Time  Nick       Message
11:54 gmcharlt   custard: on Debian, those sockets get created automatically when Zebra starts up
11:54 gmcharlt   I'll have to play around with it on the Mac to see if I can figure out what's going on
12:14 custard    Thanks.
14:22 gmcharlt   custard: so it looks like the issue is why the installer didn't create that directory
14:33 custard    gmcharlt: I missed the first bit, but I think we've both got to the same point. Missing directories, hence nowhere to write the files.
14:33 gmcharlt   yep; just need to figure out why the installer is failing to create that directory on OS X
14:42 custard    sounds like time to go rummaging through some files.
14:48 custard    but I think some sleep first.
14:48 gmcharlt   ok -- good night :)
14:49 custard    and to you too. Thanks for looking into that.
14:49 paul       s/quickly/soon/
14:49 gmcharlt   yeah, not quite dark yet in Chicago :)
17:55 fbcit      chris around?
18:01 owen       fbcit: It's a little early for NZ folks
19:23 CGI111     Can anyone kindly assist me with a problem I'm having?
22:05 Deb        hi, just testing my irc.
22:06 Deb        Do you see this?
22:06 Deb        Anyone?
22:08 Deb        chris
22:14 Deb        mj, can you see me?
22:14 mj         i deb
22:14 mj         i can see you
22:14 Deb        great
22:14 mj         that's the reason I came online
22:14 Deb        I just set up this irc
22:14 Deb        thank you!!!!
22:14 mj         read your email, and happened to sit at my pc
22:15 Deb        I'm using mirc having tried chatzilla
22:15 mj         i'll see if i can attend tomorrow as well
22:15 Deb        Anyway it looks like I have it working.
22:15 mj         right, i'm via the web irc clent
22:15 mj         on koha.org
22:15 Deb        That'd be great.
22:15 Deb        Yes, I didn't want to use that web irc client
22:15 mj         yep, so i guess I'll see you tomorrow.
22:15 Deb        Others may be using it.
22:15 Deb        thanks mj
22:15 mj         (though i don't know what to expect...)
22:16 Deb        oh--don't go just yet
22:16 jo         (Jo is sitting here in Nz feeling slightly embarrassed that I am here a day early ...)
22:16 Deb        jo, i'm lol
22:16 mj         i'm still here
22:16 jo         I am too .. now
22:16 Deb        mj I'll send out a note stating what to expect
22:16 mj         oh that's good.
22:16 Deb        I'm a little late on the uptake due to real job
22:16 jo         see you tomorow then!
22:16 Deb        see you both then!
22:16 mj         (even then, I'm not sure what i could ADD, but we'll see...)
22:16 Deb        thanks!
22:17 Deb        mj, please come
22:17 Deb        you'll add lots, trust me!
22:17 mj         haha
22:17 mj         i'll try to be there.
22:17 Deb        it's all about getting a group together and sharing
22:17 Deb        thoughts and expectations
22:17 Deb        great
22:17 Deb        toodles for now!
22:17 mj         see you tomorrow.
22:18 Deb        yep.
22:18 Deb        btw are you mj the developer?
22:18 mj         oh no. :-)
22:18 mj         i need to change a different nick
22:18 Deb        you do wind surfing?
22:18 Deb        in NZ?
22:18 mj         mj happen to be my first initials...
22:19 Deb        oh
22:19 mj         i'll be mouk tomorrow
22:19 Deb        never mind --Gilda Radner style.
22:19 Deb        what's mouk?
22:19 mj         avoid confusion...
22:19 mj         my nick tomorrow
22:19 Deb        oh
22:19 mj         nickname
22:19 Deb        whatever.  mj is fine
22:19 custard    Deb: EST your time?
22:20 Deb        right now?  it's 4:22pm
22:20 Deb        oh, no EST is East Coast
22:20 Deb        I'm in the Midwest--Minneapolis, mn
22:20 Deb        CST
22:20 custard    (just found a post about the IRC meeting and trying work out when it is where I am)
22:20 Deb        where are you?
22:21 custard    west aus.
