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21:51 gmcharlt world says hello back
21:50 mc       hello world
18:00 gmcharlt then code that needs to look for a config file under one of those dirs can try to build the path
18:00 gmcharlt frederic: it's not there yet -- I can add logic to install to put the KOHA_CONF_DIR and ZEBRA_CONF_DIR values in koha-conf.xml, which will make it accessible from C4::Context
17:56 frederic I agree. Just one question. How would you do to find the pathname to zebradb config file. I see KOHA_CONF environment var but nothing pointing to where all zebra-koha files are stored...
17:52 gmcharlt that would be ideal
17:52 gmcharlt if you can wrap the use of the JSON in a module or class that can later allow the serialization of the facet defs to be changed later
17:51 gmcharlt but ultimately should be replaced
17:51 gmcharlt frederic: I think the JSON config file could be put in for now
17:49 gmcharlt of course, as a separate config file, it would still be easy to break the JSON
17:49 gmcharlt and code to allow users to edit entries in it
17:49 gmcharlt frederic: no, a syspref wouldn't be enough -- you'd have to create an auxiliary table (e.g., facet_defs)
17:48 frederic /king/kind/
17:48 frederic gmcharlt: You think that a syspref would be enough? This king of parameters are not so easy to edit... You can very easily break a json stream...
17:46 gmcharlt I know kados has tested it and likes what he sees - I don't know if it is ready to be coded to replace the current facet system
17:46 frederic Is there any chance that faceted search will use any time soon, zebra new 'facets' functionnalities?
17:46 gmcharlt got the example -- yeah, that sort of thing could easily live in the database where librarians could change it on the fly
17:44 frederic I just send you a facets configuration file to give you an idea of what I'm doing
17:44 gmcharlt yeah, at least the defs for what facets to present
17:44 frederic An so facets would be in DB?
17:43 gmcharlt i.e., like branches, call number rules, etc. (I realize it's likely to complicated to be a syspref)
17:43 gmcharlt be done through an Adminstration interface
17:43 gmcharlt would it be possible to have the facet config
17:42 gmcharlt so no big deal
17:42 gmcharlt there are aspects of translations that already don't fall under the HTML templates
17:42 gmcharlt but on the other hand
17:42 gmcharlt but for default facet config, would kind of like the names to be picked up by the existing template system
17:41 gmcharlt agreed that defs for facets need to be configurable
17:40 frederic I understand, but facets could be configurable. A library could decide to add/remove facets. It appears to me to be indepedant of templating system...
17:39 gmcharlt would it be possible or reasonable to somehow put that into the staff and OPAC tempalte dirs?
17:38 gmcharlt but since the translation mechanism currently works on subdirs of koha-tmpl
17:38 gmcharlt frederic: it would be possible have the install process put the path to the conf directory in koha-conf.xml
17:37 frederic You may help on another point. I try to tweak faceted search to be translatable. To avoid hardcoding, facets labels into Koha.pm, I put them in a JSON external file. But I don't know exactly where to put this file. I was thinking to /etc/koha/zebra/koha-facets.conf. But after that, I don't know how to retrieve path to this file which depend, I suppose, of installation... What would you do?
17:34 gmcharlt let me know if it solves all of issues you reported in those two bugs
17:34 frederic And thanks.
17:34 frederic YES!
17:34 gmcharlt they're not showing up on gitweb, but they're there if you fetch and rebase
17:33 gmcharlt frederic: I did a couple patches yesterday that should help with 1905 and 1906
17:32 frederic gmcharlt: hello! Do you have any idea about authority bug #1906 I submited? Anything I can do/try?
17:30 gmcharlt atz: If I tried that, my office would be come a hospital bed
17:30 gmcharlt atz: heh
17:29 atz      gmcharlt: the kittywigs.com link on #code4lib made me think of your cats
17:26 fbcit    tnx
17:26 fbcit    no use doing it the harder way
17:25 fbcit    ok, well I think this discussion has proven to me that I really just need to refactor picture-upload.pl into a set of functions rather than a separate script
17:23 atz      what I regard as the whole user env includes all the stuff set by Auth (considerably more than we want to stuff in the sessions table, for performance reasons)
17:21 atz      it helped me to just dump some rows out of the sessions table
17:20 fbcit    maybe an explanation will help qualify this a bit more:
17:19 gmcharlt like the user's branch selection
17:19 atz      maybe what you mean by user env
17:19 gmcharlt at least, some of it is persisted there
17:19 gmcharlt :)
17:19 gmcharlt yes
17:19 atz      the userenv is assembled by Context
17:18 atz      no
17:18 fbcit    so the user env is really kept in the session table?
