Time  Nick   Message
11:23 kados  cool
11:22 paul   i'll write something on the wiki once we have solved our problem
11:22 kados  *nod*
11:22 paul   (it's a bout having my branch, & hdl cloning it then pushing it's commit to me)
11:21 kados  maybe you can add notes to the wiki?
11:21 kados  hehe, that's good to know
11:21 paul   we are doing "typical newbies mistakes" ;-)
11:21 kados  sweet
11:21 paul   hdl & me have join irc.freenode.net #git & found some help here
11:21 paul   hello kados.
11:20 kados  morning all
11:20 kados  paul: maybe some git probs you wanted to ask about?
11:20 paul   [K] : yes i'm around. email chris about what ?
11:14 [K]    <ru55el@FreeNode> hi paul - if you are still around - might pay to email chris - he was pretty tired today
08:45 paul   we have some git problems & questions...
08:45 paul   chris around ???
02:35 thd    chris: I have a question about submitting compressed git patches.
02:28 kados  thd: http://www.techsource.ala.org/blog/2007/08/enterprise-open-source.html
02:28 thd    chris: are you there?
02:28 thd    ?
02:28 thd    kados: rereading what article
23:08 kados  heh, yea
23:08 chris  she still doesnt get it, but at least she isnt badmouthing it
23:07 chris  yeah
23:07 chris  is her opinion
23:07 kados  http://www.techsource.ala.org/blog/2006/07/its-too-darn-hot-a-curmudgeons-asides.html
23:07 kados  compared to say:
23:07 chris  whoever has talked to her last
23:07 chris  shes so wishywashy
23:07 kados  man, re-reading that article, Karen's really turned the corner on OSS
23:06 chris  hey brooke
22:40 Brooke yo
20:13 kados  'hold list'
20:12 kados  it's probably similar to the reservation list
20:12 kados  but I'm not sure how the data is collected
20:12 kados  I think they are reports
20:11 owen   kados, do you know what 'transfers to do' and 'transfers to receive' are for?
19:33 dewey  hey, Brooke
19:33 Brooke howdy
19:26 dewey  salut, owen
19:26 owen   Hi
19:26 kados  hey owen