22:21 Deb        Did you see the post about the time zones?
22:21 Deb        on the Koha listserv?
22:21 custard    no, but I'll go looking for it now.
22:22 Deb        Rick sent it and has a link to determine the time.
22:22 mj         http://www.timeanddate.com/
22:22 Deb        I'm not so good with time zones or dates.
22:22 Deb        thanks mj
22:22 Deb        will one of you stay on this channel for 5 more minutes?
22:23 Deb        I want to log off and log back in.
22:23 JoRansom   I will
22:23 mj         i will, max 10
22:23 JoRansom   Hi Deb
22:23 custard    EST is also Eastern Standard Time, ie what Sydney when it's not doing that wacky daylight saving thing, and given Koha's NZ afiilliations that was vaugely concievable.
22:24 JoRansom   its 11.23am in NZ
22:24 Deb        Hi again.  I disconnected and reconnected all by myself
22:24 JoRansom   so the meeting tomorrow is 9am NZ time I think
22:24 Deb        how 'bout that?!
22:24 Deb        Let me think.
22:24 JoRansom   well done
22:25 Deb        3pm EST is 9am NZ time.
22:25 Deb        so Jo you are correct.
22:25 Deb        I believe a few folks plan to join the conversation
22:26 Deb        from NZ and AU
22:26 matthewboh Deb Bergeron?
22:26 Deb        Yes.  Who are you?
22:26 matthewboh Matt - got your email about checking IRC - so yes, you're on
22:26 Deb        I can't tell by the nickname.
22:26 Deb        Thanks!
22:27 matthewboh np - hopefully see you tomorrow
22:27 Deb        I better go.  I've got to help someone else get an IRC.
22:31 custard    oi, now that's an early start. Kicks of at 0500 here.
22:36 mj         0500...! and planning to attend?
22:38 custard    I was thinking about listening/watching. Having a few second thoughts, but we'll see when I get to bed tonight.
22:38 mj         maybe you can read to logs afterwards.
22:38 mj         the
22:39 custard    that might be an idea.
22:41 mj         so see you tomorrow perhaps.
22:41 mj         bye bye
22:41 custard    ok. see you.
23:16 daberge02  rickw
23:16 daberge02  are you still on?
23:21 daberge02  anyone here?
23:39 saskia     testing
23:43 rickw      hello saskia
23:43 rickw      you aren't "deb" yb any chance, R U?
23:43 rickw      daberge02 - R U you "deb" ?
23:44 rickw      CGI093 - R U using the web-based client ?
23:44 CGI093     No, I'm not. Yes, I'm using web-client
23:44 rickw      okay
23:44 CGI093     just testing for tomorrow
23:44 rickw      the prob with the web-based client is your nick is not too informative :)
23:45 rickw      try: /nick mynickname
23:45 rickw      is deb bergeron here?
23:46 saskia     I think she has already left
23:46 rickw      okay i'
23:46 rickw      ll wait for her to rejoin
23:46 rickw      is the KUDOS meeting going to be on this channel?
23:46 saskia     I think so
23:46 rickw      okay
23:46 rickw      there will be a lot of nicks of the form CGInnn tomorrow :(
23:47 saskia     then we will have to remind them to pick a nickname will we
23:48 saskia     ok, this works
23:48 saskia     see you tomorrow
23:48 rickw      orkee dorkee
00:07 Deb        rick?
00:08 Deb        Anyone?
00:17 rickw      hello deb
00:17 Deb        finally!
00:17 Deb        we connect
00:17 rickw      yup
00:17 Deb        I'm new to IRC clients
00:17 rickw      it is easy as cake
00:18 rickw      or a piece of pie :)
00:18 Deb        so I'm sitting here playing with it
00:18 Deb        right--not!
00:18 rickw      which client R U using?
00:18 Deb        mirc
00:18 Deb        I don't think it's free
00:18 rickw      good ... much better than the web interface
00:18 Deb        I tried ff chatzilla first and couldn't figure it out
00:18 rickw      i dunno about free ... i am using a Unix hsell client
00:18 rickw      shell not hsell
00:18 Deb        of course you are!