17:17 gmcharlt atz: yep, just not any session data itself
17:16 atz      of course the session ID itself is passed via cookie
17:12 gmcharlt see C4/BackgroundJob.pm, for instance, or much of C4::Auth
17:12 gmcharlt fbcit: another possibility is to put it into the CGI::Session session (which ultimately persists it by storing the data in the sessions table)
17:11 atz      fbcit: you can just add fields to the current cookie
17:09 fbcit    any thoughts to the contrary?
17:09 fbcit    I'm afraid things will break badly if I modify it to handle multiple cookies given the current usage
17:08 fbcit    it looks to me like output_html_with_http_headers is only setup to handle a single cookie
16:10 hdl      fbcit: Nothing special I know of.
15:56 fbcit    hdl: is there anything particular I should consider or be aware of when passing vars using a cookie?
15:55 hdl      fbcit: yes cookies are required.
15:52 fbcit    or is that considered bad practice?
15:51 fbcit    does Koha 3.0 *require* cookies to run?
15:36 gmcharlt missing 7 or 8 patches
15:36 fbcit    and its not even Monday ;-)
15:36 gmcharlt fbcit: you're right, it is out of sync
15:35 fbcit    but I do not see it @ git.koha.org
15:35 fbcit    is git.koha.org in sync with the repo?
15:34 fbcit    hrm
15:34 paul     so you may have files disappearing/reappearing
15:34 paul     - replays all commits
15:34 paul     - update the files to reflect the origin of your rebase
15:34 paul     as rebase :
15:34 paul     hdl : this sometimes happends when a rebase fails.
15:33 hdl      But git is having it.
15:33 hdl      My text editor told me this file was deleted by a third party software.
15:33 gmcharlt hdl: I sincerely hope not. :)  why are you asking?
15:32 hdl      gmcharlt: C4::Items was deleted ?
15:29 fbcit    I wonder if it has to do with this: \ No newline at end of file
15:29 hdl      file deletion or directory renaming seems to make problems sometimes.
15:28 fbcit    it was on mine at least
15:28 hdl      for me too.
15:28 fbcit    clickmenu.css is the culprit
15:25 gmcharlt but that somehow the file deletion caused an issue
15:24 gmcharlt not that there's a problem with the commit itself
15:24 gmcharlt but it does sound like the problems are stemming from this commit http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commitdiff;h=5d42e5e991763e432d81321a25899dc466f30a52
15:24 gmcharlt odd. I haven't had any problems rebasing, which I do at least once every day
15:22 fbcit    and it has disappeared from my 5000 line buffer :(
15:20 fbcit    when I looked at the contents, it looked about half finished
15:20 fbcit    owen: not sure here either, except the file did not exist locally or in the main repo
15:20 paul     owen : we don't know. We just get a "dirty index" when rebasing
15:19 owen     well, that sounds like my fault. How was it bad?
15:18 paul     mine too
15:18 fbcit    mine was a bad css in jquery subdir
15:18 hdl      Paul is having problems.
15:18 fbcit    fixed it
15:18 fbcit    git reset --hard HEAD && git rebase origin
15:18 owen     I got that a couple days ago
15:18 hdl      So that's three of us.
15:17 fbcit    hdl: me to
15:16 hdl      Is there something I shoul do to fixit up ?
15:16 hdl      gang !! I am having a "dirty Index" with git.
15:10 owen     Oh, that's a mistake on my part
15:10 gmcharlt owen: also, in normal ISBD view, the text of the normal view and MARC view links are in brackets for some reason
15:10 owen     Yes, that's because at the moment the MARC data is all in one big table, so there's no place for the floating box you see in Normal and ISBD views
15:09 gmcharlt owen: a couple things could be made more consistent, IMO - in MARC view, the place hold button is at the top, not in a box at the right
15:08 gmcharlt fbcit: interesting. what part of Switzerland?  and was there any particular reason for the move?
