Time  Nick     Message
13:14 gmcharlt greetings #koha
13:27 lloyd_   hey
13:32 paul     hello gmcharlt
13:46 Fallor   hello again
13:46 paul     hello Fallor (from France)
13:51 lloyd_   is this the correct place for error files : /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/errors
13:52 paul     lloyd_: sound strange to set errors in cgi-bin, as it's supposed to be for cgi-bin scripts
13:53 lloyd_   well Koha looks for them in /cgi-bin/koha/koha-tmpl/errors/404.pl
13:53 lloyd_   but my setup doesn't have that folder, only /cgi-bin/koha/errors/404.pl - wonder which is wrong, my setup or the koha redirect
13:54 lloyd_   print $query->redirect("/cgi-bin/koha/koha-tmpl/errors/404.pl");
14:05 lloyd_   installer bug
14:05 lloyd_     './koha-tmpl/errors'          => {target => 'INTRANET_CGI_DIR', trimdir => 2},
14:05 lloyd_   so it's installing them to /cgi-bin/errors instead of cgi-bin/koha-tmpl/errors
14:07 lloyd_   can someone else confirm that? :)
14:16 gmcharlt lloyd_: confirm that it's behaving the way you're describing, though personally I think /cgi-bin/koha/errors/404.pl is a better path than /cgi-bin/koha/koha-tmpl/errors/404.pl
14:17 gmcharlt either way, please file a bug
14:17 lloyd_   I think it's a better path too
14:30 lea      hi guys
14:31 lea      my boss has realised that the proprietary system he wanted to try has been a failure
14:31 lea      he now wants to get our data into marc21 so our options are open
14:32 lea      once we do this, we can try something proper out
14:32 gmcharlt lea: great -- open options are good
14:32 lea      now, there may be a chance we can get a student working for us on this project for a good few months
14:32 lea      I'd personally really like to have koha as the system of choice
14:33 lea      and considering how moodle is now the vle of choice in all colleges in Wales, I can see how koha could become the next ILS for that market too (based on conversations with other colleges)
14:34 lea      so, how could a persons time be best spent on contributing to moodle? I'm aware that we dont want to overlap any work and we want to write stuff that will integrate properly with the project.
14:35 lea      i mean, a moodle module to integrate koha would be just absolutely awesome
14:35 lea      you'd capture the whole welsh college market ;)
14:37 lea      i know probably most of you are asleep right now, so, i guess i may have to leave my irc on for the next 24 hours
14:37 lea      ideally, i think moodle+vufind+koha would be a potent combination
14:38 lloyd_   I think best way would be to write a moodle module to authenticate against koha users
14:39 lloyd_   then designing the moodle 'skin' to intergrate the koha opac
14:39 lloyd_   Certainly an interesting idea
14:40 gmcharlt lea: I know there's some active work going on right now to allow vufind to work with Koha
14:40 gmcharlt lea: should be some results on that front very soon
14:43 lea      so vufind is really just a standalone opac with an api to hook into a ILS?
14:43 gmcharlt lea: pretty much, although I believe it works by copying the bib and item data into it's own Solr index
14:44 kados    but with Koha it will use the SRU interface instead
14:44 gmcharlt lea: though I think the Koha integration may be done via on-the-fly SRU/SRW queries
14:44 gmcharlt snap
14:44 kados    (hi all)
14:45 lea      hi kados :)
14:46 lea      what's SRU? Sorry for my ignorance, i know very little about library stuff
14:47 kados    lea: it's an upgrade for Z39.50 :-)
14:47 kados    (not sure that will help you ;-)
14:48 gmcharlt lea: i.e., a standard search protocol
14:48 kados    basically, it's a standard for doing searches and retrieving records
14:48 kados    snap again
14:48 lloyd_   it's like having a parrot
14:49 paul     hello kados.
14:49 kados    hiya paul
14:50 lea      ah, i understand what z9.50 is.
14:50 lea      I'm hoping the british national library will allow us to have a limited free access to their z39.50 servers
14:50 lea      I think this will be the easiest way to export our data, as currently the marc21 export is pants
14:51 lloyd_   lea - that's just cost me £2000
14:51 lea      Hoping that all you really need is the ISBN
14:51 lea      lloyd_: you in the uk?
14:51 lloyd_   yep
14:51 lea      business use?
14:51 lloyd_   nhs
14:51 lloyd_   very limited access
14:51 lloyd_   cheapest possible
14:51 lea      ah, wait, i remember you!
14:51 lea      :)
14:51 lloyd_   yep, i remember you too :)
14:52 lea      heh. Well, we only have about 20K books
14:52 lea      anyway, once that's all in marc21 i can then look at the other stuff.
14:52 lea      How's holidays and short loans coming on?
14:54 lloyd_   Contact Dave.Wilkie@bl.uk, he's the guy that's just sorted us out
14:59 lea      well, I think our head librarian has a contact in there. But thanks!
