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19:52 pananohacker Hello.
19:52 pananohacker Anybody alive?
19:52 jaron        hi
19:52 jaron        mostly alive
19:53 pananohacker Can you help me with a Koha error?
19:53 pananohacker HTML::Template->output() : fatal error in loop output : HTML::Template::param() : attempt to set parameter 'issues' with an array ref - parameter is not a TMPL_LOOP! at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/HTML/Template.pm line 3069, referer: http://weaverhome.rlogin.org:8000/cgi-bin/koha/opac-user.pl
19:54 jaron        Do other things work?
19:55 jaron        ok, I see now that you've got a site up
19:55 pananohacker Yeah.
19:55 jaron        I've never seen that error before myself
19:55 pananohacker Damn.
19:55 jaron        I'd try to mailing list
20:07 pananohacker Fixed by downgrading.
20:07 pananohacker Thanks!
20:07 pananohacker Bye.
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21:35 masonj_      morning #koha
21:40 [K]          <darcilicious@FreeNode> afternoon :)
21:40 masonj_      heya darci
21:40 [K]          <darcilicious@FreeNode> heya! :) how's it going?
21:46 masonj_      waaay  better after this coffee  :)
21:47 [K]          <darcilicious@FreeNode> ha! :)
21:47 masonj_      hay, so where are you from darci,  im in NZ
21:48 [K]          <darcilicious@FreeNode> i'm out here, near portland oregon
21:51 masonj_      ah, i recently read a chuck palahniuk (fight club guy) book bout portland
21:52 [K]          <darcilicious@FreeNode> any good?
21:53 masonj_      yea, was a fun read, i have a few friends that spent some time there, and they liked it too
21:54 masonj_      http://www.avclub.com/content/interview/chuck_palahniuk_answers_your
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22:23 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Hello. I was in here a while ago, wondering how to get my koha server accessible from the internet. I was told to start with ip translating. I seem to have done this. Still, going to my router's ip adress :8080 does not bring up koha. I assume that I have not corectly configured koha-httpd.conf as i can only access the :80 and :8080  locally.
22:24 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I'm using Debian unstable and the newest koha.
22:28 masonj_      hmm, so you can get to your koha from another box on your local net?
22:28 jaron        have you included koha-httpd.conf in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled? or something like that. you may also need to add a Listen 8080
22:28 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> yep.
22:28 jaron        ah I see
22:29 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Wait. The yep was for the ficst bit.
22:29 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> first.
22:29 masonj_      right :)
22:30 masonj_      then its a probably a config issue with your router
22:31 jaron        yeah, if you can see both locally but not over the internet then it seems like a router issue
22:31 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Should the Listen 8080 be in koha-httpd.conf? If so, it is there. If not, where?
22:33 masonj_      if you can get to you koha box on 8080, then its in there , and working :)
22:33 jaron        check /etc/apache2/ports.conf too
22:33 jaron        but masonj_is right again if you can get to it from any machine that's not the problem
22:33 jaron        I was just hasty and didn't fully read your first message
22:33 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> No problem.
22:34 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I'm loking at the ports.con now.
22:34 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Aha! It only says "Listen 80".
22:34 jaron        the important bit about Listen is that it only be defined in one place
22:35 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> So I should remove this instance of it?
22:35 jaron        if you have Listen 80 in koha-httpd.conf too that's no good
22:35 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I don't. There, I have Listen 8080.
22:36 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> And apache2.conf has nothing congerning Listen.
22:36 jaron        then you're good as long as each Listen is only defined once
22:36 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> (My typing isn't too good to-day. Sorry.)
22:36 jaron        I'd look again at your router
22:36 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Hmm.
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22:37 jaron        you can priv message me if you want someone else to test--I'll get on the other channel...
22:40 masonj_      yeah, if you can get to your koha on 80 and 8080 from another local box, your apache is fine
22:40 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> So it's the router.
22:40 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Hmm.