00:18 Deb        I'm on a windows machine!
00:19 rickw      i am so sorry for you!
00:19 Deb        sorry for the flurry of !!!!
00:19 rickw      !!!! no prob !!!!
00:19 Deb        me to :-((
00:19 rickw      i can pm (private messazge you() like this
00:19 Deb        could you help me understand something
00:19 rickw      no-one else can see the pm
00:19 rickw      yes ?
00:20 Deb        that's nifty
00:20 rickw      you just did ... when you reply to a pm it should open a new IRC chat window
00:20 Deb        how do I do it?
00:20 Deb        Ya, but how do I do it from scratch?
00:20 rickw      okay: /msg rickw hi therer rick
00:20 rickw      (all commands start with a slahs /)
00:20 rickw      slash
00:21 rickw      and no-one else sees that :)
00:21 rickw      you had a question?
00:21 Deb        Yes
00:21 Deb        I'm connected to citylink
00:22 Deb        what is that and how is it related to katipo?
00:23 rickw      there a thousnads of IRC servers on the Interweb
00:23 Deb        ok
00:23 rickw      and they can talk to each other and relay messages
00:23 Deb        ok
00:23 rickw      we are on the same server
00:23 rickw      you emailed me for my phone nuymber
00:23 rickw      do you want to call me in Aysney Aus?
00:23 rickw      Sudney
00:23 Deb        I thought the server was irc.katipo.something...
00:23 Deb        phone call--I wasn't sure I was doing this
00:24 Deb        correctly, the IRCing, so I thought if we chatted v2v
00:24 Deb        with our computers in front of us I would know I've connected
00:24 Deb        properly.
00:24 Deb        I don't know why I kept missing you.
00:24 rickw      if you are on channel #Koha and can see the other nicknames, you have connected OKAY
00:25 rickw      i have been on this channel for hours :)
00:25 Deb        that's what I thought.  I did it correctly the first time.
00:25 rickw      i have watched you come and go
00:25 rickw      but sometimes i was away from my desk
00:25 Deb        embarrassed
00:25 rickw      newbie!
00:25 Deb        yep
00:25 rickw      you can express something about yourself like this: /me is embarrased
00:25 rickw      e.g.
00:26 Deb        I see names on the right. Are all of those people on?
00:26 rickw      yes
00:26 Deb        how'd you do that?
00:26 rickw      they are called nicks
00:26 rickw      how do i do what?
00:26 Deb        yep, i know they're nicks
00:26 Deb        why don't they answer when I write 'anyone there?'
00:26 Deb        make your name purple?
00:27 rickw      because they don't care to or they are not at their computers
00:27 rickw      i didn't make my name purple ... your client did
00:27 rickw      is that the "blushes" bit?
00:27 Deb        oh
00:27 Deb        yes, the blushes.
00:27 rickw      do this: /me hiccups
00:27 rickw      see above: you can express something about yourself like this: /me is embarrased
00:27 Deb        where can I learn the commands?
00:27 rickw      help is your friend
00:28 rickw      there are lots and lots of IRC commands
00:28 Deb        yes  I just need to know the syntax
00:28 rickw      oops
00:28 rickw      i made a mess
00:28 rickw      i just type in this: /help
00:28 Deb        I was used to being in MUDD's previously for school
00:28 Deb        of course
00:29 Deb        didn't have time to look at help today
00:29 rickw      the important thing on IRC is seurity (like with anything on the Net)
00:29 Deb        did you have an opportunity to look at the email I sent?
00:29 rickw      if someone sends you a file or something else unsolicited, think twice before accepting it
00:29 Deb        ok
00:29 rickw      it is best to "Just say no" unless you asked for a file to be sent to you
00:29 Deb        so I should really have a real nickname
00:30 rickw      and *never* lanuch an application that someone sends you -- good way to get a virus
00:30 Deb        never do
00:30 rickw      you have a real nickname. it is Deb
00:30 Deb        but it's my real name
00:30 rickw      that's fine
00:30 Deb        ok
00:30 rickw      some geeks like strange nicks like W00bl1es
00:30 rickw      and that kind of crap
00:30 Deb        that's all fine but I get confused
00:30 rickw      why?