15:08 fbcit    gmcharlt: when my people came over from Switzerland ~1740, they moved into Lancaster
15:08 owen     Thanks, I'm glad you like it
15:07 gmcharlt owen++ # the bib view changes for the OPAC
15:07 fbcit    I was reading back about your Lancaster County origins
15:07 fbcit    hi gmcharlt
15:07 gmcharlt hi fbcit
15:05 hdl      kados : Is there a test box where I could test bugs ? staff-jmf.?????
14:56 gmcharlt hdl: no, it's a combination of TLC's CARL X and Endeca
14:55 hdl      is chipublib on Koha ?
14:55 gmcharlt whereas for French and Spanish you can do your search with or without diacritics
14:53 gmcharlt e.g., you can search on Koren transliterated to Roman characters if you include the diacritics, but you can't search on transliterated Korean sans diacritics or on Korean characters
14:52 paul     gmcharlt: I think it depends on the age of the patron.
14:52 gmcharlt reason I'm asking is that the Chicago public library just switched systems today (http://www.chipublib.org/) there are a lot of languages present in CPL's holdings, and at the moment, while display of non-English seems generally OK, searching is rather hit-or-miss
14:51 hdl      and because some of their keyboards are not azerty's ones. So you go to the point.
14:51 owen     Hunh, just like new users might be very careful about capitalization
14:51 hdl      gmcharlt: exactly.
14:50 gmcharlt hdl: thanks (and for 2 & 3, they drop the diacritics because they've been "trained" to not expect them to work in many databases?)
14:50 hdl      osmoze maybe ?
14:50 hdl      paul : a comment on this ?
14:49 hdl      gmcharlt: typically : 1 users will use diacritics, and 2 or 3 will not unless they get the title from internet and copy paste.
14:49 gmcharlt hdl: ok, so let's name three categories: (1) typical public library user (2) undergraduate student (3) professor or graduate student
14:48 hdl      gmcharlt: it all depends on what kind of users you are thinking of.
14:47 gmcharlt hdl: I'm doing a little research about how non-English languages are searched in catalogs.  In France, would somebody (i.e., an average library user) typically enter the diacritics in the search box when searching for a known title -- or would they typically leave them off
14:46 gmcharlt hdl: you're welcome
14:46 hdl      gmcharlt: thx for this information.
14:45 hdl      gmcharlt: you are welcome.
14:45 hdl      (I had some friends of mine who came from Mauricius and their accent was quite Canadian accent to me.)
14:44 gmcharlt hdl: thanks.  and to answer your question, I was born and raised near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, which is in the southeast of the state (also has a lot of Amish living there).  But my accent itself is just a personal idiosyncrasy -- nobody else in my family has it :)
14:44 hdl      But I am not good at guessing accents.
14:43 hdl      I was thinking about Ireland or Scotland maybe....
14:43 gmcharlt hdl: sure, but why don't you make a guess first -- I'm curious what a French-speaker's guess would be
14:42 hdl      gmcharlt: many ppl at code4lib were wondering where your accent comes from. May I ask you ?
14:42 gmcharlt should have time to work on those this week, but because of a trip I'm taking to California Wednesday and Thursday, I won't be 100% coding until next week
14:41 gmcharlt hdl: yep, I noticed that :)
14:41 hdl      And many things relies on you gmcharlt (at least for reserve stuff)
14:40 hdl      still there is a lot of work.
14:40 paul     at least, they have generated a lot of mail traffic from bugs.koha.org ;)
14:39 gmcharlt hdl: no worries -- and besides, it looks like you and kados made a lot of progress
14:37 hdl      Next time will be better I hope.
14:37 hdl      sorry guys for I induced you in time problems.
14:22 gmcharlt I'm fuzzy about the details, though :(
14:22 gmcharlt for caucuses, at each meeting the voters come in initially for one candidate or another, then a complicated dance takes place and eventually each caucus ends up supporting a particular candidate
14:21 gmcharlt in closed primary states, you're generally better off registering a party, otherwise you don't get to vote until the general election
14:21 gmcharlt others have closed primaries, where you can vote only for the ballot of the party you're registered for
14:20 gmcharlt paul: it depends.  some states have open primaries, where a voters can pick (usually just one of) any party's ballot and vote on that
14:20 owen     In some states, you have to be registered Democrat to vote in the Democratic primary
14:20 owen     It varies from state to state
14:20 paul     who can vote ? any one or only ppl members of the democrat/republican ?
