Time  Nick     Message
14:40 owen     'morning #koha
14:40 arsenic  hi owen...
14:40 arsenic  :)
16:23 kados    g'morning #koha
16:35 owen     Hi kados
16:44 kados    owen: how's it going?
16:44 owen     Pretty well, how 'bout you?
16:44 owen     Yeah, very quiet so far
16:44 kados    I'm the only one in the office, also kinda quiet
16:44 kados    the fish are active though :-)
16:45 kados    well, I didn't get the RC out last night
16:45 kados    I'm working on making sure the installation is painless on at least one platform
16:45 kados    and I'd like to resolve a few remaining bugs
16:46 kados    so maybe later today, or monday ...
16:46 owen     When I didn't see anything about a release, I had a feeling it was installation stuff
16:46 kados    *nod*
16:46 kados    don't get me wrong, the new installer is really nice ... it's the dependencies that always kill ya ...
16:46 kados    and I kinda crashed around 8:30 last night
17:02 owen     No end to the patron entry bugs...
17:27 kados    owen: yea, chris just noticed dates still aren't working properly
19:59 fbcit    kados: what kind of dep issues are you running into w/installer?
20:01 kados    none now
20:01 kados    just had a few perl mods that weren't playing nicely
20:01 kados    but all resolved now
20:02 fbcit    did you keep a journal?
20:02 kados    I'm wrapping up the README.txt, release notes, and a email to koha-devel
20:02 kados    fbcit: yep, better than that, I've got an install guide for debian etch
20:02 kados    and I added my debian.packages to git
20:02 fbcit    ++
20:03 kados    install on etch business card is down to about a 6 minute operation, depending on your network speed to debian servers and cpan mirror
20:03 fbcit    I have fought all morning to install ZOOM on Win32 :-(
20:05 fbcit    it appears the includes arn't in the c++ stuff
20:05 kados    hmmm, strange
20:05 kados    well, what I'd suggest is asking the yaz list about it
20:05 kados    rather than spending hours and hours ...
20:05 kados    or else write a note to Tumer Garip
20:06 kados    he's done it on windows ...
20:06 fbcit    I just joined the yaz list
20:06 fbcit    I have emailed the fellow who does the current win32 koha
20:06 fbcit    I emailed the ZOOM list earlier in the week
20:06 fbcit    who is Turner Garip?
20:07 fbcit    I'll email him
20:07 kados    Tumer is the lead guy at NEU
20:07 fbcit    I also emailed the author of ZOOM
20:07 kados    library.neu.edu.tr
20:07 kados    they run koha on windows
20:08 fbcit    *if* I ever get this accomplished, I'll write a very detailed how-to
20:08 kados    hehe
20:10 fbcit    admits...
20:10 kados    :)
20:10 fbcit    how do I get in touch with Garip?
20:11 fbcit    am I looking at koha on their homepage?
20:11 kados    lemme track down his email
20:11 fbcit    just found Garip's email...
20:12 kados    cool
20:12 owen     http://library.neu.edu.tr/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl is koha. Lots of customizations to the interface
20:13 owen     kados, he's running his own version, isn't he?
20:21 kados    owen: yea, some code changes as well
20:21 kados    all are in the rel-TG in CVS and quite a few have been ported to 3.0
20:24 fbcit    got an email off to Turner
20:26 fbcit    looks like his music search is down
20:36 fbcit    btw kados: hld's work made a change in buildQuery that could affect Zebra
20:36 fbcit    check this out:
20:37 fbcit    -               $limit.="($availability_limit)";
20:37 fbcit    -               $limit.="($availability_limit)";
20:37 fbcit    +               $limit.="$availability_limit";
20:37 kados    yea, that's really bad
20:37 fbcit    also
20:37 fbcit                 $limit.=" and " if ($query || $limit );
20:38 fbcit    +               $limit.=" not " if ($query || $limit );
20:38 fbcit    I realized when checking back over the patch
20:38 kados    yowser
20:38 fbcit    I'm not sure if that is part of his fix or not...
20:39 fbcit    you'll probably need to reverse those two lines for the time being
20:39 kados    *nod*
20:39 kados    thanks for the heads up
20:39 fbcit    they are the only ones I have seen
20:41 kados    fbcit: http://kados.org/stuff/install.koha.developers.toolkit.debian.etch.txt
20:41 kados    we need a naming convenion for installation guides
20:42 kados    maybe README.Debian.devkit.txt
20:42 kados    ?
20:44 kados    thd-away`: are you there?
20:51 fbcit    I have seen README.win README.deb README.xyz etc
20:51 kados    *nod* ... this is a specific type of install too ... it's specific to the devkit
21:06 thd      kados: yes I am here
21:06 kados    thd: http://kados.org/stuff/README.debian
21:08 thd      kados: I forgot say the most important reason I needed to use a shell script or a batch file for the frameworks export  ...
21:09 thd      Perl cannot capture exit codes from the system to know if your system command worked
21:09 thd      and display an appropriate help message if it did not
21:10 kados    ahh
21:12 thd      parsing for expected values in an output file with Perl is not always adequate compared to having a proper system exit code
21:17 kados    owen: around?
21:17 kados    owen: your patch ' Minor correction to template markup and change to script to allow for more'
21:17 kados    owen: didn't apply cleanly ...
21:17 owen     Okay
21:18 kados    owen: can you rebase and send it directly to rm@koha.org ?
