Time  Nick      Message
14:13 owen      Hi #koha
14:14 paul      hello owen
15:01 kados     g'morning #koha
15:01 kados     today, the alpha of 3 ! :-)
15:02 kados     paul: I want to make sure that you've had time to wrap up any translation issues before I do the alpha, so I'll do it this afternoon
15:02 paul      hi kados.
15:02 paul      i'm working hard on the translation, you're right.
15:03 kados     paul++
15:03 paul      but i'll ignore online help : there are almost 500 new strings those lest 3 days, most of them being from onlinehelp
15:03 paul      I prefer having something in english than something in poor or un-understandable french !
15:03 kados     *nod*
15:04 kados     in time for the beta I'm sure :-)
15:04 paul      I hope
15:05 paul      if one day someone has spare time, there are sterings that could/should be cleaned I'm sure...
15:05 paul      like :
15:05 paul      this is a string
15:05 paul      This is a string
15:05 paul      this is a String
15:05 paul      this is a string:
15:05 paul      4 translations to do where 1 or maybe 2 (the one with :) could be enough
15:06 kados     yep
15:06 kados     I noticed the same thing
15:06 kados     I did some cleanup a while back, but it's really out of control :-)
15:24 Brooke    howdy
15:30 owen      Hi Brooke
15:30 Brooke    :) Hi Own
15:30 Brooke    e
15:30 Brooke    even
15:30 owen      I'll be looking into your scrolling table issue
15:50 Brooke    get out, swank
15:50 Brooke    and I think that's properly Linda's(?)
15:54 owen      Ah, right
15:58 owen      The display of item type images in search results is very spotty
15:59 owen      I can't figure out why they're showing up for only a few items
16:07 paul      owen...
16:07 paul      in acceptorreject, the 2nd tab is labeled "waiting"
16:08 paul      and this word is used in a serial context, where a translation in french is ... not good
16:08 paul      (smiling in fact ;-) )
16:08 paul      what kind of word coud we use instead ?
16:08 paul      "To deal" ?
16:09 paul      s/serial context/holds context/
16:09 owen      Pending
16:09 owen      Or Awaiting Review, maybe
16:10 paul      Pending suggestion is used in acqui-home, so it's OK for me
16:12 paul      thx
16:29 paul      owen : same problem for "recieve", that should be translated to "Réceptionner" for acquisitions ans "Bulletiner" for serials.
16:29 paul      how to deal with that one...
16:33 owen      kados: what do you think?
16:33 kados     that's tough
16:34 kados     receive is the only correct word in english
16:34 kados     maybe we can use receive. and receive ? :-)
16:34 kados     or 'receive serial' vs 'receive order'
16:35 kados     'receive issue' and 'receive order'
16:35 owen      That sounds reasonable to me
16:35 paul      yep, to me too
16:35 kados     'receive issue' and 'receive order' are correct I think for English
16:35 paul      kados : some patches (for translation) do send.
16:36 paul      do I send them directly to you this time ?
16:36 paul      or you'll take care of patches mb before releasing ?
16:36 kados     paul: send to patches please
16:36 paul      do you plan to release with the french translation generated ?
16:36 kados     paul: yes
16:36 paul      (if yes : do you need the syntax to generate ?)
16:36 kados     (nope)
16:37 kados     (unless you want to tell me :-))
16:37 paul      ./tmpl_process3.pl install -i ../../koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en -r -x .*unimarc.* -s po/fr-FR-i-staff-t-prog-v-30000.po -o ../../koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/fr
16:37 paul      for staff (being in misc/translator)
16:37 paul      ./tmpl_process3.pl install -i ../../koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en -r -x .*unimarc.* -s po/fr-FR-i-opac-t-prog-v-30000.po -o ../../koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/fr
16:37 paul      for opac
16:40 kados     thx
16:40 kados     paul: but it will be fr-FR
16:40 paul      no prob for me
16:42 paul      kados : catalogue/showmarc.pl is VERY slow to run on my computer.
16:42 paul      is it slow for you as well ?
16:43 paul      (something like 9-10 seconds to show & 2-3 seconds to close)
16:52 paul_     i've been disconnected. I repeat my last 3 sentences :
16:52 paul_     owen/kados : do you plan to add a lot of online help in the next days/weeks, or is it almost done ?
16:53 paul_     patches.tgz in patches mailbox.
16:53 paul_     time to quit for the week end for me...
16:53 paul_     cheers & happy releasing !
17:01 frederic  hi and happy new year to all!
17:25 hdl       happy new year frederic
19:51 Brooke    must lunch
21:44 owen-away Good luck, alpha-releasers!