15:09 fbcit    g'morning koha
15:09 gmcharlt hi fbcit
15:09 gmcharlt congrats on Win32 DBD::mysql
15:10 fbcit    tnx
15:10 fbcit    if you have time to duplicate it would be appreciated :-)
16:21 fbcit    gmcharlt: do you have access to a VM setup of WinXP by chance?
16:21 gmcharlt no, I have a non-VM XP setup
16:22 fbcit    it sure would make repeat testing of this project easier.
16:23 fbcit    it would be nice to verify a couple of times from a clean install of win32
16:35 matthew  I have an upgrade question concerning 2.2.9 to 3.0 that's a bit non-standard...
16:36 matthew  I am moving Koha to a different server.
16:36 matthew  I have an sqldump of my current database.
16:37 matthew  what do I need to do to make sure it is setup properly? Should I insert the database before I run the Koha 3.0 installer?
17:02 gmcharlt matthew: you should make sure that the copy on the new server is completely up and running (i.e., including the 2.2.9 software), then follow instructions at http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=22_to_30
17:03 matthew  thanks gmcharlt
17:31 fbcit    owen: u around?
17:31 owen     Yes
17:32 fbcit    hi, it looks like you lost the favicon in opac doc-head-close.inc
17:32 fbcit    fwiw
17:34 owen     Thanks, I hadn't noticed!
17:34 fbcit    not sure who to bounce this off of, but...
17:35 fbcit    submitting blank fields here cgi-bin/koha/opac-authorities-home.pl
17:35 fbcit    causes a 500 error
17:39 owen     Hmm... I know that was a reported bug in the staff client, I wonder if it's still open...
17:40 fbcit    gmcharlt: any thoughts on this: opac-search.pl: WARNING: query problem with  mt=NF ZOOM error 10014 "CCL parsing error" (addinfo: "Unknown qualifier") from diag-set 'ZOOM' at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Search.pm line 372.
17:55 gmcharlt fbcit: you were doing a limit on format or biblioitems.itemtype, right?
17:56 gmcharlt fbcit: if so, your Zebra config is out of sync with Search.pm, as the previous mt index was changed to mc on 2007-11-21
17:56 gmcharlt see http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commitdiff;h=fc60b7f7316f4d00f0fa87d2d69162729cd8e74e#patch5
17:56 fbcit    I did a rebase and reinstall this morning... would that have caught it?
17:57 fbcit    opps
17:57 fbcit    zebra config
17:57 fbcit    I've been cheating
17:57 gmcharlt not necessarily -- the run-time copy of  Zebra config files are not updated by a rebase
17:57 fbcit    backing up etc/koha and restoring over top
17:57 fbcit    to avoid reconfigure
17:58 fbcit    :-\
17:58 gmcharlt on 4 January I added a update_zebra_conf target to the Makefile generated by Makefile.PL
17:59 gmcharlt that would be one way of updating the Zebra configs
18:02 fbcit    chris: still around?
18:04 fbcit    gmcharlt: I must be missing something here.
18:04 fbcit    I just did a fresh install via 'make install'
18:05 fbcit    moved my old koha-conf.xml and koha-httpd.conf over the new ones
18:05 fbcit    restarted the zebra daemons
18:05 fbcit    but no joy
18:05 gmcharlt exact same error message in log?
18:06 fbcit    [Mon Jan 28 08:02:50 2008] opac-search.pl: WARNING: query problem with  mt=NF ZOOM error 10014 "CCL parsing error" (addinfo: "Unknown qualifier") from diag-set 'ZOOM' at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Search.pm line 372.
18:06 fbcit    maybe I'm missing something
18:06 gmcharlt in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/catalogue/advsearch.tmpl  -- what is line 90?
18:08 fbcit    96-98...
18:08 fbcit    <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="selected" -->
18:08 fbcit                    <option value="cfn,wrdl" selected="selected">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Conference Name</option>
18:08 fbcit    <!-- TMPL_ELSE -->
18:08 fbcit    opps
18:08 fbcit    88-90 that is
18:08 fbcit    hold on...
18:09 fbcit    gmcharlt:         <input type="checkbox" id="mc-<!--TMPL_VAR Name="number" -->" name="limit" value="mc:<!--TMPL_VAR Name="code" -->" />&nbsp;
18:10 gmcharlt ok, that's correct (previously it was "mt:") -- I wonder if the templates actually in use (off of your Apache DocumentRoot) are out of date?
18:12 fbcit    they appear to reflect owen's recent changes
18:12 fbcit    brb
18:19 gmcharlt fbcit: found problem -- intranet adv search was correct, OPAC is not
18:37 fbcit    gmcharlt: so my config is ok?
18:37 fbcit    or should be...
18:37 gmcharlt very likely
18:38 gmcharlt do you have 2 minutes to test a patch
18:38 gmcharlt ?
18:38 fbcit    sure
18:38 gmcharlt fbcit: ok, I just e-mailed it to you
18:42 fbcit    gmcharlt: same error
18:42 fbcit    the script is returning 'mt' rather than 'mc'
18:43 fbcit    in the cgi string
18:43 fbcit    ie http://biblios.campus.foundations.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&limit=mt%3ANF&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
18:43 fbcit    rather than: http://biblios.campus.foundations.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&limit=mc%3ANF&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
18:43 fbcit    something in opac-search.pl...