21:19 owen     If not this afternoon, then as soon as I can grab some time
21:19 kados    hx
21:19 kados    thx even :)
21:23 fbcit    kados: mysql> grant all on <kohadatabasename>.* to <kohadatabaseuser> identified by '<kohadatabaseuserpassword>';
21:24 fbcit    isn't user syntax for mysql 'user'@'host'?
21:24 kados    yes
21:24 kados    but I think it works by default with localhost
21:25 fbcit    seems like I had to use 'user'@'localhost' to get things to work right.
21:25 kados    but yea, wouldn't hurt to add that
21:25 kados    README.debian is in Git now
21:25 kados    so feel free to add that :-)
21:26 fbcit    nice guide
21:26 kados    I plan to run through the install one more time once I'm done with the other bits of documentation I'm working on
21:26 kados    I was thinking, before the release, we really need to add daemonization for zebra
21:27 kados    ie, it needs to be as simple as starting apache and doint a2enmod
21:27 kados    that's the one missing piece here ...
21:27 kados    there's the zebraqueue daemon, and the zebra server itself
21:28 chris    i wonder if  anyone has really tested the daemon yet
21:28 kados    I think galen's been running it
21:28 chris    cool
21:28 thd      kados: I see nothing relating to installing from git in the link you posted
21:29 kados    chris: could we come up with a couple quick commands to add the zebra server and zebraqueue daemon to startup scripts?
21:29 chris    if you use debian then easy
21:29 chris    hard for other os's
21:29 kados    yea, this is for debian
21:29 chris    ok you wanna install the daemon package that comes with debian
21:30 fbcit    thd:http://kados.org/stuff/install.koha.developers.toolkit.debian.etch.txt
21:30 kados    thd: use the 'dev' target for perl Makefile.PL
21:30 chris    then just have to write a quite init.d script i did one for zebra a year or so ago
21:30 kados    chris: can you walk me through it? I'm on a fresh debian box and I'll just add that to the debian install guide
21:31 kados    that should be present still ...
21:31 chris    no idea if it ever made it into the 3.0 tree or just dev_week lemme look
21:32 thd      Maintainer: Joshua Ferraro (jmf AT liblime DOT com)
21:32 thd      Feedback/bug reports: jmf@liblime.com
21:33 thd      please send all your bug reports as spam?
21:33 kados    thd: :-)
21:33 kados    thd: yea, I should change that to the convention at the top of the file
21:33 kados    thd: thanks for pointing it out
21:33 chris    ok
21:34 chris    apt-get install daemon
21:34 kados    done
21:34 chris    ok and the script will be something like this
21:34 chris    #!/bin/bash
21:34 chris    PATH=/whatever/the/path/is
21:35 chris    NAME=zebraserver
21:35 thd      is the 'AT' sufficient?   Why is 'DOT' needed?
21:35 chris    LOGDIR=/var/log/zebradaemon.log
21:36 chris    LOGDIR=/var/log/zebradaemon/
21:36 chris    even
21:36 chris    ERRLOG=zebradaemon.err
21:36 chris    STDOUT=zebradaemon.log
21:37 chris    . /path/to/conffile
21:37 chris    export PATH
21:37 chris    zebrasrv=zebrasrv2 (or whatever it is)
21:38 chris    actually make that
21:38 chris    ZEBRASRV=zebrasrv2 (or whatever it is)
21:38 chris    test -f $ZEBRASRV || exit 0
21:38 chris    case "$1" in
21:39 chris      start)
21:39 chris        echo "Starting zebra server"
21:39 chris        daemon --name=$NAME --errlog=$ERRLOG --stdout=$STDOUT --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 -- $ZEBRASRV
21:40 chris         ;;
21:40 chris      stop)
21:40 chris        echo "Stopping zebra server"
21:41 chris         daemon --name=$NAME --errlog=$ERRLOG --stdout=$STDOUT --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 --stop -- $LOOP $ZEBRASRV
21:41 chris        ;;
21:41 chris      restart)
21:41 chris        echo "Restarting zebra server"
21:42 chris        daemon --name=$NAME --errlog=$ERRLOG --stdout=$STDOUT --stdout=$STDOUT --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 --restart -- $ZEBRASRV
21:42 chris      ;;
21:42 chris      *)
21:42 chris        echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/$NAME {start|stop|restart}"
21:42 chris       exit 1
21:43 chris      ;;
21:43 chris    esac
21:43 kados    esac?
21:43 chris    case = esac
21:43 chris    if = fi
21:43 kados    ahh
21:43 kados    case backwards, right
21:43 chris    yep, its a nice bash convention
21:44 kados    ok, cool
21:44 kados    some questions
21:44 chris    it will need to go in /etc/init.d and in the appropriate rc as well
21:44 kados    what's the path?
21:44 chris    where ever your zebrasrv binary lives
21:44 chris    in this case
21:45 kados    /usr/bin/ on debian etch
21:45 kados    how about NAME? can that be anything ?
21:45 chris    yeah
21:45 chris    whatever you call the file
21:45 kados    ok, and can we make the zebraserver run as a specific user?
21:45 kados    and ahve the log dir owned by that user?
21:47 chris    yeah just add a --user=user.group
21:47 chris    to all the daemon lines
21:47 chris    you might want to do
21:47 chris    USER=bob
21:47 chris    GROUP=builder
21:48 chris    --user=$USER.$GROUP
21:48 kados    k
21:48 chris    gotta make sure that user has write permissions to whereever you choose as ur logdir
21:49 kados    will it create the logdir itself?
