Time  Nick        Message
11:01 kados       paul: patches all pushed
11:01 paul        great !
11:01 kados       paul: except one that I 'rejected' because mason had another fix, I emailed it to you
11:02 paul        i've seen
11:02 kados       hdl: I have sent the fix to truncation, please test and let me know if you find more probs
11:06 hdl         kados: last patch pushed on origin I have is : 5f43dddef5637cb0cf8c8a067a116f9fb96e115c
11:06 hdl         Fix for bug 1528, template not translatable
11:06 kados       try again, I just now pushed up to git.koha.org
11:07 kados       http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=summary
11:07 kados       8 min ago
11:07 kados       	Mason James
11:07 kados       	fix for 1521, boolean test for 'autobarcode' syspref ...
11:31 kados       paul: i can't get subject cloud in the OPAC to work
12:16 kados       hiya jaron
12:17 jaron       hey kados
12:28 kados       morning owen
12:28 owen        Hi kados
12:30 owen        I hope someone can look at Kyle's improvements to the reserve system and see about getting them incorporated into 3.0
12:32 kados       he committed them to dev_week, right?
12:32 owen        Yes
12:32 kados       owen: can you file a bug on that so we don't forget?
12:32 owen        Sure
12:35 kados       I'd put it under circulation for now
12:36 kados       I was debating that just now
12:36 owen        yeah, I noticed
12:36 paul        mm... too much component may result in confusing choice, be carefull...
12:37 paul        Could we have components & sub-cmoponents, like
12:37 paul        cataloguing
12:37 paul        circ
12:37 kados       paul: yes, I was, I just added some of the tools that were added recently, like 'Task Scheduler' 'Patron Import' and 'MARC Import'
12:37 paul            - issues/returns
12:37 kados       hmmm
12:37 paul              - transferts
12:37 paul              - holds
12:37 paul        ...
12:37 kados       no subcomponents :(
12:37 kados       at least not with this version of bugzilla
12:38 kados       morning atz
12:38 paul        hello atz
12:38 kados       paul: do we need both Full and Simple acquisitions still?
12:38 paul        nope
13:07 ryan        paul: did you or SAN-OP have performance problems with Calendar.pm ?
13:09 kados       hmmm, should just use Dates.pm, no?
13:10 ryan        well, it used to use Calendar.pm
13:13 atz         greets
13:15 ryan        hi atz
13:17 atz         probably should put some comment in Dates.pm like "what this is NOT"
13:17 atz         specifically, it's not going to do any calculations for you
13:24 kados       email should be back up shortly
13:24 kados       oops, wrong channel :-)
14:06 lea         hello. It's been a while.
14:06 kados       hi lea
14:08 lea         hi kados :D
14:08 lea         I checked in to find out the status of koha 3. Any news?
14:09 kados       it's getting there
14:12 kados       lea: http://staff-jmf.dev.kohalibrary.com
14:15 lea         thanks. Is there a way to browse the catalogue?
14:16 kyle        FYI, I just comitted the new reserves to dev_week, in case anyone wants to try it out. I hope I committed all the neccessary files ; )
14:17 kados       lea: there is, but it's not enabled on this demo
14:17 kados       kyle: cool, yea, we'll get it in 3.0
14:17 kados       kyle++
14:17 kados       lea: do you mean browse or search?
14:18 lea         browse
14:19 lea         ok, no problem
14:19 lea         any plans to support openid?
14:20 kados       I'm not aware of anyone working on that
14:23 hdl         lea : maybe soon since we plan to interact with Drupal 6.
14:23 kados       hdl: that will make owen happy, as NPL's website is in Drupal
14:24 hdl         biblibre is Drupal-based ;)
14:24 kados       cool
14:24 owen        lea, how would you see Koha using openid?
14:25 hdl         kados : I have problems with commits on templates.
14:25 hdl         (patch applying)
14:26 hdl         Do you also have problems sometimes ?
14:26 hdl         How do you solve them
14:26 kados       hmmm, what is the problem?
14:28 paul        kados, I think you made something wrong... my import_biblios table is now 4 500 000 and 1.4GB !!! (from a 57 000 marc_breeding initial talble)
14:28 paul        (
14:28 kados       paul: must have had stuff in your breeding farm I'm guessing
14:28 kados       gmcharlt: ?
14:29 paul        yep. 57 000 biblios
14:29 gmcharlt    kados?