18:45 gmcharlt fbcit: let's back up -- how exactly are you getting this -- directly from Advanced search in OPAC, by clicking on a facet link, or something else?
18:46 fbcit    http://biblios.campus.foundations.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl
18:46 fbcit    I only have one itemtype at present
18:46 fbcit    "non-fiction"
18:46 gmcharlt fbcit: that link doesn't work for me -- DNS doesn't resolve
18:46 fbcit    sorry hold on
18:46 fbcit    http://koha.foundations.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl
18:47 fbcit    selecting only that itemtype causes the error
18:50 gmcharlt fbcit: link doesn't work still -- resolves, but connection then times out
18:50 fbcit    ok try this...http://koha.foundations.edu:8181/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl
18:53 fbcit    gmcharlt: did that work for you?
18:53 gmcharlt fbcit: yes -- and when I do a search, both with and without ticking the NF box, it works -- in both cases, I get the 'writings' record
18:53 gmcharlt so are you still getting the mt= messages in the log -- if so, how?
18:55 gmcharlt thought so ;-)
18:56 fbcit    tnx gmcharlt
18:56 gmcharlt I've passed on the patch
19:25 fbcit    chris: I worked on my exim4 setup some and submitted a dud patch to see if the problem is fixed. Let me know if you get it. tnx
19:30 chris    will do
19:37 chris    got it
19:38 chris    looks like you fixed it good :)
19:48 fbcit    great... you may see a second as well... I hammered it several times :)
19:48 chris    :)
19:53 fbcit    chris, kados is there any reason to keep the status of bug 1790 at critical rather than major with the patches I submitted for it this weekend?
19:54 chris    lemme just eyeball it
19:54 fbcit    there is still no failover built in
19:55 chris    yeah, thats just a major now
19:55 chris    want me to drop it?
19:56 fbcit    yep
19:57 chris    done
19:57 fbcit    so we really want to see this clockwheel through all existing themes until it finds one that exists
19:57 fbcit    or in a specific order?
19:57 fbcit    s/this/this to/
19:57 chris    good question
19:57 fbcit    what if in the final analysis no themes exist?
19:58 fbcit    a graceful death?
19:58 chris    i think that if it goes for one that doesnt exist
19:58 chris    dropping back to prog (ie the default ones that ship with koha)
19:58 chris    is a fair enough thing
19:58 fbcit    what happens when kados deletes the default as he did in the bug report... ;-)
19:59 chris    we could make it clockwheel, but yu might get quite unexpected behaviour
20:00 chris    each page showing a different theme :-)
20:00 fbcit    like the randomly switching themes between page navigations..
20:00 chris    yeah
20:00 fbcit    :)
20:00 fbcit    talk about variety
20:00 chris    heh
20:00 fbcit    kind of like the visualizations in media player or winamp or...
20:00 chris    :-)
20:01 chris    i guess we decide on what we want and explain the system preference so that what happens is what people expect
20:01 fbcit    maybe we can fall back in the order the themes are entered in the syspref with prog being last.
20:01 chris    so we can either have "default theme, if this theme doesnt exist it will fail back to the prog theme DONT DELETE THE PROG THEME"
20:02 chris    or that
20:02 chris    so either we let them choose a list of themes
20:02 chris    or we let them choose one
20:02 chris    probably a list is good
20:02 chris    with prog being the implicit last
20:03 fbcit    sounds good to me
20:03 fbcit    I'll work on it tomorrow morning.
20:03 chris    excellent
20:08 fbcit    chris: are the users preferences stored somewhere other than in cookies?
20:09 chris    yeah they are stored in the sessions table .. the cookie doesnt store anything
20:09 chris    apart from an id, that matches to the sessions table
20:09 chris    but, nothing persistent
20:10 chris    if thats what you mean
20:10 chris    that would be a nice enhancement
20:10 fbcit    ahh.. so if the user selects a different language that is only a session length change?
20:10 chris    yep
20:10 fbcit          # set the theme they want to use.
20:10 fbcit          # and perhaps the them as well.
20:10 fbcit    in Output.pm
20:11 fbcit    I think that should be language and theme respectively
20:11 chris    yep
20:11 fbcit    but should probably be persistent if we went through the trouble.
20:19 chris    yeah theres a bunch of systempreferences
20:19 chris    that would be nice to let users set
03:40 fbcit    gmcharlt: u around?
03:41 masonj   looks like he's away  fbcit
03:49 fbcit    hi masonj
06:43 Yesan    Hi, Masonj
06:43 Yesan    can you be of a help?
06:44 Yesan    while importing marc records into reservoir? I am getting errors
06:44 Yesan    it says, ISBN not found or ISBN format is not correct
06:44 Yesan    how do i rectify
06:44 Yesan    can i make only
06:45 Yesan    title, author, publisher, year are mandatory in the parameters