Time  Nick          Message
11:47 fbcit         kados around?
13:43 owen          hdl?
14:09 owen          Anyone else getting this error in their log from every page? Use of uninitialized value in split at koha/production/intranet/modules/C4/Languages.pm line 129
14:10 fbcit         are there any fresh changes to the repo to git this morning?
14:10 fbcit         git.koha.org[0:]: errno=Connection refused
14:10 fbcit         ouch!
14:10 fbcit         refusal is always hard to take :-)
14:11 fbcit         owen: I don't notice any with the clone I currently have
14:12 fbcit         sounds regex related though
14:12 gmcharlt-away fbcit: no changes to the repo.  The move of git.koha.org to the new sever is done
14:13 fbcit         so using git protocol is down as well?
14:13 gmcharlt-away but it looks like the DNS change hasn't propagated to you yet - the new IP is
14:13 fbcit         tnx
14:33 fbcit         gmcharlt-away: git web interface is running @
14:33 gmcharlt-away fbcit: yes
14:34 fbcit         Firefox can't find the server at
14:34 gmcharlt-away fbcit: name based virtual host, which does a redirect to git.koha.org, so won't work until your DNS is up-to-date, seemingly
14:35 fbcit         ahh yes
14:37 fbcit         or a quick change to my host file ;-)
14:37 fbcit         what a "site" for sore eyes
15:15 fbcit         owen: what was wrong in bug 1929?
15:15 fbcit         opps
15:15 fbcit         yea
15:15 fbcit         1929
15:16 owen          Actually I don't know. I just replaced the check-all function with the version I've used elsewhere, and added a breadcrumb link instead of a "back" link.
15:16 owen          So I avoided the question by going some standard elements
15:17 fbcit         heh
15:33 owen          Did I hear something about Amazon changing its API? I'm getting some weird errors today and wondering if they're related
15:37 atz           yes, they announced it last Feb.
15:37 atz           officially changing at the end of the month
15:37 atz           but it seems they started early
15:37 owen          Am I not the only one seeing problems?
15:38 atz           view the request URL in browser and should get a 503 w/ reasonably detailed description
15:38 atz           includes links to API migration page
15:38 atz           i think all US servers would be getting the same problems
15:39 atz           (and possibly worldwide)
15:40 atz           their docs are pretty good, we just need a new function in C4::Amazon
16:28 hdl           fbcit: have you ever used yaz-client with unix sockets ?
16:37 owen          hdl: how do I set up Authorized values for suggestions?
16:37 hdl           SUGGEST is the category to use.
16:37 owen          Is that the only requirement?
16:38 owen          Hm, I see it's working in the old version of acceptorreject.pl. I guess there's a change in the version you sent me
16:38 owen          I'm not seeing the authorized values in the dropdown
16:48 fbcit         hdl: no I have not had opportunity to
16:55 owen          hdl: shouldn't the "rejected" checkbox be disabled under the "accepted' tab just as the "accepted" checkbox is?
16:55 owen          Once it's been accepted or rejected the only option should be delete, shouldn't it?
17:00 hdl           owen : i did so so that it could be possible to change status, in case of some status errors.
17:01 owen          I see
17:07 hdl           owen : is there a way to set data so that it could be processed via jquery or yui ?
17:08 owen          If the javascript is inline on the page you can use template variables
17:10 hdl           yes... Sorry.
17:11 hdl           I should have been more explicit :
17:12 hdl           I wanted to know if given a set of data that should be output as a table or so, there would be a convienient way to output them so that jquery or yui could be used to sort or do kind of pretty output.
17:14 owen          Usually there are two ways to do a js-enhanced table: build the table from data passed directly to the javascript source, or use js to process the data in the table which has been output in HTML
17:14 owen          Depending on what tool you use, there might be limitations to what kind of table structure you can build in HTML if you want the js library to format it for you
17:15 owen          What were you thinking of?
17:15 atz           it is a good idea though... we need to get click-sortable tables that don't have to round-trip back to the server
17:38 hdl           sorry owen.
17:39 hdl           I was thinking of the first situation : build the table from data passed directly to the javascript source
17:39 hdl           This would allow us to have some unity between our tables +
17:39 hdl           get click-sortable tables that don't have to round-trip back to the server
17:40 hdl           But I donot know in terms of performances whether this would be heavy or not.
17:40 owen          Are there particular pages you're thinking of?
17:40 owen          I'd be happy to run some tests
17:41 hdl           I was thinking of reports.
17:41 hdl           But Member pages could also be a good place.
17:42 hdl           and eventually, when things will have been settled, search results....
17:44 hdl           overdues and acquisitionhistory could also be good candidates.
17:46 owen          atz, do you know if something is up with *.kohalibrary.com?
17:46 ryan          owen: we are having dns problems
17:47 atz           not sure... i think ryan is moving some of our dn
17:47 atz           --- heh... too slow
17:47 atz           if you can, might try access by IP
17:48 atz           .... though not much use if for our name-based vhosts
18:08 fbcit         atz: add an entry to your hosts file until dns comes back up/refreshes
18:09 atz           good idea.   though i'm not having the problem here.
18:21 indradg       kados, around?
18:22 indradg       owen, around?
18:23 indradg       owen, hi... /me is back to working with Koha after a fairly long time :)
18:23 owen          Yeah, it's been a long time!
18:23 indradg       good to see exciting things happening
18:24 indradg       when the 3.0 stable coming out?
18:25 owen          Not sure... We're behind schedule on the beta release, so it's hard to predict.
18:25 indradg       ok
18:25 atz           kados is demo'ing to clients today
18:25 atz           should be done in a hour or so
18:25 indradg       atz, ack that!
18:26 atz           you must've been off channel for quite a while... since I don't believe we've met
18:27 indradg       atz, yeah... not since 2.2.6 - 7 days
18:27 atz           back when I was still trying to hack SirsiDynix   :)
18:27 indradg       lol
18:30 indradg       i hope to be online more.... from now onwards
18:46 owen          fbcit, is there a Perl module for building a laminator? ;)
18:47 indradg       :)
18:47 gmcharlt-away Startrek::Replicator
18:48 indradg       heh!
18:48 fbcit         owen: heh
18:49 gmcharlt-away fbcit: google shows USB card printers with built-in laminators, in fact
18:49 fbcit         nice
18:50 fbcit         my goal is to enable placing the patron image on the card as well as a library logo as a watermark, etc
18:51 fbcit         for us, koha will do double duty: generate a combination student id/patron card
18:55 fbcit         I wonder if it will get along with the other Zebra?
19:39 chris         :)
19:40 chris         they run in herds, you should be fine
19:42 indradg_      chris, heya!
19:43 chris         heya indradg :) ltns
19:43 indradg_      chris, yeah... looks like i'm again bck for good
19:43 chris         excellent
19:44 indradg_      and thanks to IPL... we may soon have players from IND and NZ playing together in the same team :)
19:45 chris         yep, and the ICL
19:45 indradg_      yes
19:58 chris         internet issues?
20:26 fbcit         hi chris
20:30 chris         heya fbcit
05:10 irma          Hi all
05:10 irma          Can I ask a question about MARC links?
05:11 irma          re: Koha 2.2.9 not 3.0
05:14 irma          Looks like Australia is awake and the rest of the world asleep...trying again later. Cheers.
05:14 irma          quit
07:20 Brooke        howdy