00:31 Deb        I can't keep them straight
00:31 Deb        in school I'd meet the people on our MUDD and I had to try to keep their names and avatars correct in my head.  Couldn't do it.
00:31 rickw      oh
00:32 rickw      it is like any ocnversation ... i just focus on two or three people at a time
00:32 rickw      even when there a hundred on the channel
00:32 rickw      i think it will become quite chaotic tomorrow for KUDOS if there are more than ten people on the channel all yacking at the same time!
00:32 Deb        that was the problem.  We had 25 people and all met via the MUDD for class every week.
00:33 Deb        Good news--I type fast and can keep several threads going at once.
00:33 Deb        so can we have a private chat now?
00:33 rickw      i am a bit busy
00:33 rickw      other things to do
00:33 Deb        ok
00:33 rickw      did you want to ask something specific?
00:33 Deb        no, just play.
00:34 Deb        will you be at the meeting tomorrow?
00:34 Deb        And did you see the email?
00:34 rickw      i saw amny emails from you
00:34 rickw      yes, i will try to be up at 7:00am tomorrow
00:34 rickw      and I will capture it all in a log file
00:34 Deb        oh my!
00:35 Deb        the one about the meeting and what we'll 'discuss'
00:35 Deb        do you have any thoughts?
00:35 Deb        did I miss something?
00:35 Deb        should I add something?
00:35 rickw      h5
00:36 Deb        what's 'h5'
00:36 rickw      hang five (seconds)
00:36 rickw      or "wait a sec"
00:36 rickw      okay ... read the email
00:36 rickw      lokos good
00:36 Deb        great
00:36 rickw      i would avise poeple using the web-based chat to assign themsevles a nick
00:36 rickw      otherwise their nick lloks like CGI0182
00:36 rickw      yuck
00:37 Deb        right.  How do you do that again?  Is it /nick
00:37 rickw      all theyhave to do is this: /nick idiothead
00:37 idiothead  LOL
00:37 Deb        right
00:37 idiothead  i am an idiot
00:37 ricko      good! yo re geeting the hang of it
00:37 ricko      you aonly need to learn a few commands
00:38 Deb        what is your job? and are you in AU?
00:38 ricko      not all 15609 of them!
00:38 ricko      in AU, doing computer consulting,mentoring
00:38 ricko      installing Koha on for clients
00:38 ricko      e.g. smsa.praxi.biz is a new one we are currently working on
00:38 Deb        do you support koha in the same way LibLime does in the U.S.?
00:38 ricko      no
00:39 ricko      very small enterprise at this end :)
00:39 ricko      okay .. caught up with work
00:39 Deb        love to talk to you about it when you have time and off the IRC
00:40 ricko      Australia said "Sorry" to the indigeonous peoples (aborigines) here yesterday. a great day and a move forwards for everyone
00:40 ricko      i was just posing the Candaian case example about "Sorry" (Canada did it 10 years ago)
00:40 ricko      are you in America?
00:40 Deb        i have no idea what you mean
00:40 Deb        yes
00:40 ricko      okay
00:40 Deb        in America
00:41 ricko      in Canada, (I am Canadian) the government took chilkdren away from native families and housed them in state-run schoosls
00:41 Deb        why?
00:41 ricko      in an attempt to "whiten" them and integrate them into white culture
00:41 ricko      it was a terrible thing to do ... and didnot work
00:41 Deb        no suprise there
00:41 ricko      it alienated a lot of young poeple and they never saw their families again
00:41 Deb        were you one of them?
00:42 ricko      Canada apoligsed to the First Nation people and now pays the victims compensataion.
00:42 ricko      Ausstalia began the process yesterday.
00:42 ricko      it is about time.
00:42 ricko      no, i am of Ukrainian + Scots descent
00:42 Deb        ok I understand your point now.