21:49 chris    nope
21:49 chris    that has to exist
21:49 chris    it will create the log files tho
21:49 chris    you could add a -f test for the dir, and make the bash script make it
21:50 chris    or -d even
21:50 kados    hmmm
21:50 kados    when I run this I get:
21:51 kados    /home/jmf/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token
21:51 kados    newline
21:51 kados    /home/jmf/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml: line 2: '<yazgfs>'
21:51 chris    ahh, actually you probably cant use that conf file
21:51 chris    take the . /path/to/conffile out
21:51 chris    and we will need to add
21:52 chris    ZEBRACONFIG=/path/to/config/file
21:52 chris    and at the end of each daemon line
21:53 chris    after $ZEBRASRV add -f $ZEBRACONFIG
21:53 chris    or is it -c ?
21:53 chris    i forget
21:53 kados    -f
21:53 chris    cool
21:53 chris    try that
21:53 kados    k
21:54 kados    if I run it with no parametrs nothing happens
21:54 kados    shouldn't it warn me with the usage?
21:54 chris    hmm try it with a wrong parameter?
21:54 kados    start stop restart are all unresponsive
21:55 chris    right the -f test is probably failing
21:55 kados    ahh
21:55 chris    test -f $ZEBRASRV || exit 0  that bit ... it might need the full path
21:56 chris    try it with the full path and see if that fixes it
21:57 kados    not following, sorry
21:57 kados    ZEBRASRV needs the full path?
21:57 chris    change the ZEBRASRV=zebrasrv
21:57 kados    got it
21:58 chris    cool
21:58 chris    i think thats the problem
21:58 kados    yea, there we go
21:58 chris    cool
21:58 kados    ok, so we're getting there
21:58 kados    doesn't actually start zebra :-)
21:58 kados    no warnings either
21:58 chris    not in the logs?
21:58 kados    Starting Zebra Server
21:59 kados    no logs
21:59 chris    ok try this
22:01 chris    echo the daemon call
22:01 chris    then cut and paste that and check it runs
22:02 chris    (where are u writing the script?)
22:02 kados    lemme hook you up on the box I'm on
22:03 kados    yea, me too ...
22:14 chris    ok that seems to have to got it
22:14 kados    yea?
22:14 chris    give that a go
22:15 kados     kohaclone/KohaZebraDaemon.sh start
22:15 chris    ull need to be sudo
22:15 kados    Invalid option: --user (only works for root)
22:15 chris    yep
22:15 kados    ahh, ok
22:16 chris    this is for an init.d script ie that root starts on boot
22:16 kados    awesome
22:16 kados    yep
22:16 chris    but if you want to run it as a nonprivileged user
22:16 kados    ok, so how do we get it into init.d
22:16 kados    chkconfig or sth?
22:16 chris    you can remove the --user= bit
22:16 chris    and then it will run as the user you run it as
22:16 kados    cool
22:17 chris    ive only done it the old fashioned way in the past
22:18 chris    ie cp it to /etc/init.d
22:18 kados    guess chkconfig isn't on debian
22:18 chris    and set up a symlink from one of the rc's
22:18 chris    if i could remember what runlevel to put it at
22:19 kados    update-rc.d
22:19 kados    update-rc.d is the Debian utility to install and remove System-V style init script links. Other distributions (such as Red Hat) use chkconfig.
22:19 chris    there we go
22:19 kados    so something like:
22:19 chris    so we copy it to init.d then run that
22:20 chris    saves making the symlinks manually :)
22:20 kados    sudo ln -s KohaDaemon.sh /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
22:20 kados    update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon defaults
22:20 kados    then you can do update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon remove
22:20 kados    to get rid of it
22:20 chris    hmm you'll want to change NAME
22:20 chris    in the script
22:21 chris    to koha-zebra-daemon then
22:21 kados    yea, what do we want to call this thing
22:21 kados    k
22:21 chris    that sounds like a decent name
22:21 kados    you editing it?
22:21 chris    nope
22:23 kados    cool, that seems to work
22:23 kados    now, lets see if ti works when I reboot :-)
22:24 kados    chris: koha-zebra-daemon.sh good for the damon script name?
22:24 kados    nice
22:24 kados    it started on reboot :-)
22:25 chris    yeah daemon is a cool little tool
22:25 kados    ok, so now how about the other daemon
22:25 chris    we used it for cafenet to control the routers
22:25 kados    that one all set?
22:25 chris    ull want to do another script
22:25 chris    pretty much exactly the same
22:26 chris    but changing the name, path, zebrasvr bits etc
22:26 kados    for misc/zebraqueue_daemon.pl instead of zebrasrv?
22:26 chris    yeah
22:26 kados    oh, it has  a new dependency too
22:26 kados    Unix::Syslog
22:26 chris    ahh yeah, and POE
22:26 kados    already got that one
22:27 chris    they are kinda optional . if you want to just use the cron job you dont need them
22:27 chris    i wonder how we handle that
22:30 kados    huh, nothing in the koha zebradaemon log
22:31 chris    its doing stuff tho eh?
22:31 kados    dunno
22:31 chris    ahh got no data in there to try a search?