22:41 jaron        Look for the IP forwarding setting
22:41 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> The problem is that it uses proprietary software from my isp. The router is also from the isp: It is a Siemens 6500 series, not commercially available beast.
22:43 jaron        you might also search for "port forwarding"
22:43 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> What I see is Port Mapping Setup.
22:45 jaron        looks like this is a common question with these routers--have you googled a bit?
22:45 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Name |Protocol |Port| Redirected to IP Address|Custom Configuration | TCP| 8080 | 192.168. 2. 13
22:49 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> It seems that http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Siemens/Speedstream-6520/Echolink.htm conficms that I have forwarded correctly.
22:50 jaron        and you've also forwarded port 80?
22:50 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I tried in, but there was no diference.
22:50 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> It, not in.
22:51 jaron        no other firewall that might be getting in the way?
22:51 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Aside from the router's? Nope.
22:52 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Thanks for your time, by the bye. I appreciate it greatly.
22:53 jaron        yeah, I'm all outta suggestions
22:53 [K]          *** part FreeNode!#koha: jaron n=jason@adsl-75-42-230-182.dsl.ipltin.sbcglobal.net
22:56 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> http://pastebin.ca/643638
22:56 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> That's my koha-httpd.conf.
22:57 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Its current setup is such that it is accessible locally.
22:59 jaron        why is the intranet virtualhost set up twice? I'm just guessing here
22:59 jaron        I'm not great with apache
22:59 jaron        did <VirtualHost *:80> not work for you?
23:01 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I believe that the first virtual host is for opac and the second for intranet.
23:01 jaron        in the paste there are two intranet ones
23:01 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> And, I've not tried the *:80.
23:01 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> ...So there are....
23:02 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> It's an error of pasting.
23:02 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> The file proper does not have it twice. Well spotted, though.
23:05 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> The asterisk gave VirtualHost *:8080 -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results when I restarted apache.
23:06 jaron        instead of your 192.168... address have you tried using NameVirtualHost setup?
23:07 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I think I did, but I think I did not do it correctly.
23:07 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Let me try again.
23:08 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Shall I put the http://litwinlibrary.hopto.org address in the NameVirtualHost argument, or the router's IP address?
23:08 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> IP address, apparently.
23:09 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> But, the server's or the router's?
23:09 jaron        ok, for one of my set ups behind a router I did it this way: I commented out NameVirtualHost....
23:10 jaron        <VirtualHost *:80>
23:10 jaron        ServerName domain.org
23:10 jaron        and changed the Redirect as well
23:12 jaron        BTW, currently if I go to http://litwinlibrary.hopto.org I simply get the apache2-default page
23:12 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Interesting.
23:15 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> To what did you change your Redirect?
23:16 jaron         Redirect permanent index.html http://domain.org/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl
23:19 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I still get [error] VirtualHost *:8080 -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results
23:19 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> And for :80.
23:20 jaron        did you change both virtualhosts?
23:20 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Yes.
23:20 jaron        for try ServerName domain.org:8080
23:21 jaron        and change the redirect as well to include the port
23:21 dewey        jaron: that doesn't look right
23:21 jaron        dewey: botsnack
23:21 dewey        thanks jaron :)
23:22 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> [error] (EAI 2)Name or service not known: Could not resolve host name http://litwinlibrary.hopto.org -- ignoring!
23:23 jaron        do you have you address listed in /etc/hosts ?
23:23 jaron localhost domain.org
23:24 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> http://pastebin.ca/643678
23:25 jaron        try adding the address to
23:25 jaron        I'm just taking stabs right now so you know :)
23:27 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I'm not sure what you mean by add the address to Do you mean a space after localhost and then the http://litwinlibrary.hopto.org?
23:27 jaron localhost domain.org
23:28 jaron        in that form
23:28 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Right-o.
23:30 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Nothing works.
23:31 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Not even locally.