00:42 ricko      but the situation is very easy to understand: imagine if you were removed from your family at the age of thee and never saw any of them again. sigh.
00:42 Deb        does that mean you're very frugal--scottish part
00:42 ricko      yes, frugal
00:43 ricko      i don't have a car ... i ride a bike. it is cheazr!
00:43 ricko      i am installing solar hot water ... t is chearper to run!
00:43 ricko      i make dinnner ... it is cheaper than eating out.
00:43 ricko      well, i jest.
00:43 Deb        wow!  I want solar soooo bad
00:43 ricko      Sydney has the best restuarant/cafe culuter in the world and I love eating out!
00:43 ricko      the solar will cost $3700
00:43 ricko      but the govbernment then rebates me about $1800
00:44 Deb        lol. I don't eat out much.  Cook myself.
00:44 ricko      so it comes out to being about 2 x the cost of electric hot water
00:44 ricko      but it uses 70% less electricity
00:44 ricko      so it pays for itslf in about 3 years
00:44 Deb        In the U.S. solar is very expensive.
00:44 ricko      which city are you in?
00:44 Deb        If I were to do my house it would be about $20,000.
00:44 Deb        St. Paul, MN
00:44 ricko      holy crikies? 20K !
00:44 ricko      that is pricey!
00:45 ricko      i wonder if the vested interests keep the price high, i.e. the oil industry
00:45 ricko      you in the twin cities?
00:45 Deb        That's for solar panels and hot water.
00:45 ricko      ah ...  am just doing solat HW
00:45 ricko      not electricity
00:45 Deb        I think it is the oil industry.
00:45 ricko      solar HW is simple: the sun hets H2O in pipes and it circulates into a tank
00:45 Deb        Yes, I realize you are only doing hw
00:45 ricko      no solar panels
00:45 ricko      solar panels are $$$$
00:46 Deb        hmmm I'll check hw again.
00:46 ricko      so, the system i am going for as 2m x 2m of pips and a 220 L tank
00:46 Deb        I'd love to live entirely off the grid.
00:46 ricko      (2 yd and 2 yd and about 50 gallons)
00:46 Deb        Have you ever used a solar oven?
00:46 ricko      yes, it would be nice
00:46 ricko      no, not a solar oven
00:46 ricko      but it gets so hot here you could fry an egg on the boonet of your car (the hood)
00:47 Deb        where do you live?
00:47 ricko      Sydney
00:47 Deb        that's right.  You have people there who've built houses underground
00:47 ricko      yes
00:47 ricko      Cooper Pedy
00:47 ricko      in the great Aussie outback
00:47 Deb        so they don't have to heat their homes and use solar for lighting
00:47 Deb        YES
00:47 ricko      they need it.  45 C (120 F) in the day
00:47 ricko      but cool as cucumbers undergraound
00:47 ricko      the opal mining area
00:48 Deb        I'd have problems with no sunlight.
00:48 ricko      yeah me too
00:48 Deb        I have thought of building into a hill.
00:48 ricko      i guess you can use skylights or some such thing
00:48 ricko      my house has four skylights
00:48 ricko      makes abig difference
00:48 Deb        in the 70's it was a popular idea
00:48 ricko      yeah
00:48 ricko      hobbits!
00:48 Deb        the skylights work well.  I thought of that too
00:49 Deb        my house has lots of window and built in 1947.
00:49 Deb        IT's small and compact.
00:49 Deb        I hve ceiling fans in every room.  I use my ac 1-3 times a year.
00:50 Deb        Well, this has been great and I'd love to chat more, but I need to go now.
00:50 ricko      no air con here ... (Scots cheapness) but only reallyneed it a few adys year
00:50 ricko      daysw
00:50 ricko      okay
00:50 ricko      i hope to get up for the KUDOS tomorrow
00:50 ricko      byeeeeeeeeee
00:50 Deb        I hve to be back here at 7am in the morning. We're shutting down our server.
04:49 aTa        hi al
04:49 aTa        all*
04:49 aTa        Wots going on?
04:50 aTa        Anyone using Koha on windows here?