22:31 kados    zebraqueue is set to 0 after I imported
22:31 kados    hmmm
22:31 kados    I used the marc import to import a batch
22:32 kados    ahh, hang on
22:32 kados    forgot to finalize it :-)
22:32 [K]      <rangi@FreeNode> :)
22:32 kados    heh
22:33 chris    i wonder if we need a
22:33 chris    --output=spec       - Send clientas output to syslog or file
22:33 chris    as well as stdout and the stderr ones
22:33 kados    not a bad idea
22:33 chris    there are all these
22:33 chris     -l, --errlog=spec       - Send daemonas error output to syslog or file
22:33 chris              -b, --dbglog=spec       - Send daemonas debug output to syslog or file
22:33 chris              -o, --output=spec       - Send clientas output to syslog or file
22:33 chris              -O, --stdout=spec       - Send clientas stdout to syslog or file
22:33 chris              -E, --stderr=spec       - Send clientas stderr to syslog or file
22:34 kados    ok, 340 lines in zebraqueue
22:35 kados    they don't seem to be diminishing
22:36 chris    anything in the syslog?
22:36 kados    Dec 22 17:28:06 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [2480]: Starting Zebraqueue log at Sat Dec 22 17:28:06 2007
22:36 kados    Dec 22 17:28:06 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [2480]: Sat Dec 22 17:28:06 2007 POE Session
22:36 kados    Dec 22 17:32:37 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [2480]: 6 operations waiting to be run
22:36 kados    Dec 22 17:32:37 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [2480]: Executing zebra operations
22:36 kados    Dec 22 17:33:08 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [2480]: 94 operations waiting to be run
22:36 kados    Dec 22 17:33:08 kohavm76 Koha Zebraqueue [2480]: Executing zebra operations
22:36 kados    Dec 22 17:34:44 kohavm76 ntpd[2192]: synchronized to, stratum 2
22:37 kados    nothing in the zebradaemon logs
22:37 chris    i suspect we nedd the --output
22:37 kados    for which?
22:37 chris    the zebradaemon
22:38 chris    it looks like zebra isnt writing to stdout or stderr
22:38 chris    any of the rows in the zebraqueue been set to 1?
22:38 chris    (done = 1)
22:38 kados    nope
22:39 kados    well
22:39 kados    the first one
22:39 kados    huh, actually a few now
22:39 kados    maybe it's just taking longer than I expected?
22:39 chris    could be
22:40 kados    stuck at 106 though ...
22:41 chris    ok lets stop it, and stop the zebrasrv daemon
22:41 chris    and then try to get the zebrasrv daemon logging
22:41 kados    k
22:41 chris    so we can see whats happening
22:42 kados    done
22:42 chris    cool ill see if i can get it logging
22:42 kados    k
22:42 chris    
22:44 chris    there we go
22:45 chris    koha-zebradaemon-output.log
22:45 chris    has stuff in it
22:45 chris    sweet
22:46 chris    lets try starting the queue daemon again
22:47 kados    ok
22:47 kados    started
22:48 chris    right if you tail the koha-zebradaemon-output.log
22:48 chris    you can see stuff is going on
22:48 kados    cool
22:48 kados    looks like some errors in the record.abs
22:48 kados    could be a zebra 2.0.20 thing
22:48 chris    yeah
22:49 chris    could be
22:49 kados    so it's pretty fast
22:49 chris    seems to be doing the commits tho anyway
22:49 kados    yea
22:49 chris    so its slowly catching up on the import
22:49 kados    yep
22:49 kados    now to debug the search :-)
22:50 chris    :)
22:51 chris    the next trick would be to document how to get logrotate to rotate these logs
22:51 chris    (thats why i got the queue daemon to write to syslog, ... so i didnt have to :-))
22:52 chris    that can wait tho
22:53 kados    well before that we need to get these daemons playing nicely with the installer
22:54 chris    yep
22:54 chris    i think maybe for rc1 we document how to set up the daemons .. rc2 we make the installer edit them?
22:55 kados    should be pretty trivial to get the installer to edit them
22:55 chris    true
22:56 kados    if we don't get this working, believe me, people will be writing all kinds of messages to the koha list :-)
22:56 kados    'I installed koha but I can't search' :-)
22:56 chris    oh we'll get them anyway :)
22:56 kados    hehe
22:56 chris    i installed this on some system you specifically said it wont work on
22:56 chris    and it doesnt work
22:57 chris    why?
22:57 kados    hehe
22:57 chris    but yeah i get what you mean
22:58 chris    it should be just changing the values we declare at the top of the shell script
22:58 kados    yea, and EU::MM makes that easy
22:58 chris    then if we are running standard, we could do the symlink and update-rc.d
22:58 kados    we've already got the variables
22:58 kados    yea
22:58 chris    running other modes .. ur on ur own :)
22:58 kados    if galen pops in I'll have him do it :-)
22:59 chris    :)
22:59 kados    ok, zebraqueue all updated
22:59 chris    my family are asleep on the couch
22:59 chris    so ive got until they wake up
22:59 kados    hehe
22:59 chris    but im working tomorrow
22:59 kados    sweet
23:00 kados    yea, I plan to just blitz until it's done
23:00 chris    then tuesday wed off, then back to work
23:00 chris    (nz time that is)
23:00 kados    I have the whole weekend, all the way through christmas alone
23:00 chris    ahh tina gone to columbus?
23:00 kados    yea, everyone's gone to visit family
23:01 chris    *nod*
23:01 kados    it's a nice time for me to get alone time
23:01 kados    :-)
23:01 chris    ahh thats right, my uncle in fiji is a witness .. they dont do xmas
23:02 chris    not the gift giving and stuff
23:02 kados    yea
23:02 chris    :-)
23:03 chris    im in it for the bbq turkey
23:03 kados    anyway ... back to debugging search
23:03 chris    :)
23:03 kados    hehe
23:04 chris    one thing to check
23:04 chris    is the searchmylibraryfirst sys pref is off
23:04 chris    that can cause no results
23:05 chris    caught me out at sopac till i released what was happening
23:05 kados    well, there's also some suspect code that's creeped into Search.pm
23:05 chris    *nod*
23:05 chris    ppl have been poking at it a bit lately
23:09 kados    :(
23:09 kados    koha isn't logging to the apache logs :(
23:09 chris    hmm
23:10 kados    whasn't that something to do witht he apache version?
