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11:52 nengard  i've had too many speaking engagements recently, i'm happy to get to spend the day at home today
11:52 nengard  yeah - I'm sure
11:51 paul     things are really too busy in fact...
11:51 paul     (not morning for us, it's alreday finished in France ;-) )
11:51 nengard  how are things across the ocean? :)
11:51 nengard  morning paul
11:50 paul     hi nengard
11:46 nengard  morning hdl
11:46 hdl      hi nengard
08:37 paul_    I would not recommend it at all
08:37 paul_    in 2.2.9 you  can have one, but a very basic one.
08:37 paul_    koha 3.0 has one, and the best you can have, as it's "shipped" with zebra
08:37 paul_    so my answer :
08:36 paul_    hi Solomon. Zsh asked the same question 20m ago !
08:36 Solomon  does koha come with an inbuilt z3950 server?
08:27 zsh      3.0
08:26 zsh      I'll check out koha .0
08:26 zsh      ok. Merci. :)
08:25 paul     I would not recommend it at all
08:25 paul     in 2.2.9 you  can have one, but a very basic one.
08:25 zsh      what about 2.2.9?
08:24 paul     koha 3.0 has one, and the best you can have, as it's "shipped" with zebra
08:24 zsh      hi paul
08:24 paul     hi zsh
08:23 zsh      there is mention of the client in the docs, none(as far as i can see) about the server
08:20 zsh      Hi. Does koha have a z39.50 server?
22:31 chris    not me
22:31 thd      does anyone know the current URL for the English Koha 2.2 demo?
22:04 chris    lol
22:04 atz      chris: give me $12 Billion USD per month to spend, and I'll show you how to wreck an economy...
21:58 cait     working time, i see
21:57 chris    9.57am wednesday
21:56 cait     what time is it for you chris?
21:55 cait     its late again today - got a package from amazon today... first book finished now. seems im a  real librarian - sometimes.
21:55 chris    ahh so morgen for me, nacht for you :)
21:55 cait     six minutes to midnight
21:54 chris    or should it be nacht for you?
21:54 cait     guten abend chris
21:53 chris    guten abend cait
21:53 chris    yup
21:51 atz      yeah, you know times is rough when the loon trumps the greenback
21:42 gmcharlt hehe - Canadian dollar too (and that actually worked out to my advantage recently)
21:41 chris    thats what g w will do to your economy :-)
21:41 chris    bought even
21:41 chris    we bout 49cents
21:41 chris    only a few years ago
21:40 chris    79.20 cents apparently
21:39 chris    the nz dollar is still pretty high vs the us
21:39 chris    prolly around 2999
21:39 atz      barrels of oil, more likely....
21:39 chris    whoops
21:38 chris    prolly with te
21:38 chris    what euro? :)
21:38 atz      :)
21:38 atz      how much in real money?
21:38 atz      chris: is that $3,800 NZD ?
21:37 atz      and it's pretty nice to just be able to throw RAM at a  problem if you choose to
21:36 chris    http://stuff.co.nz/blogs/coolkit/2008/05/02/new-high-of-star-wars-geekdom/
21:36 chris    heya joe
21:36 atz      gmcharlt: memcached is surprisingly easy to use
21:31 chris    very true
21:31 gmcharlt heck, not just the database - if we could cache XSLT transformer objects, that would probably be a great win all by itself
21:25 chris    instead of pounding oracle a few thousand times every second to get those :)
21:25 chris    things like first listed date, first traded, trades yesterday etc
21:24 chris    but there are lots of parts of the page that can be cached
21:24 chris    we cant present old data
21:24 chris    yep, its the same with the stock exchange
21:23 gmcharlt would have to be careful (very careful) about caching item info
21:23 chris    yep
21:23 gmcharlt looks interesting for caching things like expensive-to-parse bib records and OPAC displays
21:14 chris    run memcached on the opac server(s) so it only needs to talk back to the database server when the object is not cached, or it has expired etc
21:13 chris    well we could use it even now actually
21:11 chris    memcache will be handy when we get koha playing nice with mod_perl ;)
21:09 gmcharlt cool
21:07 chris    s/being/been/
21:07 chris    learning good tricks
21:07 chris    busy but good, being doing a bunch of work with load balancing, and memcache
21:07 gmcharlt how are things with you?
21:07 chris    sweet
21:06 gmcharlt loading some data for a customer right now
21:06 gmcharlt pretty good
21:06 chris    heya galen, hows things?