14:20 gmcharlt caucus = (and I don't know all of the details myself) means a bunch of registered party members meeting in each district
14:20 gmcharlt paul: primary = just an election, basically
14:19 owen     I'm not exactly sure myself, because I've never voted in a state that uses caucuses.
14:19 paul     what's the diff between a caucus & a primary ?
14:18 owen     In the rain, even. It /always/ rains on election day here.
14:18 paul     (news speak of this day as "mini-tuesday", very important for hilary)
14:18 gmcharlt owen: yeah, I was confused about the time
14:18 paul     owen, will you vote today ?
14:18 paul     hello gmcharlt
14:18 gmcharlt hi paul, owen, ccatalfo
14:18 paul     'morning to you.
14:18 owen     I see I missed the bug-squashing meeting. I guess a lot of folks did :)
14:17 paul     hello ccatalfo & owen
14:17 owen     Excellent
14:17 ccatalfo owen, I think your yui reset.css is going to do the trick for embedding biblios into koha-- thanks!
12:36 fbcit    sorry I could not make it this time hdl
11:52 kados    will do
11:52 lloyd_   gimme a shout when you're free ;)
11:51 kados    lloyd_: sure
11:51 kados    time for some coffee :-)
11:51 lloyd_   I need to chat with you soonish, you around later today?
11:51 kados    I'll bbiab
11:51 kados    anyway, /me has to head out for a while
11:51 lloyd_   hehehe
11:51 kados    I'm normally up by now, but not usually on IRC :-)
11:50 kados    lloyd_: well, it's about 6:50am
11:50 lloyd_   what on earth are you doing here.. you don't get here for another 4 hours normally lol
11:50 kados    lloyd_: we just had a bugfix meeting
11:50 kados    hey lloyd_
11:50 kados    rather than 5am
11:50 lloyd_   someone is  on the war path with bugzilla
11:50 kados    in fact, Joe Atzberger thought you had today's meeting scheduld for 5pm EST
11:49 kados    next one will likely be more attended
11:49 hdl      next time wil be better.
11:49 kados    and very late in NZ :-)
11:49 hdl      yeah.
11:49 hdl      But it was too early for you.
11:49 kados    well, it's pretty early in the US :-)
11:49 hdl      a pity no other folks came in.
11:49 hdl      you're welcome.
11:48 hdl      I will too.
11:48 kados    hdl: thanks for organizing this, we made some progress
11:48 hdl      Maybe.
11:48 kados    but I will investigate before the next bug meeting
11:48 kados    I suspect that there are some 'normal' that should be marked major
11:48 kados    yep
11:47 hdl      anyway we have ran through all major bugs.
11:47 hdl      We should have someone for maintaining and improving the stuff.
11:47 kados    hdl: I must leave in 15 minutes
11:46 kados    1542 is a problem ... chris cormack wrote that reports stuff, but not sure if he plans to maintain it
11:45 kados    not for 3.0 though I think
11:45 kados    but an importnat one
11:45 kados    1517 is an enhancement I think
11:44 kados    ryan has details
11:44 kados    in fact, 1105 raises a big issue about french vs us way to do acqui IIRC
11:44 hdl      yes.
11:43 kados    1105 needs higher priority IMO and some testing, can you take it?
11:42 kados    1305 is an enhancement too
11:42 kados    1322 is also an enhancement
11:41 kados    I know LL doesn't have resources to add features to Z-client built into old MARC editor
11:41 kados    I think it's an enhancement also
11:40 kados    so mark 1343 as duplicate I think
11:40 kados    1343 and 1337 are duplicates, 1337 should be retained
11:40 hdl      1337 ?
11:39 kados    change priority to P3 too, since no patch is pending
11:38 kados    I think enhancement is OK
11:38 kados    it's an 'experimental' feature at best
11:38 hdl      marking it wont fix ?
11:38 kados    (subject cloud I mean)
11:38 kados    and probably should not be included in 3.0
11:38 kados    1448 is poorly implemented IMO
11:37 kados    so it can be closed
11:37 kados    1816 is duplicate of an earlier one we closed
11:37 kados    1372 is fixed
11:36 kados    but it's a surprising behavior to not have edit capabilities
11:36 kados    from LL POV, yes
11:36 kados    probably
11:36 hdl      1880 too.