14:29 paul        but why is there 4.5M records in marc_breeding ???
14:29 kados       gmcharlt: just wondering if you know the answer to paul's question
14:30 kados       I did find one bug in the last db update
14:30 kados       that I patched
14:31 kados       that was 0.17 though
14:31 kados       .017 I mean
14:31 kados       @a wasn't properly escaped
14:32 gmcharlt    paul: how many rows in import_batches?
14:32 paul        8
14:32 Thierry     hello
14:32 paul        hello Thierry
14:32 kados       hi Thierry
14:33 gmcharlt    paul: and how many in import_records
14:33 paul        52 947
14:33 paul        (and 55 000 in marc_breeding)
14:33 paul        and 4 774 002 in import_biblios
14:34 gmcharlt    think I'm getting closer -- how many distinct values of z3950random in marc_breeding
14:39 paul        gmcharlt: something like 1000
14:39 gmcharlt    right, not random enough -- my bad for try to treat it like it was a primary key
14:40 gmcharlt    will send you a patch in a bit to fix transfer of marc_breeding
14:40 gmcharlt    for now, import_* tables can be dropped from your test DB if you want
14:40 paul        gmcharlt: too late ;-), can wait for official patch now
14:40 paul        except, I can't do that because of transactions. I have to wait until it's done (5 hours now...)
14:41 paul        (and I have a SCSI 10k RPM disk...)
14:41 hdl         kados : cannot apply patches for instance on step3.tmpl but also on subscription-add.tmpl
14:41 gmcharlt    :(
14:41 gmcharlt    mea maxima culpa
14:41 kados       hdl: step3.tmpl for installer?
14:41 hdl         yes.
14:41 kados       hdl: maybe you have changes you haven't comitted?
14:41 kados       hdl: and subscription-add.tmpl, it's because I rejected one of paul's patches on that file
14:41 hdl         No. I reverted to your version.
14:41 kados       so you can git revert paul's change, and it will work
14:42 gmcharlt    paul: if you wouldn't mind, could you add a bug to bugzilla quickly
14:53 paul        gmcharlt: done (1535à
14:53 paul        )
14:53 gmcharlt    paul: thanks
15:04 kados       hdl: the installer I'm not sure ..., but I"m pretty sure the subscription-add prob is related to paul's patch
15:05 hdl         Maybe. It is the patch I sent under Managing Independant Branches that I have problem to apply.
15:08 kados       strange
15:08 kados       did I push that patch up?
15:09 atz         does anybody know the best way to upgrade Damn Small Linux (DSL) to a full Debian install?
15:14 kados       I wonder if you can just edit the /etc/apt/sources.list, remove DSL and add full distro sources, then do apt-get dist-upgrade
15:14 gmcharlt    paul: patch in bugzilla
15:15 hdl         kados : not yet.
15:16 hdl         But I reverted my patches to get up to date.
15:16 hdl         And tried to reapply all my commits.
15:19 kados       hmmm, you reverted all your patches?
15:19 kados       shouldn't need to do that
15:19 kados       should just be able to do:
15:19 kados       git fetch
15:19 kados       git rebase origin
15:27 hdl         I usually do that
15:27 hdl         But sometimes (and quite regularly in fact) rebase fails.
15:28 hdl         And I have to manage conflicts.
15:28 paul        - edit the conflict file
15:28 paul        - git add conflictfile
15:28 paul        - git rebase --continue
15:29 hdl         I did so but sometimes it doesnot show any conflict in conflicting file.
15:29 hdl         So hard to know what conflicts.
15:30 paul        ??? never had that case
15:30 Thierry     Someone can help me please ? i have a problem when i try to install the perl module MARC::XML "-running make test can't test without succesful make - runing make install -make had return bad status, install seems impossible"
15:31 kados       Thierry: can you go to the #code4lib channel on irc.freenode.net and ask miker for help?
15:31 hdl         Is there any reason why tests fail ?
15:31 hdl         If not, you can try forcing install.
15:32 kados       Thierry: there have been a few reports of errors recently, and he's trying to figure out what they are caused by
15:37 paul        kados : do you think it is possible to add the author to the RSS feed of git ?
15:38 paul        to see the commit title + author
15:38 kados       paul: chris might know
15:38 paul        I fill a bug to him
15:38 kados       paul: file a bug under www.koha.org
15:38 kados       :-)
15:38 paul        should I say fill or file ?