23:10 chris    is it logging to /var/log/apache2/error.log
23:10 chris    yes
23:10 kados    yea, it lots to error.log
23:10 chris    yep afaict after lots of looking
23:10 chris    its a function of the model you choose
23:10 chris    mpm-worker etc
23:11 chris    we run mpm-prefork on arwen which you dont want to run in production its no where near as fast
23:11 chris    but it does log properly :)
23:11 kados    hmmm
23:12 kados    mpm-worker is the one installed by default
23:12 chris    *nod*
23:12 kados    k
23:12 kados    well that sorta defeates the purpose of having koha log files
23:13 chris    yeah they work fine with apache1.3 or prefork
23:13 thd      chris: mpm-prefork nowhere near as fast as what?
23:13 chris    but with the threaded versions
23:13 chris    mpm-worker
23:13 chris    The worker MPM provides a threaded implementation for Apache HTTPD 2.1. It is considerably faster than the traditional model, and is the recommended
23:13 chris    MPM.
23:13 chris    Worker generally is a good choice for high-traffic servers because it has a smaller memory footprint than the prefork MPM.
23:14 thd      chris: is everything thread-safe now?
23:16 chris    yeah unless we have written some really mental perl
23:17 chris    that being said, i know of at least 40 koha's in production running mpm-worker
23:17 chris    with no issues apart from the error log problem
01:07 kados    hehe
01:07 kados    how's the windows one coming?
01:07 kados    fbcit: I just added the daemons along with info on how to use on debian
01:09 fbcit    I've got a half-doz emails out trying to find out how to get ZOOM compiled on Win32
01:11 fbcit    HTML::Template
01:11 fbcit    List::MoreUtils
01:12 fbcit    Net::LDAP::Filter
01:12 fbcit    Net::Z3950::ZOOM
01:12 kados    HTML::Template::Pro is wha tyou want
01:12 fbcit    XML::Dumper
01:12 fbcit    ::LibXML
01:12 fbcit    ::LibXSLT
01:12 fbcit    ::RSS
01:12 fbcit    and Schedule::At is installed, but not working
01:13 fbcit    There are libxml and libxslt ports to Win32, but I have not yet tried to get things in order for these
01:14 fbcit    I hope what I learn doing ZOOM will make the rest somewhat "easier"
01:14 kados    cool
01:14 kados    which windows version?
01:14 kados    2000?
01:14 fbcit    XP
01:14 kados    cool
01:14 fbcit    should be fine for 2K
01:16 fbcit    right, Pro
01:21 fbcit    looks like H::T::Pro just compiled and installed...
01:22 fbcit    yup
02:14 kados    fbcit: pushed up additional stuff ... the zebra daemons now work with the 'standard' install method ... just follow the debian README
02:14 kados    zebra config is now 100% painless :-)
02:14 kados    yay!
02:28 kados    gmcharlt: can we add an option for zebra to run on ports rather than sockets?
02:28 kados    that will expose the SRU capabilities
02:28 kados    which I've added to my release notes
02:29 kados    and I'd like to actually demonstrate how that can work
02:29 kados    it's quite simple
02:29 kados    <listen id="biblioserver" >unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/bibliosocket</listen>
02:29 kados    becomes
02:29 kados    <listen id="biblioserver" >tcp:@:9999</listen>
02:30 kados    ditto for authorityserver (different port thought)
02:30 kados    though I mean
02:31 gmcharlt kados: could the publicserver stuff that exists in koha-conf.xml currently be uncommented out?
02:31 gmcharlt or can Zebra list for biblioserver on both the socket and the port
02:31 kados    that would require setting up a separate zebra instance
02:32 kados    that is periodically updated
02:32 kados    perhaps that's the best way to do it
02:32 gmcharlt can Zebra listen on both, rather
02:32 kados    ahh, no
02:32 gmcharlt not just list
02:32 kados    not that I'm aware of
02:32 kados    but it would be worth experimenting
02:33 kados    hmmm, the daemon isn't stopping or restarting zebra :/
02:34 kados    ahh, zebraqueue was tieing it up
02:36 gmcharlt kados: seems like zebra is willing to listen to both a Unix socket and a TCP port for the same DB
02:36 kados    cool
02:36 kados    that'd be the way to do it then
02:37 kados    hmmm, there are a bunch of parameters missing from the conf file
02:37 kados    stuff that SRU server needs
02:37 kados    I'll add them back in
02:38 gmcharlt kados: actually, ixnay -- Zebra is willing to listen, but then doesn't seem to service Koha correctly
02:39 kados    ahh, bummer
02:39 gmcharlt kados: on other hand, take a look at my  /home/gmc/koha/etc/koha-production.xml
02:39 gmcharlt I have publicserver defined, but it's pointed to same dir a biblioserver
02:40 gmcharlt two interfaces for same DB
02:40 gmcharlt biblioserver for Koha use
02:40 gmcharlt publicserver for external Z39.50
02:40 gmcharlt and I remember that this worked for me a few weeks ago when I was doing some Z39.50 testing
02:41 kados    cool
02:41 gmcharlt so do that in koha-conf.xml, add in the SRU stuff, and it just might work
02:41 kados    k
02:45 kados    gmcharlt: where'd you put the xsl stuff?
