Time  Nick     Message
06:52 chris    ack
06:52 atz      :\
06:52 atz      most features of which are broke-ish
06:52 chris    ahh good luck
06:51 atz      tomorrow morning I'm supposed to demo shelves to  OCLS
06:51 chris    sleep well
06:51 atz      i better get to sleep
06:50 atz      i can't believe how many ppl were working just to manage the surface used to land/take off
06:50 atz      yeah, they had convoys of plows... bulldozer plows, industrial snowthrower trucks, regular pickup plows, dump truck plows.....
06:49 chris    yikes, hope they pay that guy well
06:48 atz      and the coldest job in town... working in the basket of the de-icer sprayer truck
06:47 chris    definitely
06:47 atz      I'll have to post some pix of the Milwaukee airport
06:46 chris    classy
06:46 atz      they shred that cheese w/ a meat grinder attachment... make just entire trays full of shredded cheese at a time
06:45 chris    http://www.skylinechili.com/signature.php <-- heart attack on a plate ... but looks so good :)
06:45 atz      yeah, they started the whole messed up meat/bean/pasta combo
06:44 chris    in a good way :)
06:44 chris    that was some chilli madness
06:44 atz      (the proper home of skyline)
06:44 chris    ahh yeah cincinatti
06:44 atz      maybe cinci?
06:44 chris    i saw a show on the food network .. i think it was anthony bourdain, who went to skyline chilli in cleveland
06:42 atz      pretty good so far... still have a long way to go to catch some of the better cooks I know
06:41 chris    a mean chilli i hear
06:41 atz      but he cooks me dinner pretty often, so I like that.
06:41 chris    mine is horrible at doing yardwork :-)
06:41 chris    hehe
06:41 atz      yeah, my lame landlord takes forever to fix things  :)
06:40 chris    ahh so you know the joys of home ownership :)
06:39 atz      bought it last July
06:39 chris    do you own or rent?
06:39 chris    ahh bummer
06:38 atz      high winds, I guess
06:38 atz      had some damage to a metal awning on my house while i was gone
06:37 atz      yeah... it was snowing pretty hard when we took off...
06:36 masonj   heya joe
06:35 chris    ahh yeah apparently more on its way too eh?
06:35 atz      crazy midwestern cold and snow.
06:34 atz      just got in from Milwaukee...
06:33 chris    ur up late joe
20:58 fbcit    heh... Online Help says: Sorry, there is no help available for this topic.
20:57 owen     No, I'm sure the intention is to refer to /tmp
20:54 fbcit    is that permissible from the koha-httpd.conf standpoint?
20:54 fbcit    owen: the script is wanting write permission to /tmp...
20:48 owen     It's been a while since I tested it
20:47 owen     I can see from my description of Bug 1618 that the upload process /can/ work properly
20:47 fbcit    although everyone has rwx
20:46 fbcit    seems the script cannot write to /tmp
20:46 owen     I think the upload process is a little convoluted, although I'm not sure how you'd do it better.
20:46 fbcit    the upload aspect.
20:46 owen     The display works, if you can get your images uploaded
20:45 owen     fbcit: Are you talking about the upload aspect, or the display?
20:38 fbcit    does the patronimages feature actually work?
20:32 fbcit    found the answer to the first question...
20:30 fbcit    patronimages dir, that is
20:28 fbcit    and why do we not create it by default during installation?
20:28 fbcit    to what is the 'patronimages' relative?
15:52 fbcit    user's fiddle with settings?... never!
15:13 owen     I think that's true: Make good choices for the defaults, and bury the setting just deep enough that people don't feel like they *need* to fiddle with them
15:12 gmcharlt though I wonder if sometimes when designing a UI (particularly for the staff side) it's better to not make *everything* infinitely configurable and flexible, but go with well-chosen defaults when possible
15:11 gmcharlt yeah, true enough :)
15:10 owen     I agree, although inevitably you'll get people who say, "but we need to see x, y, and z too!" --I'm likely to be that person ;)
15:08 gmcharlt for the item editor, you only really need to see enough to identify the item you want to work with, so maybe we can getting away with just picking 5 or 6 columns, e.g., barcode, homebranch, holdingbranch, location, callnumber, and enum/chron
15:07 owen     If the frameworks weren't so hard to work with it might be easier to think of going with that method
15:06 owen     Yeah, that's what I was thinking
15:06 gmcharlt s/thought/though/
15:06 gmcharlt owen: thought adding yet another syspref doesn't seem ideal either
15:05 gmcharlt owen: possible, yes, though IMO too many display settings are expressed in the MARC frameworks
15:04 owen     I wonder if it's something that could be added to frameworks definitions?
15:04 gmcharlt owen: ok, thanks
15:04 owen     gmcharlt: I think the only solution is to pare down the columns in that table
15:01 gmcharlt one issue is that all items columns are displayed in table -- that could be cut down to a smaller set of important ones
15:01 gmcharlt please take a look at bug 1809 -- wonder if you have any advice for the UI
15:01 owen     Yes
15:00 gmcharlt owen: got a minute?
15:00 gmcharlt hello all
14:21 owen     Hi fbcit
14:19 fbcit    g'morning koha