15:39 kados       file
15:39 paul        litteral french translation would be fill
15:39 kados       I think file is the convention
15:39 kados       in english
15:42 [K]         *** join #koha@FreeNode: thierry n=chatzill@LNeuilly-152-21-103-5.w193-253.abo.wanadoo.fr
15:42 [K]         *** part FreeNode!#koha: thierry n=chatzill@LNeuilly-152-21-103-5.w193-253.abo.wanadoo.fr
15:48 hdl         kados : about M::F::X is there a new version which take my patch for UNIMARCAUTH into account ?
15:49 kados       I don't know, you can try the testing version on CPAN
15:49 kados       0.87_0 I think
15:58 foxnorth    kados: if you've got a sec, refresh biblios and try out the facets again
16:00 hdl         kados: why is there no rightANDleft truncation possibility ?
16:01 kados       hdl: I am running zebra 2.0.16 and it doesn't support rightANDleft ... does 2.0.18 support it?
16:01 kados       hdl: if so, I will upgrade and fix
16:01 hdl         I think so. I tested and it worked for me.
16:01 kados       ok, I'll upgrade and fix
16:03 hdl         But you are deleting rightandlefttruncated words like *tique* when doing a search And this surprised me.
16:03 kados       hmmm, deleting?
16:04 kados       hdl: where do you see them being deleted?
16:05 hdl         I did parti* *tique* in main box.
16:05 kados       hdl: I didn't change your code much in the _add_trunation sub
16:05 kados       ok
16:08 kados       so that should produce rtrn:parti* and rltrn:*tique*
16:08 hdl         no.
16:08 kados       it just delets the rltrn
16:08 kados       strange
16:08 hdl         rtrn:parti and rltrn:tique
16:10 kados       it's being saved as regex
16:11 kados       hmmm
16:11 kados       not being returned correctly it seems
16:12 kados       push @rightlefttruncated,$word;
16:12 kados       never happens
16:12 kados       if (index($word,"*")==0 && index($word,"*",1)==length($word)-2){
16:12 kados       isn't matching
16:12 kados       I didn't author 'if (index($word,"*")==0 && index($word,"*",1)==length($word)-2){' :-)
16:14 kados       index STR,SUBSTR,POSITION
16:14 kados       so that won't match properly
16:15 kados       index($word,"*",-1) maybe?
16:21 mj          hi! is there a location where I can download a beta for koha 3?
16:21 kados       mj: git.koha.org
16:21 mj          thanks. going to take a look.
16:25 hdl         kados : liblime is undergoing a mailserver problem ?
16:26 mj          and I'm looking for koha 2.3.x? (not koha 3.x)
16:30 kados       hdl: yes, are you getting bounced messages?
16:30 hdl         yes
16:30 kados       shoot
16:30 kados       there should be a backup mailserver taking over
16:30 kados       we had two disk failures in a raid 5 array
16:30 kados       rebuilding now
16:40 paul        everybody says hello to osaury, that is Olivier Saury, that works with us
16:40 kados       hi osaury, welcome to #koha
16:40 mj          hello osaunry, from holland.
16:41 hdl         kados : is it normal I have no location no itemcount, no holding information ?
16:41 kados       hdl: normal for what?
16:42 hdl         normal for search result lists after your commits ?
16:42 kados       hdl: I fixed rightANDleftruncation
16:43 hdl         what was the error ?
16:43 kados       -           if (index($word,"*")==0 && index($word,"*",1)==length($word)-2){
16:43 kados       -               $word=\*//;
16:43 kados       +           if (index($word,"*")==0 && index($word,"*",1)==length($word)-1){
16:43 kados       +               $word=\*//g;
16:43 kados       I'm not sure who wrote the first piece, it wasn't me
16:49 hdl         was me.
16:49 hdl         hi asaury
17:06 atz         there's a lot of code that makes repeated calls to index instead of using one RegExp
17:08 atz         what is that conditional trying to say?
17:09 fbcit-away  kados: Is there any reason 3.0 should not run in its current state?
17:10 atz         "if $word starts w/ '*' and has another '*' at the end, remove both."
17:11 atz         ^^ is that a correct interpretation?
17:12 atz         $word =~ s/^\*(.*)\*$/$1/;
17:17 hdl         atz : i simply thought that index would be quicker than regexp.
17:18 atz         generally speaking, that is true.
17:19 hdl         if that is not true. I will use regexp.
