Time  Nick           Message
15:44 fbcit          u around gmcharlt?
15:44 gmcharlt       yes
15:45 fbcit          wouldn't an install from the current HEAD create an install log which subsequent installs should read?
15:46 gmcharlt       fbcit: yes, it should
15:47 fbcit          just to be sure I understand correctly here, if Makefile.PL finds an install log, it picks up the parameters there and does not prompt the admin?
15:48 gmcharlt       fbcit: right, but it doesn't search for it -- you have to explicitly do perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log <log>
15:49 fbcit          ahh
15:49 fbcit          maybe the pod could be a bit clearer on that :)
15:49 gmcharlt       I do believe you know what git send-email does :)
15:50 fbcit          heh
15:50 fbcit          and to adjust the pod a bit.
15:50 fbcit          tnx
15:51 paul           hello gmcharlt & fbcit
15:51 gmcharlt       hi paul
15:51 fbcit          hello paul
16:09 hdl            hi
16:11 gmcharlt       hi hdl
16:28 fbcit          hi hdl
16:30 CGI207         hi, just showing someone how this works.
17:50 chris          morning
17:54 fbcit          hi chris
17:55 chris          ohh some good patches from paul
17:56 fbcit          gmcharlt: there might be a slight problem w/ /var/lib/koha/patronimages
17:56 gmcharlt       hi chris
17:57 fbcit          apache has to have read access
17:57 gmcharlt       fbcit: and write access
17:57 fbcit          right
17:57 fbcit          so...?
17:57 fbcit          any thoughts
17:57 gmcharlt       which could be handled by doing chmod a+rw on the patronimages directory (which is terribly insecure)
17:58 gmcharlt       putting in instructions in INSTALL about adding ACL or other appropriate permissions on the directory
17:58 fbcit          httpd.conf is not setup for access there either
17:58 gmcharlt       or bypass the whole issue by storing the images as BLOBs in the database
17:58 fbcit          that is probably the more scalable approach
17:59 fbcit          it also requires the least admin support
17:59 fbcit          I'll look at doing it that way.
18:00 gmcharlt       ok
18:01 chris          im thinking that we should look into suexec for apache (or the equivalent for apache2)
18:01 chris          for things like the helpwriter
18:02 gmcharlt       chris: yep
18:02 gmcharlt       chris: or else also store that in DB ;-)
18:02 chris          back at katipo we ran suexec on all our hosting servers
18:03 chris          gmcharlt: yep ... altho that makes it harder to translate
18:03 gmcharlt       chris: just need to be careful about security (at least for the defualt Koha install)
18:04 chris          yeah, the idea of suexec is the koha sites run as the koha system user .. rather than www-data
18:04 chris          means other websites cant write to anything we decide to allow the koha websites to write too
18:04 gmcharlt       chris: but need to be careful -- don't want chance of scribbling *.pl files that are (currently) also owned by koha
18:04 chris          ye
18:04 chris          p
18:06 lea            see ya guys
18:08 chris          for the helpwriter i want to extend it to work with git
18:08 chris          so that if you have a git koha repo
18:08 chris          you can commit your help changes to it
18:09 chris          and then make a patch and send it to patches@koha.org
18:09 gmcharlt       chris: interesting idea
18:09 chris          without having to know about git
18:10 chris          so the librarians can write the help for us :)
18:11 gmcharlt       :)
18:11 chris          just a little 'do you want to submit this help to the project' button or something
18:11 chris          that does it all in the background
18:11 chris          ive done something similair for cvs .. but not git be a fun thing to try :)
18:13 fbcit          chris: I just sent off a patch. Please disregard the first set and only forward the second single patch.
18:17 chris          okey dokey
18:17 chris          just the clarifying pod one?
18:17 fbcit          right
18:17 chris          will do
18:18 fbcit          is nengard nicole?
18:19 gmcharlt       fbict: yes
18:19 nengard        yes
18:19 nengard        hi
18:19 nengard        brb - dogs need me
18:19 fbcit          hi nicole
18:19 fbcit          re bug 1848
18:19 fbcit          the problem now is permissions on the patronimages directory
18:21 nengard        fbcit: thanks - I'll tell Josh - he manages that :)
18:21 fbcit          www-data user needs read/write permissions on it
18:22 fbcit          I'm going to try to make some changes to how Koha stores the patron images over the next few days that will hopefully take the permissions out of the picture.
18:23 fbcit          no pun intended :-)
18:23 nengard        hehe
18:23 nengard        I sent your info to Josh - hope he can fix it today and I can finish writing the manual
18:24 nengard        I have a few other errors logged that are stopping me from writing the manual as well - just fyi :)
18:27 chris          hmm, kahu is walking round doing the sign for 'more' but i have no idea what he wants more of
18:28 chris          patch applied fine fbcit, sent on to joshua
18:29 fbcit          tnx
18:30 chris          hehe
18:30 chris          they do seem to just keep coming
18:31 chris          ohhh it was more music
18:31 chris          he's happy again now
18:46 nengard        ehe
18:46 nengard        hehe
18:46 nengard        "more" is the only sign that Brian's brother ever learned (he's autistic and has no speech and is 22)
18:46 chris          i have to teach him some more signs
18:46 chris          its a good sign to know :)
18:47 chris          does he write ?