02:45 kados    foudn it
02:45 gmcharlt never got that far -- was just testing straight Z39.50
02:45 kados    /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/xslt/
02:45 gmcharlt ah, right
02:48 gmcharlt http://intercal.freeshell.org/dd-ex/
02:54 kados    gmcharlt: http://indexdata.dk/yaz/doc/server.vhosts.tkl
02:54 kados    "The XML below configures a server that accepts connections from two ports, TCP/IP port 9900 and a local UNIX file socket. We name the TCP/IP server public and the other server internal."
02:54 kados    gmcharlt: that looks like what we want, eh?
02:55 gmcharlt kados: yeah, looks like it
02:59 kados    success:
02:59 kados    http://kohavm76.liblime.com:9999/biblios?version=1.1&operation=explain
03:00 kados    http://kohavm76.liblime.com:9999/biblios?version=1.1&operation=searchRetrieve&query=pirate&startRecord=1&maximumRecords=20&recordSchema=dc
03:00 kados    we clearly need a better stylesheet :-)
03:00 gmcharlt success part 2: http://kohavm76.liblime.com:8080/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/search.pl?q=test
03:01 kados    :-)
03:02 gmcharlt kados: what's the OPAC listening on, port 80?
03:02 kados    http://kohavm76.liblime.com:9999/biblios?version=1.1&operation=searchRetrieve&query=pirate&startRecord=1&maximumRecords=20&recordSchema=dc
03:02 kados    yea
03:02 gmcharlt success part 3: http://kohavm76.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=test
03:02 kados    :)
03:02 gmcharlt are there authorities in that DB yet?
03:03 kados    no
03:04 kados    gmcharlt: did you do the standard install?
03:04 kados    following the debian doc?
03:04 gmcharlt not yet
03:06 gmcharlt kados: I added a personal name authority ('Charlton, Galen'), but it isn't showing up in searches
03:06 kados    hmmm
03:06 gmcharlt could you see if it is actually in Db and referenced in zebraqueue?
03:06 kados    yep
03:07 gmcharlt what's value of done?
03:07 kados    it's in there
03:08 kados    it's set to 0 currently
03:08 gmcharlt is zebraqueue_daemon running?
03:08 kados    hehe, oops
03:08 kados    :-)
03:09 kados    I shut it down half hour ago ... sorry :/
03:09 kados    hehe
03:09 kados    ok, started
03:09 kados    513 in the queue
03:09 kados    so you've got a good 10 minutes
03:09 kados    before yours gets indexed :-)
03:10 gmcharlt how about a quick zebra_rebuild.pl -a -r, then
03:11 kados    *nod*
03:12 kados    running now
03:13 kados    akk
03:13 kados    wrong script
03:13 kados    where the heck has zebra_rebuild.pl gone?
03:13 kados    it's not in /usr/share/koha/bin/
03:13 gmcharlt try /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools
03:14 kados    ahh, it's rebuild_zebra
03:14 gmcharlt oops, sorry
03:14 kados    $ /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -a -r
03:14 kados    Can't locate object method "newdir" via package "File::Temp" at /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl line 57.
03:14 kados    I tend to use the _idx one ...
03:14 gmcharlt hmm, must have an older version of File::Temp
03:15 kados    jmf@kohavm76:kohaclone$ sudo -u koha /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -a -r -d tmp
03:15 kados    Zebra configuration information
03:15 kados    ================================
03:15 kados    Zebra biblio directory      = /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios
03:15 kados    Zebra authorities directory = /var/lib/koha/zebradb/authorities
03:15 kados    Koha directory              = /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin
03:15 kados    BIBLIONUMBER in :     999$c
03:15 kados    BIBLIOITEMNUMBER in : 999$d
03:16 kados    ================================
03:16 kados    ====================
03:16 kados    exporting authorities
03:16 kados    ====================
03:16 kados    No such file or directory at /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl line 96.
03:16 kados    indeed, tmp has disappeared
03:16 kados    wow
03:16 kados    yea, it just deletes it
03:17 kados    huh ...
