Time  Nick          Message
07:09 chris         evening
19:39 fbcit         interesting... when I select "check all" on label-item-search.pl, the 'back' link breaks...
19:37 chris         patch mail isnt currently getting to me, but when i does ill run i through my new testing rig :)
19:36 chris         heh cool
19:35 fbcit         hi chris
19:35 chris         morning
19:31 ryan          HTML::Template has __even__, __odd__, __first__ and __last__ auto generated for tmpl_loops, so there's really no need to do that in scripts.
18:54 fbcit         obfuscation at its finest :)
18:45 atz           yeah, it's the smart form of the 5 line conditionals that are common in koha
18:29 fbcit         ahh modulus
18:26 fbcit         "$i % 2" ?
18:26 fbcit         at least what is it conditioned on?
18:25 fbcit         what is this: $biblio->{highlight}       = ($i % 2)?(1):(0);
15:53 fbcit         hopefully it hit the box that apache is on :)
15:42 gmcharlt      :)
15:40 gmcharlt-away fbcit: working on it
15:28 hdl           hi fbcit
15:08 fbcit         g'morning koha
14:30 hdl           hi mc
14:00 mc            hello koha people
13:13 hdl           good.
13:12 ccatalfo      hey hdl!  how are you?
13:11 hdl           howdy ?
13:11 hdl           hi ccatalfo