19:03 nengard        no
19:03 nengard        no communication
19:03 nengard        very hard for us all
19:03 nengard        sorry didn't know you were talking to me only dings if you use nengard
19:05 kados          nengard: hmmm, I'll check the persmissions on that dir
19:06 nengard        kados: thanks
19:07 fbcit          kados: that directory is not created during the install
19:07 chris          nengard: ah yeah that would make it difficult
19:08 fbcit          kados:I'm going to try to change things so that the images are stored in the db
19:09 kados          nengard: www-data user does have read/wright
19:09 kados          fbcit++
19:09 kados          fbcit: that'd simply rock
19:09 nengard        fbcit: any other ideas why it didn't work?
19:09 kados          but in the meantime:
19:09 kados          l$ ls -la
19:09 kados          total 16
19:09 kados          drwxr-xr-x 4 nce      nce 4096 2008-02-18 10:29 .
19:09 kados          drwxr-xr-x 3 nce      nce 4096 2008-02-18 10:29 ..
19:09 kados          drwxr-xr-x 2 www-data nce 4096 2008-02-18 10:28 patronimages
19:09 kados          drwxr-xr-x 4 nce      nce 4096 2008-02-08 09:19 prog
19:09 kados          www-data has read/wright on patronimages dir
19:10 fbcit          hrmm
19:10 fbcit          looks like koha does not
19:11 fbcit          for kicks try making it look like:
19:11 fbcit          drwxrwxrwx 2 koha koha 4096 2008-02-01 04:46 patronimages
19:11 chris          lol
19:12 fbcit          :)
19:12 fbcit          the permissions issue here is bad
19:15 kados          nengard: when you get back try again
19:15 fbcit          kados: what to the permissions look like on the resulting files in patronimages?
19:15 kados          fbcit: don't think there ever have been any resulting files
19:16 kados          yea, it's empty
19:16 fbcit          w/ patronimages set to :drwxr-xr-x 2 www-data koha 4096 2008-02-01 04:46 patronimages
19:16 fbcit          I see: -rwxr--r-- 1 www-data www-data 522122 2006-09-12 11:30 30108.jpg
19:16 fbcit          after an import
19:17 nengard        got this:
19:17 fbcit          maybe you should chown www-data:koha
19:17 nengard            *  Unpacking completed
19:17 nengard            * 2 directories scanned.
19:17 nengard            * 2 directories processed.
19:17 nengard            * 2 image(s) moved from /tmp/hy6dEtrqS8 to /home/nce/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/patronimages:
19:17 nengard            * 2 image(s) moved from /tmp/hy6dEtrqS8/__MACOSX to /home/nce/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/patronimages:
19:17 nengard        okay - paste doesn't work
19:17 nengard        oh it does :)
19:17 nengard        but no image on patron record
19:19 fbcit          what does the error.log say?
19:19 fbcit          kados
19:20 kados          hmmm
19:20 kados          [Tue Feb 19 14:16:37 2008] picture-upload.pl: DEST : /home/nce/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/patronimages at /home/nce/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/tools/picture-upload.pl line 17.
19:20 kados          [Tue Feb 19 14:16:47 2008] picture-upload.pl: DEST : /home/nce/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/patronimages at /home/nce/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/tools/picture-upload.pl line 17.
19:20 kados          [Tue Feb 19 14:16:47 2008] picture-upload.pl: PARAM:LOOP:loop argument:array pointer was expected but not found at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/HTML/Template/Pro.pm line 191.
19:20 kados          [Tue Feb 19 14:16:47 2008] picture-upload.pl: PARAM:LOOP:loop argument:array pointer was expected but not found at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/HTML/Template/Pro.pm line 191.
19:21 fbcit          ?
19:21 kados          weird
19:21 fbcit          are all perl modules current?
19:22 kados          HTML::Template::Pro -- 0.67
19:22 kados          so reports perlmodule_ls.pl
19:22 kados          same as your version fbcit ?
19:23 fbcit          HTML::Template::Pro -- 0.68
19:23 kados          hmmm
19:23 kados          that'd be strange
19:24 nengard        you guys did check my .zip file to make sure it's right - didn't you?
19:24 nengard        just in case?
19:24 kados          fbcit: can you try importing nengard 's zip file?
19:24 fbcit          'HTML::Template::Pro' => 0.65,
19:24 fbcit          is what Makefile.PL check for...
19:24 fbcit          yp
19:24 nengard        kados: won't work for him - if he doesn't have a user with same number
19:24 nengard        will it?
19:24 kados          nengard: just a card number, right?