03:17 kados    same thing when tmp is present
03:17 gmcharlt ok, need to update File::Temp via CPAN (should be version 0.20)
03:17 kados    k
03:18 kados    updating
03:18 kados    I'll update makefile too
03:18 kados    same error
03:19 kados    gmcharlt: try your search now
03:19 kados    no luck with my test
03:19 gmcharlt nor mine
03:20 kados    exporting authorities
03:20 kados    ====================
03:20 kados    1=
03:20 kados    then reindexing zebra
03:20 kados    zebra stuff:
03:20 kados    22:19:45-22/12 zebraidx(15608) [log] dir /tmp/emKfADPdmt/authorities
03:20 kados    22:19:45-22/12 zebraidx(15608) [warn] Couldn't open gils.att [Too many open files]
03:20 kados    22:19:45-22/12 zebraidx(15608) [warn] Couldn't load attribute set gils.att [Too many open files]
03:20 kados    22:19:45-22/12 zebraidx(15608) [warn] bib1.att:5: Include of attset gils.att failed
03:20 kados    22:19:45-22/12 zebraidx(15608) [warn] record.abs:51: Bad # of args to melm
03:20 kados    22:19:45-22/12 zebraidx(15608) [warn] record.abs:59: Bad # of args to melm
03:20 kados    22:19:45-22/12 zebraidx(15608) [warn] record.abs:61: Bad # of args to melm
03:20 kados    22:19:45-22/12 zebraidx(15608) [log] add grs.marcxml.record /tmp/emKfADPdmt/authorities/authorities.iso2709 0
03:20 kados    finally:
03:20 kados    22:19:46-22/12 zebraidx(15611) [log] zebra_stop: 0.18 0.01 0.00
03:20 kados    skipping biblios
03:21 kados    ====================
03:21 kados    CLEANING
03:21 kados    ====================
03:21 kados    and that's it
03:21 gmcharlt looks like authority Zebra config is borked
03:21 kados    yea
03:22 gmcharlt extra spaces on lines 51, 59, 61
03:22 kados    *nod*
03:23 kados    22:22:48-22/12 zebraidx(15750) [log] dir /tmp/iWZUVa3J4i/authorities
03:23 kados    22:22:48-22/12 zebraidx(15750) [warn] Couldn't open gils.att [Too many open files]
03:23 kados    22:22:48-22/12 zebraidx(15750) [warn] Couldn't load attribute set gils.att [Too many open files]
03:23 kados    22:22:48-22/12 zebraidx(15750) [warn] bib1.att:5: Include of attset gils.att failed
03:23 kados    but looks like it may have indexed
03:23 kados    still no luck on the search :(
03:25 kados    works
03:25 kados    so it was indexed
03:25 kados    looks like the authority search isn't working
03:25 kados    I'll work on that
03:27 gmcharlt also looks like ./zebradb/authorities/etc/bib1.att includes gils.att, but may be superfluous if also in zebradb/zebra-authorities.cfg
03:27 kados    yea
03:30 fbcit    well, I got XML::LibXML installed using an active perl ppd, but it turns out to be built against perl 5.6 rather than 5.8 :(
03:31 kados    oh, libxml is a special case
03:31 kados    ther's this whole thing where you have to install compatible versions of libxlm2 and XML::LibXML
03:31 kados    http://osdir.com/ml/lang.perl.xml/2004-03/msg00028.html
03:32 kados    sounds like there are install hardships :/
03:32 fbcit    w/M$ its all a special case...
03:32 fbcit    though the EU is making them pay...
03:32 fbcit    hehe
03:32 kados    :)
03:33 fbcit    samba'
03:33 fbcit    s
03:33 fbcit    happy
03:33 gmcharlt kados: just sent patch to allow rebuild_zebra.pl work with older version of File::Temp
03:33 kados    cool
03:33 kados    man, I think I'm gonna have to rewrite this authorities search API :/
03:34 gmcharlt eep
03:34 kados    maybe not ...
03:34 kados    but it's ugly :/
03:36 kados    it appears to me that it was re-written to only work for nozebra :/
03:37 kados    ok, well I've been at it for 15 hours now ...
03:37 kados    I need to tak a break
03:37 kados    will work on authority searching when I get back :/
03:37 gmcharlt kados: see you later
03:38 fbcit    gmcharlt: got HTML::Template::Pro to compile and install tonight
03:38 gmcharlt fbcit++
03:38 fbcit    that leaves just the XML series and ZOOM
03:38 fbcit    and modifying S::At at some point.
03:39 gmcharlt fbcit: I think POE might be usable for replacing S::At -- chris might have a better idea since he used it last
03:40 fbcit    we'll definitely have to distribute prebuilt modules for these odd ones on Win32
03:41 fbcit    I'm not sure on the best approach
03:41 fbcit    perhaps a separate installer
03:41 gmcharlt fbcit: yeah
03:41 fbcit    perl on win32 is limited to about 3 choices I think
03:42 fbcit    active perl uses a somewhat different approach as best I can tell
03:42 fbcit    whereas strawberry and vanilla are straight ports of unix perl
03:43 gmcharlt and thus are theoretically a bit easier for us to deal with
03:45 fbcit    right
03:46 fbcit    libraries and includes seem to be the sticking point when building modules that do calls to c libraries on Win32
03:47 fbcit     and my C is very dusty :-\
03:48 gmcharlt fbcit: my C is not so dusty, so I can try to help, although my Win32 programming experience is nil
03:51 fbcit    regardless of what pathing scheme I use with the complier, it always complains bitterly about undefined references in the header files specific to the module
03:51 fbcit    I even went to the trouble
03:52 fbcit    of hardcodeing the absolute pathing to them in the xs file (for ZOOM)... still no joy
03:53 fbcit    to see what I mean
03:53 gmcharlt fbcit: have you seen this: http://win32.perl.org/wiki/index.php?title=Vanilla_Perl_and_GnuWin32#LibXML_install
03:55 fbcit    ahh, I am just now downloading stuff from Zlatkovic's site...
03:55 fbcit    how coincidental
03:55 fbcit    but grab a tarbal of ZOOM from cpan and try using dmake to compile it
03:55 fbcit    you'll see what I'm fighting...
04:25 gmcharlt fbcit: I see what you mean -- I got ZOOM to compile after a few Makefile changes, but make test fails with
04:26 gmcharlt failure to load the compiled ZOOM.dll
04:31 fbcit    gmcharlt: I'm also trying some of the other suggestions from the page you pointed out earlier...
04:32 fbcit    it may put the dll in the wrong place
04:32 fbcit    or the pathing in %PATH% maybe missing
04:32 fbcit    I note from the win32.perl.org page:
04:32 fbcit    After following the instructions, during "cpan XML::LibXML", a popup appeared complaining that iconv.dll couldn't be found, so I copied the libiconv2.dll to iconv.dll in the mingw/bin directory, and it seems to work.
