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10:54 lloyd_   ahh, not even in the channel :)
10:43 lloyd_   Owen, you around?
22:41 hdl      If you can add encoding field to z3950servers table, can you tell me if it displays ok ?
22:41 chris    fbcit, did you send it to patches@koha.org?
22:40 hdl      I thought Joshua would do it from kohastructure.sql But I understand it is better the person who commits a change in database management also commit updatedatabase.pl
22:39 hdl      I should have updated updatedatabase script.
22:39 hdl      owen : your problem with z39servers not displayed surely comes from a lack of encoding field in z3950servers table.
22:04 fbcit    ok chris, that last patch is correct.
21:44 chris    that'd do it
21:44 fbcit    had a Output.pm a few hours older than HEAD...
21:43 chris    :)
21:42 fbcit    chris: that is a bad patch. I'll send a corrected one in a bit.
21:40 chris    good start
21:35 fbcit    it does not address the hardcoded paths, but does fix opacthemes
21:35 chris    will do
21:35 fbcit    chris: I *think* I got a patch off to fix that. Let me know if you get it.
21:02 chris    so the library sets the default and the user can override that
21:02 fbcit    I saw commenting to that effect in the code.
21:02 chris    id like to see that come back
21:01 chris    i might be looking at the sight impaired version in maori
21:01 chris    so you might be looking at the opac in the wap theme in english
21:01 chris    was that the user can set their theme and language
21:01 chris    in like 2002
21:01 chris    the idea, way back
21:01 chris    :)
20:59 fbcit    this does not fix the fail-over to other listed templates
20:59 fbcit    and guarantees the existence of the called for template.
20:58 chris    currently selected them and language
20:58 fbcit    fixes it nicely
20:58 fbcit    if ( -e "$htdocs/$th/$la/modules/$tmpl") {
20:58 chris    thats right
20:56 fbcit    in the currently selected theme?
20:56 fbcit    really we should be checking for the existence of the template being called for...
20:53 fbcit    we'll assume that the average admin is intelligent enough to copy the entire subdir structure when creating themes.. ;-)
20:53 chris    and the check has to be fixed to actually check the right path to said template
20:51 chris    or in prog
20:51 chris    either in your chosen theme
20:50 chris    the actual template for the page you are on has to exist
20:50 chris    no
20:50 fbcit    so you're saying that the simple existence of an 'opac-tmpl' is enough to keep koha from dying?
20:49 chris    yeah those need to die
20:49 fbcit    chris: there are also some hardcoded theme paths in some tmpl files as well.
20:48 chris    instead of a list to try
20:48 chris    so now you can only choose one theme at a time
20:48 chris    and didnt check the underlying code
20:48 chris    yeah someone changed the systempreference interface
20:48 fbcit    in opacthemes
20:48 fbcit    but mysql> SELECT * FROM systempreferences WHERE variable = 'template'; reveals only one theme name is stored at a time.
20:47 fbcit     @themes = split " ", C4::Context->preference("opacthemes");
20:47 fbcit    some other logic is broken here also which prevents it from generating a list of themes properly
20:46 chris    not sure anymore owen, it used to try a list
20:45 chris    you will get one page that looks different to the others
20:45 owen     So if I specify foo, and have only opac-tmpl/bar, then it fails, because the fallback (prog) doesn't exist?
20:45 chris    if you only have opac-main.tmpl
20:45 fbcit    so if I have only 'opac-tmpl' and nothing else what happens?
20:45 owen     chris: so Koha doesn't fall back to any other available template, it only falls back to prog?
20:45 chris    nope
20:44 fbcit    but all files are necessary for the template to work
20:44 chris    add the opac-tmpl in .. if thats what is missing
20:44 chris    so just need to fix the path in the current if
20:44 chris    yeah you need to check the file
20:44 fbcit    likewise we could have am opac-tmpl w/o any other files in that dir level
20:44 chris    and then we wont fail back nicely to the prog template, but die as we cant open a valid template
20:43 chris    but the actual template wont
20:43 chris    that directory might exist
20:43 chris    wont work
20:43 chris    iffing -d "$htdocs/$th/$la"
20:42 chris    add an opac-tmpl ?
