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21:41 tim      Thanks guys.  I'll check that out.
21:39 atz      tim: her current work is in google docs
21:34 tim      Where's it at?  Is it something that's not included in kohadocs?
21:33 kados    tim: the online help hasn't been re-written for 3.0 yet
21:33 kados    tim: lots of more up to date info there
21:33 kados    tim: if not, send an email to nicole DOT engard AT liblime DOT com and ask for access
21:32 kados    tim: do you have access to the 3.0 manual?
21:05 tim      I'm so used to things having "no help on this topic" that I don't even think of trying the help.
21:00 tim      That's how we do it on our 2.2 system.
20:59 gmcharlt tim: no (although actually, that's a rather good idea)
20:59 tim      Oh yeah.  The help file.  I was thinking it was like my current setup where I just name the file with the partons card number and it would work.
20:55 acmoore  yeah, that needs a bugreport.
20:55 acmoore  whoah. That thing needs better error detection and warnings and help and such.
20:55 gmcharlt if you get it working after creating idlink.txt, please file a bug anyway - the error message needs to be improved, and the information about idlink.txt needs to be copied from the help page (where it's nice and invisible :/) to the upload page
20:53 gmcharlt each line containing the patron barcode, followed by a comma, followed by the name of the image file
20:53 gmcharlt one record per line
20:53 gmcharlt plain text file
20:52 gmcharlt that file serves to link each image file to the patron the picture belongs to
20:52 gmcharlt tim: there's your problem - the zip file needs to contain a file called datalink.txt or idlink.txt (either works)
20:51 tim      no.  just the images.
20:50 gmcharlt tim: did the zip file contain a file called idlink.txt or datalink.txt?
20:49 tim      www-data
20:48 gmcharlt what user owns the directory and files therein?
20:48 tim      I just checked /tmp PJ69CyJ5QF and the images are in there.
20:46 acmoore  that "warn" statement on line 166 would really benefit from $!.
20:35 tim      yup
20:34 gmcharlt is there free space on /tmp?
20:33 tim      <fh00001patronimages.zip> line 31842., referer: http://koha2.wlpl.org:8080/cgi-bin/koha/tools/picture-upload.pl
20:33 tim      Opening /tmp/PJ69CyJ5QF/ failed! at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/tools/picture-upload.pl line 166
20:30 tim      I just tried installing unzip and it didn't help.
20:28 gmcharlt tim: is the unzip command present on your server?  if not, do 'sudo apt-get install unzip'
20:24 cnighs   tim: have you checked the error log for any more specific error messages?
20:23 tim      When I try to upload patron image files in a zip archive, Koha 3 tells me the zip failed to unpack.  I'm on Debian Etch.  Is there something else I need to install to get this working?
16:33 kados    paul++
16:27 paul     kados : sent 6 patches. Sorry if I sent some that you already have, but I don't think so.
16:25 paul     OK. i'll sent some new ones now
16:25 kados    paul: I have them ... haven't tested them yet, but I will shortly
15:51 paul     should I send them again ?
15:50 paul     I have some bugs in my queue that you already have, but didn't have applied.
15:50 paul     kados around ?
15:50 paul     sorry for the inconvenience
15:50 paul     broadcast : gitoyen (peering company) transmission failure in France. koha-fr.org (& lists.koha.org) unreachable
13:37 paul     hello all
13:31 atz      greets owen
13:00 owen     Hi everyone
12:53 kados    g'morning #koha