04:32 fbcit    a smiliar problem may be the case with ZOOM.dll
04:34 fbcit    what were your changes to Makefile?
04:37 fbcit    XML::LibXML::Common is built and installed...
04:39 gmcharlt fbcit: in ZOOM's Makefile.PL, manually set $yazver, $yazinc, and $yazlibs
04:40 fbcit    XML::LibXML is built and installed...
04:40 gmcharlt in Makefile added c:\yaz\lib\yaz.lib in EXTRALIBS
04:56 fbcit-1  I'm surprised that moving the dll to perl/bin does not resolve the issue...
05:16 fbcit-1  ok
05:16 fbcit-1  I cannot read
05:16 fbcit-1  its late
05:17 kados    :)
05:17 fbcit-1  gmcharlt: copy yaz.dll to perl/bin and ZOOM Tests out fine
05:17 fbcit-1  0015 here btw
05:18 gmcharlt fbcit-1: tried that, but doesn't work -- must have messed something else up
05:18 gmcharlt fbcit-1: but if works for you, that's progress
05:18 fbcit-1  gmcharlt: bottom line here: Result: PASS
05:18 fbcit-1  ZOOM.dll may also need to be in perl/bin
05:19 fbcit-1  AAMOF, all dll's may need to be in that dir to make them easy for perl.exe to find
05:20 kados    arsenic_: you really there?
05:20 kados    arsenic_: if you're up for it, there is now a very sane process for installing koha with zebra on debian etch
05:20 gmcharlt fbcit-1: looks I hadn't gone far enough -- yaz.dll depends on a couple other DLLs, which I didn't do yet
05:20 gmcharlt so that's my problem
05:20 kados    arsenic_: grab the latest git snapshot and take a gander at README.debian
05:20 fbcit-1  gmcharlt: also, I had to add the path to yaz to LDLOADLIBS in Makefile
05:21 gmcharlt fbcit-1: I'm starting to get cross-eyed myself, but will do more testing tomorrow
05:21 fbcit-1  :)
05:21 kados    fbcit-1: you gonna put together README.win32? :-)
05:21 fbcit-1  nah... let'm all do it the hard way... ;-)
05:21 fbcit-1  YES!
05:21 kados    hehe
05:22 fbcit-1  and to think...
05:22 kados    :)
05:22 fbcit-1  I'm not even going to run this thing on Win32
05:22 fbcit-1  tnx gmcharlt
05:23 gmcharlt no problem -- and thanks for kicking off the Win32 packaging
05:23 fbcit-1  gmcharlt: you were a great help on this
05:23 fbcit-1  I still have an issue with LibXML, though
05:24 gmcharlt thanks; what's the issue?
05:24 fbcit-1  Warning: XML::LibXML compiled against libxml2 20630, but runtime libxml2 is older 20623
05:24 kados    fbcit-1: yea, that's what I was warning you about ...
05:24 kados    fbcit-1: libxml has this prob where you have to install compatible versions of libxml2 and XML::LibXML
05:25 kados    fbcit-1: http://www.mail-archive.com/perl4lib@perl.org/msg01006.html
05:25 kados    fbcit-1: some deails in that post are wrong, but the gist is correct
05:39 fbcit-1  found and fixed
05:41 kados    yay
05:41 gmcharlt fbcit-1: was it two copies of one of the DLLs?
05:43 fbcit-1  libxml.dll vs libxml2.dll
05:44 fbcit-1  I'll have to do this again on a clean os install to be sure I have it all together right
05:45 fbcit-1  kados: I don't know if the Win32 part will be ready for the dev release, but should be for the beta (if you do that)
05:46 kados    fbcit-1: well, no rush atm
05:46 kados    fbcit-1: I've got three or four bugs that will probably take me most of tomorrow to resolve
05:47 fbcit-1  I'll be gone for a week beginning Dec 29th where there are *no* computers... :-)
05:47 kados    wow, lucky you :-)
05:47 chris    botswana?
05:47 chris    :)
05:47 gmcharlt fbcit-1: good idea
05:48 fbcit-1  chris: in the mountains of good old Viriginia
05:48 gmcharlt was kind of getting the impression that if the place had computers to start with, it wouldn't shortly after you arrived ;-)
05:48 chris    same diff :-)
05:48 chris    give or take a few thousand miles
05:49 chris    and a few degrees of temperature
05:49 fbcit-1  we'll be about a mile from the nearest paved road
05:49 chris    nice :)
05:49 chris    i hear its really pretty there
05:50 fbcit-1  if the power goes out, you're lucky if it comes back on by the next day... :)
05:50 fbcit-1  beautiful... but I'm partial since I spent the greater part of my life there.
05:54 kados    night all...
05:54 gmcharlt good night kados
05:54 fbcit-1  g'night
05:54 chris    night, i proposer we release tomorrow night at 11.50pm nz time
05:54 chris    (christmas eve in nz) then xmas day will get a new Koha :-)
05:54 fbcit-1  :-)
05:55 gmcharlt yay!
05:55 fbcit-1  I'm going to try to compile LibXSLT and then... to bed.
05:58 gmcharlt heading to bed myself -- good night chris and fbcit-1
05:58 chris    night galen, thanks heaps for all your work, and you too the other chris, and of course thanks joshua too
06:07 fbcit-1  libxslt says no, so I'm off to bed too
06:07 fbcit-1  g'night chris
06:08 fbcit-1  night gmcharlt