23:31 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Hehe. What a mess! :)
23:31 jaron        I'm sorry
23:32 jaron        just telling you what's worked for me
23:32 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Don't be! You're trying to help a helpless dolt.
23:32 jaron        did you get an error?
23:32 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> No.
23:33 jaron        when you try to reach it locally what address are you trying?
23:33 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode>
23:33 jaron        from a different machine?
23:33 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Yes.
23:33 jaron        try localhost from the same machine
23:33 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I only ssh in to the server.
23:34 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> And it hasn't got a gui.
23:34 jaron        then try lynx
23:34 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Ok.
23:36 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> It works!
23:36 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I uncommented the listen line. With the linet line commented, nothing happens-.
23:37 jaron        but only from the localhost right?
23:37 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Should I be including http:// before the litwinlibrary.hopto.org?
23:37 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> From everywhere.
23:37 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> O.
23:38 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Well, from both this laptop and the server.
23:38 jaron        I still can't get to it :(
23:38 jaron        where are you wanting to include http:// ?
23:39 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> After VirtualHost, ServerName and Redirect.
23:39 jaron        only in Redirect
23:40 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Aha!
23:40 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> What about the Listen line? # or no #?
23:41 jaron        if you have the two Listen lines uncommented in your koha-httpd.conf then you should comment them in other config files
23:42 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I only have one Listen line and it is in koha-httpd.conf.
23:42 jaron        you should have Listen 80 & Listen 8080
23:43 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Really....
23:43 jaron        that's what works for me
23:43 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> This gives errors when restarting apache2.
23:44 jaron        what error?
23:44 dewey        i heard error was not recoverable: exiting now
23:44 jaron        dewey: botsnack
23:44 dewey        :)
23:45 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> http://pastebin.ca/643707
23:45 jaron        check ports.conf too
23:45 jaron        Only one Listen 80 ANYWHERE in apache config stuff
23:47 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> From locally, It works!
23:49 jaron        well, that's progress I suppose
23:49 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> "It works!" being the apache message.
23:49 jaron        well, then it doesn't work
23:50 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Hehe
23:50 jaron        you should be seeing koha
23:50 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> I once did. Now, not so much. ;)
23:50 jaron        koha-httpd.conf is in sites-enabled or linked to it?
23:50 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> O, I tried that. It gave an error. I'll try again and show you.
23:51 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> At the moment, koha-httpd.conf is loaded by apache2.conf.
23:52 jaron        so you have "Include /etc/koha-httpd.conf" in apche2.conf? no quotes
23:52 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> IYes.
23:53 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Include /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/Include /etc/koha-httpd.conf
23:54 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> ^^ from apache2.conf
23:54 jaron        yeah, that's what I've got
23:54 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> It seems to me that if I get the It works! message, we're one step away from seeing koha.
23:55 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> We just need to make apache call koha.
23:55 jaron        and the virtual hosts set up should do that: paste it one last time
23:56 jaron        then I've got to go home :)
23:56 jaron        even if I have to leave you hanging :(
23:57 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> http://pastebin.ca/643719
23:57 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> And, don't worry about leaving me hanging. You have been a tremendous help.
23:58 jaron        try ServerName litwinlibrary.hopto.org:8080
23:59 jaron        for the intranet
23:59 jaron        you got it!
23:59 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> AHA!!!!!!!!!!
23:59 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> You did the impossible!
00:00 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Bravo! I thank you most kindly.
00:00 jaron        now make sure that intranet password is good
00:00 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Of course.
00:01 jaron        have fun
00:01 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Thank you agait.
00:01 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> And again.
00:01 [K]          <Presently42@FreeNode> Cheers.
00:05 ganno        Hello
00:06 ganno        I have two questions
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11:55 Brooke       howdy
11:57 Brooke       hi js
11:57 js           hi
11:58 Brooke       so what's going on?
11:59 chris        heya Brooke and js
11:59 Brooke       :D