21:06 gmcharlt hi chris
21:02 chris    morning
18:45 atz      the old display used to concatenate them all and make one big ugly link out of them
18:45 atz      there is no 1 call number for a biblio
18:45 atz      tim: the problem is that in a large system, you might have 40 different libraries w/ 40 different call numbers
18:23 tim      It seem strange that it's not displaying anything since the fields are filled int the database.
18:21 gmcharlt tim: might need some tweaking to display items.itemcallnumber
18:20 tim      biblioitems.cn_class has a call number in it and biblioitems.cn_items has something, but it's not our call numbers.
18:19 tim      It looks like it's supposed to display cn_class and cn_item.
18:17 tim      I'm working on Koha 3 and the search results in the OPAC don't display call numbers.
17:20 thd      ryan, kados: where is the Liblime 2.2 demo?
16:22 nengard  also - zotero doesn't seem to be working on opac.liblime.com but it works on my install
16:22 nengard  zotero question - I don't use this tool much - does anyone know why when you add an item from koha to zotero the view button is grayed out? the only option is to locate and that sends me to worldcat
14:44 kados    bbl
14:43 ryan     gmcharlt++
14:43 kados    yay
14:42 gmcharlt I agree, and will work on it as part of some general bugfixing that I'll do later this week
14:42 ryan     so we need to add that functionality to the smartrules.
14:41 ryan     well, there has to be some solution to 2000.
14:41 kados    so long as the new ones do all the stame stuff the old ones do
14:41 kados    I'd be fine with consolidating and removing the old circ and fines matrices
14:40 ryan     and only use the circ matrix if you don't use fines.
14:39 ryan     i think we must remove the fines matrix
14:39 ryan     however,  you can't use the matrix if you're using fines and using defaults
14:39 gmcharlt my real problem with the older ones is bug 2000
14:38 gmcharlt it should be - * entries
14:38 kados    IIRC
14:38 kados    and Default isn't either
14:38 ryan     yes, the sums aren't handled.
14:36 lloyd_   but if people are still using it, and want to keep using it
14:36 lloyd_   yah it'd be better to remove it
14:35 gmcharlt I'd prefer that the older ones get removed at some point
14:35 lloyd_   yea, so surely it makes sense to have an option to show one or the other. Displaying both will just confuse people
14:34 kados    they are two views of the exact same information
14:34 kados    nope
14:33 lloyd_   I presume there will be a syspref to show the matrix or the new system?
14:32 kados    the only purpose of itype at the item level is for circulation codes
14:32 lloyd_   well the old way is ugly and very unuser friendly
14:32 kados    and now that you can have ccodes and shelf locations defined at the item level
14:31 kados    but IMO, most libraries really don't need that many
14:31 kados    yea ... it's good if you have a lot of item types and/or patron categories
14:30 lloyd_   well.. It certainly beats the best part of 100 input boxes being on the screen :p
14:30 kados    lloyd_: depends on who you ask :-)
14:28 lloyd_   "Circulation and fines rules (alternate layout)" - big improvement over the old method!
14:28 lloyd_   mmm
14:00 hdl      I try to solve another big problem
13:59 hdl      will do soon.
13:57 kados    hdl: can you try taking a fresh clone and applying it agains git.koha.org?
13:56 kados    hdl: there must be something missing ...
13:54 hdl      And I had only one patch for that bug.
13:53 hdl      yes I rebased.
13:53 kados    hdl: are you sure you rebased and have submitted all related patches?
13:53 kados    Repository lacks necessary blobs to fall back on 3-way merge.
13:53 kados    fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (admin/systempreferences.pl).
13:53 kados    error: installer/data/mysql/fr-FR/1-Obligatoire/unimarc_standard_systemprefs.sql: patch does not apply
13:52 kados    error: patch failed: installer/data/mysql/fr-FR/1-Obligatoire/unimarc_standard_systemprefs.sql:185
13:52 kados    error: installer/data/mysql/en/mandatory/sysprefs.sql: patch does not apply
13:52 kados    error: patch failed: installer/data/mysql/en/mandatory/sysprefs.sql:183
13:52 kados    hdl: no luck:
13:34 hdl      git stash ++
13:34 acmoore  I wonder if we would benefit from having one of these bots tell us each time a particular patch was applied.
13:33 hdl      resent.
13:32 hdl      Is it not an encoding problem ?
13:31 kados    hdl: the patch you sent didn't apply, is why I ask
13:31 kados    hdl: I believe so
13:30 hdl      have you pushed some patches ?
13:30 hdl      ok
13:28 kados    hdl: after a rebase
13:28 kados    hdl: can you re-submit your Addressing bug 1782 patch?
12:23 nengard  hiya
12:23 hdl      hi nengard