17:20 atz         i don't think i'm familiar w/ this notation:  $word=\*//;
17:21 atz         is that a regexp substitution or a shorthand "tr" ?
17:35 atz         if it is an RE, and if you expect the conditions to be true frequently, then one RE would be faster than the conditionals plus the RE
21:43 hdl         atz : you won.
21:48 hdl         kados: facets order display is quite fuzzy. Would it be possible to set it ?
21:50 hdl         kados : are you working on search.pl ?
22:14 aklibrarian Hello,
22:15 aklibrarian I have everything on the computer.  I just don't know what to type in for Koha to be installed.
22:16 chris       hey darla
22:16 chris       so you are up to this bit?
22:16 chris       http://matthew.metzger.cc/wiki/index.php?title=Install_Koha_on_Ubuntu_6.06#Installing_Koha
22:17 chris       subsitute 2.2.9 for 2.2.5
22:17 chris       and thats what you need to do
22:19 aklibrarian I have done that.  I got the tarball although from a different source(I couldn't download it due to restrictions so I ftp'd it.)
22:19 aklibrarian I can't figure out how to start the Install
22:20 chris       this bit ?
22:20 chris       sudo perl installer.pl
22:20 chris       (after you have uncompressed the tarball, and cd'd to it)
22:21 aklibrarian Thanks.
22:21 aklibrarian That got me started.
22:21 chris       cool
22:22 aklibrarian I need chocolate to continue!!
22:23 chris       hehe
22:24 fbcit-1     kados:I started on converting the installer to pg today.
22:35 aklibrarian Do the files that are marc-charset: marc-lint and so on need to be in the same file as the Koha?
22:37 chris       no, they just have to be installed
23:03 aklibrarian Chris, are you still there.  I moved the MARC fils to the Koha file and they are working as expected for now.
23:04 chris       hmm did you install them?
23:04 chris       because if not, they might not work once they are installed
23:04 chris       once koha is installed sorry
23:06 aklibrarian I tried to install now, thought I did it last Saturday.  I got "Cannot install NET::Z3950, don't know what it is
23:06 aklibrarian The last part was part of the quote
23:09 chris       if there are missing modules, the installer will complain .. so if it complained about the missing MARC ones, they might need to be installed
23:10 aklibrarian I am working on that now.
23:10 chris       sweet :)
23:47 aklibrarian Why does spelling have to be so precise
23:48 kados       aklibrarian: yea, I'm bad at spelling too
23:48 aklibrarian I got into a program I can't figure out how to exit
23:48 kados       which one?
23:49 aklibrarian I don't know.  just has a > as a prompt
23:49 kados       try Ctrl-c
23:49 aklibrarian Thank you
23:52 atz         Ctrl-D sends "end of file" (i.e., end of input, if it is expecting input, like if you say "cat" w/ no argument)
23:52 atz         Ctrl-D is "abort", effectively
23:52 atz         Ctrl-C is "abort", effectively
23:52 atz         (not D....)
00:19 aklibrarian Hi again,
00:20 aklibrarian What does it mean in I can't test my php?  This is early in the installation on Ubuntu
00:21 masonj      darla, for a koha install, or ubuntu install?
00:22 aklibrarian Getting Ubuntu ready for Koha
00:23 masonj      koha doesnt need php, so u must be doing an ubuntu install , i guess?
00:23 masonj      ah, snap
00:38 aklibrarian I am back again.
00:38 aklibrarian When I run a check on the php, it comes up that there is no such file or directory
00:40 aklibrarian But then there is no period.  Is this a set up  in Linux I would do?
00:41 masonj      $ which php
00:41 aklibrarian php5
00:42 masonj      cool, looks like youve got php on then :)
00:51 aklibrarian I am looking at setting my loopback interface.  I think that is where the error is.
00:54 chris       heya dan
00:59 dbs         Hey Chris!
00:59 dbs         I've scared all the little kids away from my house. Back to code.
00:59 chris       hehe
01:02 aklibrarian If you scare them away they don't bring you chocolate
01:20 aklibrarian Atz, let's visit.  I was smart enough to not buy any candy, so I am lacking.
01:34 masonj      ive been thinking about chocolate all morning
01:40 aklibrarian I want pie.  I think I want anything except for the chicken noodle soup that is for dinner.  Traveling is the pits.
01:44 fbcit-1     kados:ping
04:33 aklibrarian Chris?
04:34 aklibrarian I have had success and it is fully installed.
05:32 chris       wooo