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12:38 owen  hdl: thanks for your memberentry fixes
12:39 hdl   is this OK now ?
12:39 hdl   it is for me
12:39 owen  I'm just looking at it now.
12:45 owen  I do see one problem: If I edit just one "step" of the record, the login and password are lost
12:48 hdl   any step ?
12:49 owen  Step 1 or 2
13:10 hdl   owen : found : sending the patch.
13:45 hdl   kados ?
13:45 hdl   hi CGI737
13:57 qiqo  hello everyon
13:57 qiqo  e
14:01 qiqo  hmm
14:01 owen  Hi qiqo
14:02 qiqo  owen i have a question
14:06 owen  qiqo: go ahead, I'll help if I can
14:07 qiqo  is koha capable of being the ils of a national library
14:14 owen  Koha can be the ils of a national library if it has all the features required by that library, and if it scales sufficiently for the size of the library. The library should also consider whether they have the technical know-how to set up and maintain it
14:15 qiqo  ohhh cool
14:15 owen  You can't really answer the question unless you know all the library's requirements
14:30 kados qiqo: a couple national libraries already use koha
14:30 kados qiqo: cook islands for instance
14:30 kados samoa I think too
14:30 paul  hi kados.
14:30 kados morning #koha
14:30 paul  kados : we should advertise more that !
14:30 paul  (I didn't knew that)
14:30 kados paul: yes, we should!
14:30 kados koha.org needs more content
14:36 qiqo  it should have success stories
14:36 qiqo  i mean, migrating from proprietary to opensource
14:38 qiqo  well ive been teaching koha in our university
14:40 atz   qiqo: as librarianship, or programming ?
14:40 qiqo  librarianship
14:40 atz   cool
14:40 qiqo  in cataloguing specially
14:41 qiqo  professors usually invite me for 2 sessions, and students tend to be in their workstations
14:42 atz   how do the students react to koha?
14:42 qiqo  well it's a new thing to them
14:42 qiqo  but they get the idea of having an ILS
14:42 qiqo  before, they dont discuss online ILS
14:43 qiqo  so right now im drafting the information systems strategic plan of my college
14:43 qiqo  and im including koha as the official ILS for cataloguing
14:43 qiqo  and also for other modules
14:44 qiqo  btw we also developed our own ILS, just that i dont like it
14:44 qiqo  ilib.up.edu.ph
14:44 qiqo  http://ilib.upd.edu.ph/
14:45 atz   is ilib open source also?
14:45 qiqo  nope
14:45 qiqo  its inhouse develped
14:46 atz   i see why you don't like it   :)
14:46 qiqo  and we wasted millions of money on that
14:46 paul  qiqo : then you can say it's opensource ;-)
14:46 paul  it's just open for you !
14:46 qiqo  not really
14:46 paul  (which is the strict definition of opensource : user CAN see/modify/distribute the code)
14:46 qiqo  these people from our computer science department are such idiots
14:46 qiqo  that our university hired two batches of programmers
14:47 qiqo  and still that program is not yet working
14:47 atz   yeah, my 1st click gets an error!
14:47 atz   java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
14:47 qiqo  lol
14:47 qiqo  see!
14:47 qiqo  hahaha
14:48 qiqo  that uses xserve!
14:49 qiqo  well it's been 6 years in development and nothing works
14:49 qiqo  even circulation during training period crashed!
14:49 qiqo  lol
14:50 atz   At least they ripped off of decent CSS.
14:51 qiqo  lol
14:51 qiqo  yeah,, they are good at css and not with java
14:51 qiqo  trying to complicate things so other non java programmers wont get their jobs
14:52 atz   that will be a pretty hard argument as koha  continues to gain popularity and prominence
14:53 qiqo  well that's why i want koha to be the ils of very prominent institution in my country
14:53 qiqo  *institutions
14:53 qiqo  and i will keep on convincing them that this is a great matured product
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09:36 paul  chris around or sleeping ?
09:37 paul  (a large patch in your mailbox...)