11:35 hdl      1879 is rather enhancement than a bug is it ?
11:34 kados    hdl: 1880 too?
11:34 kados    OK
11:34 frederic ok :) Thanks. I read it.
11:34 hdl      I can take it.
11:34 kados    frederic: you're right, I sent the wrong email ... check now
11:33 hdl      1879 : suggestions
11:32 hdl      Ok. assinging to me
11:32 kados    anyway, that script needs to be audited
11:32 frederic kados: I get your email. It doesn't tell me why my patch wasn't apply and what to do to get it accepted...
11:32 kados    or else it doesn't run?
11:32 kados    clean patrons I think it requires a patron to have checked out something at least once
11:31 kados    I think severity should be increased
11:31 kados    1573 is a real big prob IMO
11:30 kados    1573?
11:30 kados    but joe can fix I think
11:30 kados    not fixed
11:30 kados    nope
11:30 hdl      not for me.
11:29 kados    also for joe
11:29 hdl      is 1875 OK now ?
11:29 kados    1875
11:28 hdl      OK.
11:28 kados    1871 I marked as duplicate of 1629
11:27 kados    1874 ... it should be Joe
11:26 kados    oops, 1804 I mean
11:26 kados    1805 -> I get a 500 error in staff client
11:25 hdl      1874
11:25 hdl      bug 1804 : I take it.
11:24 hdl      closed.
11:24 kados    hdl:  so we can close it
11:24 hdl      OK fine then.
11:23 kados    hdl: and in the staff client
11:23 hdl      maybe we should just port opac's code to staff client.
11:23 kados    frederic: ok, I'll send there
11:23 kados    1799 works for me in the OPAC
11:22 hdl      1799
11:22 frederic kados: I didn't receive your email. Sorry. Alternative email: frederic@demians.fr. Thks.
11:22 hdl      I will try to make it out.
11:21 kados    firefox on OSX
11:20 kados    1819 works for me
11:20 kados    1819
11:19 kados    1833 is fixed I believe
11:19 hdl      Will ask him to have a look.
11:18 kados    do you agree?
11:18 kados    1857 should be at least reviewed by paul i think
11:17 hdl      1833
11:17 kados    hmmm, maybe not
11:17 kados    I think it's invalid
11:16 hdl      bug 1857 then.
11:14 kados    I will assign to Galen
11:14 kados    1742 and 1774 are also related
11:14 hdl      next is 1742
11:14 hdl      btw i have not sent you SAN's requirements for reserves.
11:12 kados    I will assign to galen
11:12 kados    yep, it's related to the earlier discussion about holds
11:11 hdl      next : 1825
11:11 kados    ok, I will update it
11:11 kados    at least from LibLime POV
11:11 hdl      I think this could be one. But I agreee. it is rather enhancement.
11:10 kados    I think it's probably an enhancement request at the moment
11:10 kados    is this a prob for french users too?
11:09 hdl      1785
11:09 kados    1785
11:09 hdl      updated
11:08 kados    hdl: you can update the bug report
11:08 kados    ok, so 1723 WORKSFORME
11:07 hdl      it worked for me.
11:07 hdl      yes.
11:07 hdl      (+ it is only one line to remove : LIMIT 10)
11:07 kados    hdl: 1723?
11:06 hdl      can you test ?
11:06 hdl      works for me.
11:06 kados    in the meantime, I think 1534 is an enhancement request
11:04 kados    hdl: can you test?
11:04 kados    so is 1723 fixed or not?
11:04 hdl      next is 1723.
11:04 hdl      cool.
11:03 kados    RSS will be for whole set
11:03 hdl      next is 1723
11:02 hdl      will the results for RSS be the wole set or only the 20 first ?
11:02 kados    yep
11:02 hdl      anyway, fixing 1629 will fix 1872.
11:02 hdl      yes.
11:01 kados    I will take both
11:01 kados    is related
11:01 kados    also 1872
11:01 hdl      (+ cgi->header application/rss-xml)
11:01 kados    I can take this bug
11:00 hdl      I agree.
11:00 kados    I think an alternative template for search.pl could work ... opac-searchresults-rss.tmpl maybe?