20:42 fbcit    hence my question about what constitutes a valid check for template existence.
20:42 fbcit    right, but it will always return false in its current state
20:42 chris    and if not fall back to prog
20:41 chris    its supposed to check the template exists
20:41 fbcit    ie
20:41 fbcit    htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/en/modules/opac-passwd.tmpl
20:41 chris    ahh well in that case it might be right then
20:41 chris    its $htdocs/$th/$la/modules/opac/$interface-"."tmpl
20:41 fbcit    the modules subdir looks to contain files like 'opac-foo.tmpl'
20:40 fbcit    we could just if ( -d "$htdocs/$th/$la") {
20:40 chris    its missing an opac/
20:39 fbcit    the question is: what constitutes a valid check for determining the existence of a theme?
20:39 fbcit    which causes the conditional to fall back to the 'prog' theme
20:39 fbcit    its attempting to determine if a given theme in a given language exists by checking for the existence of a file that does not exist....
20:34 owen     ...don't really know what it's doing, though
20:34 owen     Looks like /path-to-koha/theme (template)/language/modules/(opac-) ?.tmpl
20:27 fbcit    what file is this supposed to check for: if ( -e "$htdocs/$th/$la/modules/$interface-"."tmpl") { ??
19:59 fbcit    maybe it should be something like C4::Context->preference("opacthemes") ?
19:58 owen     well, that's suspicious :)
19:58 fbcit    hrmm... line 141 of C4/Output.pm says 'my $theme = 'prog';'
19:46 fbcit    right
19:45 owen     back some time in 3.0?
19:45 fbcit    seems I remember that it did work back some time, though.
19:36 owen     It does look like opacthemes has no effect
19:27 fbcit    owen: looks like some of the opac templates have /opac-tmpl/prog hardcoded in them.
19:23 fbcit    permissions are ok
19:21 fbcit    it appears that opacthemes has no effect
19:18 owen     fbcit, you can view the source of the page to see if it's looking in the right place
19:14 fbcit    owen: FWIW, I 'cp -r' /prog /foo and selected it in opacthemes; made changes to opac.css in /foo but opac still appears to look at the opac.css in /prog
19:12 owen     fbcit: I'm not even sure opaclayoutstylesheet is working properly at the moment. The OPAC is still very much in flux
19:11 fbcit    does opaclayoutstylesheet look in the theme specified by opacthemes to find the css specified by opaclayoutstylesheet?
19:07 owen     I was just trying to confirm the first part of bug 1789...maybe they're related
19:06 chris    sounds like a bug to me
19:04 owen     I wonder why z3950servers.pl doesn't list the servers that appear when I try a z39.50 search from addbiblio.pl?
18:08 atz      probably export the data for whatever card printer you have
18:07 fbcit    ?
18:07 fbcit    how does one go about printing id/library cards from Koha 3
16:05 lloyd_   damnit.. i can't find it!
15:58 lloyd_   there are a number of pages where the submit button is much bigger than it should be
15:58 lloyd_   hold on i'll see if I can find it
15:57 owen     lloyd_: Do you happen to know an example of a page where the search box submit button is forced to the second line?
15:56 lloyd_   yeah noitemtypeimages and remote item type images
15:55 lloyd_   I think i've logged two bugs which are similar
15:54 lloyd_   ahh thought that might be the case :)
15:54 owen     Yeha, lloyd_ , I'm working on your "noItemTypeImages" bug report now
15:53 lloyd_   i've logged a similar thing in bugzilla
15:41 owen     ...or getitemtypeimagedir, or getitemtypeimagesrc ?
15:41 Fallor   beautiful XD
15:41 Fallor   :D
15:41 owen     (that's a mouthful!)
15:40 owen     getitemtypeimagesrcfromurl ?
15:40 atz      or getitemtpyeimagesrc
15:40 atz      i think C4:Koha has a "getitemtypeimagedir" function we should use
15:38 atz      right
15:38 owen     That works, but it's not portable with other template sets
15:38 owen     For instance, in detail.tmpl, we've got <img src="/opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg/<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="itemtype" -->.gif" title="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="itemtype" -->" />
15:37 owen     atz, I'm still confused about the status of item type images and how we're handling those paths
15:21 atz      i suspect they are global unless independent branches is set
15:21 fbcit    are patrons per library or global?