19:25 kados          if so he could make one
19:25 nengard        k
19:25 nengard        and yes
19:25 kados          talking_about_fbcit_in_the_third_person++ :-)
19:25 fbcit          send it over to koha@foundations.edu
19:26 fbcit          I've got to go to a meeting, bbiab
19:26 kados          fbcit: i think it's attached to the bug report, or nengard can mail it to you
19:26 fbcit          k
19:27 hdl            [Tue Feb 19 14:16:47 2008] picture-upload.pl: PARAM:LOOP:loop argument:array pointer was expected but not found at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8/HTML/Template/Pro.pm line 191.
19:27 nengard        fbcit:emailed
19:27 hdl            this error seems to mean that some loop was not correctly initiated or populated.
19:27 hdl            my 2 pences.
19:28 chris          :)
19:30 chris          when do you fly to portland hdl?
19:34 chris          ok time to take this guy to daycare
19:34 chris          bbl
19:36 hdl            chris: leaving to Portland on Saturday morning (french time)
19:39 nengard        hdl:looking forward to meeting you in person
19:40 hdl            So do I...
19:55 nengard        kados: just fyi bug 1852 is also stopping me from writing my part of the manual
19:56 nengard        if anyone wants to work on that I'm all for it :)
20:00 chris          back
20:06 chris          looking now nengard
20:07 nengard        thanks chris
20:24 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: I'm about to attempt an upgrade from 2.2.9 to 3.0 alpha again. Do you think there is anything to be really concerned about regarding http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1820 (a listing of the update22to30.pl output errors from last time I tried)?
20:25 gmcharlt       MatthewMetzger: other than checking after the foreign key errors if they occur again, no
20:26 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: okay, thanks. I'll give it a try. Thanks so much again for helping me get the right perl modules.
20:31 MatthewMetzger gmcharlt: I believe I got the exact same foreign key errors that we checked out before, so there's nothing new to post to bug 1820
20:31 gmcharlt       ok
20:35 chris          got it
20:35 chris          patch on the way
21:51 atz            do we have any designation for "lost card" ?
21:52 atz            ah, nevermind, at the bottom of memberentry...
23:07 atz            when I have a circ rule for Total "Default" set to 21,5 .... does that mean 5 items of EACH type?
23:25 fbcit          perhaps a hidden folder on Mac OSX?
23:29 fbcit          ouch
23:29 fbcit          kados around?
00:24 fbcit          chris around?
02:26 atz            fbcit: yeah, __MACOSX is an Apple system file... holds various stuff you won't need
02:29 kados          chris: you around?
02:29 kados          chris: I didn't see 19 patches from paul, maybe about 12 or so
02:29 kados          masonj: you around?
02:30 masonj         hiya josh
02:30 kados          hey mason
02:30 kados          there's a patch from you in the queue: ' adding in SERIES(440) fields loop again'
02:30 kados          masonj: it's just for the OPAC
02:30 kados          masonj: is that functionality already in the staff side?
02:30 masonj         yes,  :)
02:30 kados          if not, we need to add it along with that patch
02:30 kados          ahh, so you're basically synching from the staff to the OPAC?
02:31 masonj         i added the staff one recently, then the opac
02:31 kados          cool, thanks
02:31 kados          just double-checking
02:31 masonj         lemme confirm that too..
02:33 masonj         i sent thru 2 yesterday for the staff side temples too
02:33 kados          hmmm, guess I didn't get those
02:34 kados          masonj: one other quickie:
02:34 kados          [PATCH] fix for bug 1836, Adding patrons fails when using cites/zipcode feature]
02:34 masonj         yep
02:34 kados          looks like this patch's solution to bug 1836 is to just remove the cities and zipcode feature altogether
02:34 kados          it really needs to be fixed to work properly, and if you don't have the time, we should file a blocker bug explaining the precise issue
02:35 masonj         close, it removes the zip/cites lookup , during the add
02:35 kados          perhaps someone who does use that feature will step up to the plate in the next day or so
02:35 kados          can you expand on that?
02:36 masonj         the lookup now happens before, and the zip/cites values are populated in the template
02:37 masonj         so the template now passes thru the selected zip/city values to the script,
02:38 masonj         make sense?
02:39 masonj         but, having said that...
02:39 masonj         the area is now messy, and does need a proper look at
02:40 masonj         if you are looking now yourself, you'll know what i mean :)
02:43 kados          OK, so the values are populated manually now, rather than in the background
02:44 masonj         background?
02:45 kados          so I guess if there's fallout, there's fallout :-)
02:48 masonj          if ( $guarantorid eq ''){
02:48 masonj         -  if ($select_city){
02:48 masonj         -    my ($borrower_city,$borrower_zipcode)=&getzipnamecity($select_city);
02:50 masonj         so the issue was that the getzipnamecity() was failing, because it wants an ID, and returns a 'CITY | ZIPCODE' pair
02:51 masonj         the bug was, that $select_city, already contains the 'CITY|ZIP' pair, which it got from the template previous
02:53 masonj         so, getzipnamecity() was failing, and no city or zip was being returned and saved
03:18 masonj         kados: FYI: i updated the bug report with more detail
03:18 masonj         http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1836