Time  Nick           Message
09:41 zak            http://opac.sopac.org/
09:40 zak            thanks for the email ...i think i got it working when i changed the gif file
09:39 zak            masonj
22:05 kados          great patches today, /me pushes some of them up
19:48 MatthewMetzger It's not turned on. I'll turn it on now by uncommenting #log_slow_queries       = /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log in my.cnf
19:46 atz            or on the command line for mysql
19:46 atz            it might not be turned on... it can be an arbitrary filename in my.cnf
19:46 MatthewMetzger locate mysql.slow_query.log gave me no result.
19:45 MatthewMetzger thanks for the confirmation (not using zebra yet).
19:44 gmcharlt       atz, MatthewMetzger: confirm that is fixed as long as you use koha-zebra-ctl.sh to start Zebra
19:42 atz            you might look in your mysql.slow_query.log  (if it exists)
19:40 MatthewMetzger speaking of fixes, I should definitely upgrade to beta2 before trying to solve some of these performance issues.
19:39 atz            yeah basically:  mkdir /var/run/koha/zebradb
19:39 MatthewMetzger I'll put it in my project notes. It looks like something that would be easy to fix.
19:38 atz            maybe gmcharlt can confirm?
19:38 atz            but I think that is fixed.... hmrm
19:37 MatthewMetzger thanks.
19:37 atz            http://www.nabble.com/Zebra-fails-to-bind-two-sockets-td15456847.html
19:37 atz            here's a note about ubuntu and zebra
19:35 MatthewMetzger www-data (ubuntu)
19:35 atz            that or in the apache user (or "nobody" or whatever users) environment
19:34 MatthewMetzger would that setting be in apache conf file?
19:33 atz            interesting... maybe your apache is setup to stick w/ 5.8 ?
19:33 MatthewMetzger perl -v reports This is perl, v5.10.0 built for i686-linux
19:32 MatthewMetzger Can I force koha to use perl 5.10? about.pl reports Perl version: 	5.008008
19:31 atz            hmm... might be an XML parsing thing
19:31 MatthewMetzger so it's not a hardware performance issue.
19:31 MatthewMetzger it seemed to work fine on the old server, but the new server chokes on it.
19:31 MatthewMetzger I believe over 5000
19:29 atz            how many records did you load?
19:28 atz            yeah, it's just an SQL query if you're not using zebra
19:28 MatthewMetzger often, actually.
19:28 MatthewMetzger All I can really report is that search.pl take up 90% or RAM, much more cpu and sometimes crashes the machine.
19:27 atz            you might get more warnings in the logs though
19:27 atz            not really
19:27 MatthewMetzger Do you recommend trying to force it back to 5.8?
19:26 atz            which will be useful for us  :)    not so much for you
19:26 MatthewMetzger Can you point me to a document on how to get Zebra running properly? I tried before, but couldn't get it up.
19:26 atz            ah, you may get some undiscovered bugs in 5.10
19:26 MatthewMetzger it was installed before, but I think hardy bumped perl up to 5.10, instead of 5.8
19:26 atz            if you want reports in CSV, mostly
19:25 MatthewMetzger okay. good to know.
19:25 atz            i think
19:25 atz            that's optional
19:25 MatthewMetzger in about.pl
19:25 MatthewMetzger Text::CSV  	unknown
19:25 atz            zebra is the bomb.
19:24 MatthewMetzger I noticed another problem after the  upgrade. This may be the culprit.
19:24 atz            ah.... definitely check that out
19:24 MatthewMetzger I'm not using zebra.
19:24 atz            MatthewMetzger: if you are using zebra, that kind of search performance is odd.
19:18 atz            np
19:18 MatthewMetzger Thanks for your help!
19:18 MatthewMetzger thanks. That might mean I'll have to do it after hours.
19:17 atz            right
19:17 MatthewMetzger that stops apache completely (other apache virtual hosts, too) right?
19:17 atz            (affects all your apache sites)
19:17 atz            apache2ctl stop
19:16 MatthewMetzger it's a perl script
19:16 MatthewMetzger atz: I'm assuming you mean shutdown koha. How is that done.
19:16 MatthewMetzger :)
19:16 atz            (shutdown first, unzip, startup, connect to staff interface)
19:16 MatthewMetzger is there a document on the upgrade procedure? Or I could  try just unzipping the tar over the same directory:)
19:15 atz            you can try just unzipping the tar over the same directory
19:15 MatthewMetzger I'm downloading http://download.koha.org/koha-3.00.00-beta2.tar.gz now
19:15 MatthewMetzger atz: no I installed from the tar.gz download
19:15 atz            MatthewMetzger: did you install w/ git?
19:11 MatthewMetzger I am using the alpha release. Is there an easy way to upgrade from alpha to beta (just tell me if it's in the read me as I'm downloading the beta now).
19:00 MatthewMetzger I upgraded my server from Dapper LTS to Hardy and I'm seeing search.pl hang and take large processor percentages and 90% of RAM
18:58 MatthewMetzger I think I'm seeing a serious memory leak with Koha's search.pl on ubuntu hardy.
18:44 gmcharlt       but I'm not sure why that couldn't just be handled with a conditional in C4::Auth
18:44 gmcharlt       so InstallAuth.pm always defaults to /tmp
18:43 gmcharlt       for a fresh install, you obviously can't use the DB for CGI::Session storage
18:43 gmcharlt       not sure
18:42 fbcit          why isn't installer using C4::Auth to begin with?
18:42 fbcit          that probably explains the confusion then
18:42 fbcit          I then have to login twice to get back to koha
18:42 gmcharlt       fbcit: I'm not sure that's strictly required at the moment because install.pl uses InstallAuth.pm with a /tmp store for CGI::Session, but would agree if/when (as I hope) C4::Auth and InstallAuth get merged
18:42 fbcit          ie. after the update I am presented with an installer login again rather than the standard koha login
18:41 fbcit          if I am logged in the staff interface as a superlibrarian but not as kohaadmin and the redirection occurs, koha appears to get confused after the update
18:40 fbcit          gmcharlt: I think Auth.pm should force a logout before redirection to the installer when it notices a kohaversion change
12:34 fbcit          hehe
12:34 fbcit          the navigational links were passing the incorrect type
12:34 acmoore        thanks for eliminating it.
12:34 acmoore        I vote for @results2 as one of the worst named variables of the year.
12:34 acmoore        I saw a patch from you yesterday that looked like it made a bunch of changes to that. It looked good to me.
12:33 acmoore        oh, good.
12:33 acmoore        good morning.
12:30 fbcit          I think I fixed the results navigation issues in label-item-search.pl
12:29 fbcit          hi acmoore
12:22 fbcit          we've been making up for a very long drought with much needed rain
12:22 fbcit          fine! weather here (NC) is foggy
12:21 hdl            how are you ?
12:20 hdl            But sunshine in my head and in my heart.
12:20 hdl            weather is crappy.
12:20 fbcit          how are things over the big pond today?
12:20 fbcit          hello hdl
12:19 hdl            hi
12:09 fbcit          perhaps Auth.pm can't figure out which cookie to eat :)
12:08 fbcit          perhaps it is because I have four or five tabs open within a given koha session
12:08 fbcit          yea, it does not happen every time
12:07 kados          normally it just kicks you back to the mainpage.pl directly
12:07 kados          fbcit: weird, I haven't seen that before