15:20 atz      yeah... that's what I mean
15:19 fbcit    this morning I built a patron who is type "Child" but category "Staff/AC-Faculty" (AC-Faculty being one of my categories of type "Staff")... ???
15:16 atz      yeah, i still doubt there is much return from the added complexity
15:12 fbcit    :-)
15:10 fbcit    s/wonders/wanders/
15:05 owen     Hi gmcharlt
15:01 gmcharlt greetings #koha
14:41 Fallor   (wrong window)
14:41 Fallor   whoops
14:40 Fallor   vähäx oon äijä :)
14:39 Fallor   thanks :)
14:39 hdl      Fallor : congrats
14:37 Fallor   hopefully he will fix it
14:36 Fallor   I also e-mailed the author of Carp::Clan that his module is not in CPAN
14:36 Fallor   Date::Calc now works :)
14:36 Fallor   I ended up installing Carp::Clan from http://guest.engelschall.com/~sb/download/pkg/Carp-Clan-5.2.tar.gz, and that seemed to do the trick
14:29 hdl      It seems STRANGE to me that FinesCalculation is not using branchcode information.
14:29 owen     No, I don't know
14:29 hdl      s/Ovedues/overdues/
14:28 hdl      owen : do you know if a person is comitted to Ovedues Debugging ?
14:27 hdl      maybe.
14:26 owen     hdl, does that look like the problem?
14:25 owen     opac-main.pl: Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /home/oleonard/koha/production/intranet/modules/C4/Languages.pm line 264.
14:16 owen     Okay, now I've got opaclanguagesdisplay evaluating as true, but my list of languages is empty (an empty <ul>)
14:13 hdl      But should be set to C4::Context->preference imho
14:13 hdl      So that even if you have chosen a different language as opaclanguage.pl
14:12 owen     Why does line 66 of opac-main.pl say "opaclanguagesdisplay => 0," ?
14:12 hdl      It is the fact that Languages takes always eng by default.
14:12 hdl      No.
14:08 owen     Hm, I guess <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="opaclanguagesdisplay" --> is evaluating as false, even though I have it turned on?
14:08 hdl      Do you want me to resend it to you ?
14:07 owen     Hi hdl, I was just trying to try your recent commit of a language chooser of the OPAC, but I'm not seeing it
14:06 hdl      hi owen
14:06 owen     hdl around?
13:55 foxnorth yeah, would certainly be more complex to manage...
13:55 owen     Yeah, I suppose that's possible, but it's a layer of complexity I'm not ready to delve into
13:54 foxnorth haven't tried anything like that myself, though ;/
13:54 foxnorth i wonder if you could have a default background image and then use smth like image magick to take text and generate the appropriate image+text for whatever lang?
13:53 foxnorth ah...
13:53 owen     Trying to weigh the merits and disadvantages of using images with text in a multi-language interface
13:52 foxnorth not much atm :) how 'bout with you?
13:52 owen     What's new, foxnorth?
13:51 foxnorth morning owen
13:47 owen     Hi #koha
13:12 Fallor   well, it doesn't now
13:11 hdl      kados : hi
13:11 hdl      At the time I installed Date::Calc, it worked fine.
13:10 hdl      Nope.
13:09 Fallor   hdl: any suggestion on this Carp::Clan/Date::Calc problem?
13:09 Fallor   Hi hdl :)
13:09 kados    hey fbcit-away
13:04 hdl      I know about perl modules
13:04 hdl      Fallor: hi.
12:52 Fallor   Date::Calc can't be installed because CPAN doesn't have Carp::Clan
12:52 Fallor   no joy :(
12:46 fbcit    s/on/only/g
12:44 fbcit    hdl u around?
12:44 fbcit    g'morning koha
12:44 fbcit    kados around?
12:35 Fallor   apparently not :)
12:20 Fallor   is there anybody here that knows about koha 2.2.9 perl-modules?
12:19 Fallor   hi
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