13 gmcharlt slef: yes, it does do something (see _get_match_keys) but only for fixed fields
16:11 slef     but there's a FIXME but no corresponding bug
16:11 slef     I've read C4::Matcher and it looks like no
16:11 slef     Does length in the matching rule configuration do anything?
16:10 gmcharlt slef: for bib import? yes
16:05 slef     Hi - is there anyone who understands matching rules online?
13:25 ryan     it makes sense to only list it once.
13:25 ryan     it gets messy with the duplicated information.
13:23 hdl      We could add there informations about items (location, and availability)
13:23 hdl      And of course it is displayed in order.
13:23 ryan     that makes sense when there are many copies.
13:22 hdl      Then users have to go to serial collection to see the "items".
13:22 ryan     yes, there are many ways to manage.
13:22 hdl      We were asked by one of our customer not to display items in biblio when it is a serial.
13:22 ryan     i guess it's not a big deal to do the table join even if there's no subscription
13:21 hdl      MMM...
13:20 ryan     currently the serial flag is set either by biblio.serial  or if there's a series title, i think.
13:19 ryan     so it can sort nicely
13:19 ryan     I'd like to have a way to specify that it's a serial publication, but it's not controlled by serials module
13:18 ryan     he's loading in items , but not filling serials table.
13:17 ryan     but then that does the table join on serials module
13:17 ryan     currently you can test against biblio.serial
13:17 ryan     we want to have items sort by date desc when it's a serial
13:17 ryan     hdl: I just got a question from one of our data people about sorting items.
13:15 ryan     yep.  i think that's a good approach.
13:14 hdl      This is why a frequency table is required.
13:14 ryan     nice.
13:14 hdl      ryan: well, my goal is to even allow 3/week and 3/month and eventually n/day|week|month
13:13 hdl      And that was a good step.
13:12 hdl      ryan: sure, to display serialseq on items page when it was linked to a subscription was less than ideal, but provided ppl with information on one place
13:12 ryan     hdl: will your work allow for 2/month serials planning ?
13:11 ryan     no, not recently.
13:11 ryan     i was looking to do a date sort for serials
13:11 hdl      Have you worked on serials recently ?
13:10 ryan     yes, a less-than-ideal solution
13:10 ryan     I was going to send off a reply to your email
13:10 hdl      And you seemed to display serialseq on items page when it was linked to a subscription.
13:10 ryan     yes, i have
13:09 hdl      I have seen you had worked on the serials part.
13:09 hdl      hi ryan
13:08 ryan     hi hdl
13:08 hdl      Is rch around ?
13:08 hdl      And it was great to meet Dan Scott again.
13:08 hdl      But it was a good experience.
13:08 hdl      tired by my trip to Yerevan.
13:07 gmcharlt good, and you?
13:07 hdl      gmcharlt: how are you ?
13:04 masonj   hi guys
13:01 hdl      hi
13:00 gmcharlt greetings
12:41 acmoore  good morning
12:37 slef     hi all