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00:23 kados        martinmorris: and use the itemnumber ! :-)
00:23 kados        martinmorris: in bulk
00:23 kados        martinmorris: best approach would be to write a script to update items
00:23 kados        martinmorris: it's not something you'll want to do from sql :-)
22:28 chris        martinmorris: marc_subfield_table, and marc_word
21:32 martinmorris i really can't see anywhere for individual data about the specific items other than the items table
21:32 martinmorris hmm, still looking around this
20:54 martinmorris oh well if you get an idea let me know, cheers
20:51 martinmorris i dont' really have to put in each barcode number manually do I?
20:49 martinmorris so i can't see where that would help - and there's no other obvious table :)
20:46 martinmorris one for each biblio
20:46 martinmorris that table just has 5000 or so lines where bibid=biblionumber for every line
20:45 kados        trying to do that in the sql will be pretty complex
20:45 dewey        marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
20:45 martinmorris marc_biblio?
20:44 martinmorris ah OK
20:44 kados        you'll also need to update the marc data
20:44 kados        ahh, yes
20:44 martinmorris I did the change in the items table
20:44 martinmorris anyway, it doesn't seem to show up in koha at all so i'm wondering if there's more than once place i need to do the SQL command, can't see any other relevant table...
20:43 martinmorris i'm just trying to speed up stuff that's all as after importing my marc data a while back i got an item for each biblio without a barcode
20:43 martinmorris n
20:43 martinmorris i've only done this the once and wouldn't do it ever agai
20:42 martinmorris well, surely they'll just get the next number in the list for the barcode when they add an item
20:42 kados        yea, but the first time someone creates two items for a biblio it'll break :-)
20:42 martinmorris so i could have chosen either :)
20:41 martinmorris yes, that i realise, but at the moment there is only one item per biblio
20:41 kados        you are better off using itemnumber = barcode
20:41 kados        martinmorris: item -> biblio is a many to one relationship
20:41 martinmorris not the recommended way I'm sure
20:41 kados        hmmm
20:41 martinmorris i've been playing with the koha database because i want the barcode for every item to be the same as the biblio number
20:40 martinmorris got another question
20:39 darcilicious bummer. >:/
20:38 kados        yea, but there just aren't that many connections to ottawa
20:38 kados        hehe
20:38 darcilicious i thought you were going to stop flying thru chicago? ;-)
20:38 martinmorris thanks kados - and sorry to hear about the flight!
20:38 darcilicious o.m.g. i'm sorry! :(
20:38 kados        darcilicious: delayed flight to chicago ... 6 hours :(
20:37 darcilicious kados! are you home yet?
20:34 kados        borrowable I mean
20:33 kados        martinmorris: and specify that itemtype as not borrable
20:33 kados        martinmorris: you'll want to set up an itemtype for that
19:50 martinmorris anybody has any ideas i'll stay logged in - thanks if you can help :)
19:50 martinmorris do i set up separate item types and transfer items between item types (which seems a little wrong) or simply set up every item to be not borrowable automaticlly and then take off that flag for those items that are borrowable, without changing item types?
19:49 martinmorris for the library i'm setting up, most of the collection is not borrowable, but about a quarter is (and expanding) so i'm wondering what the best way to specify this is in koha
19:48 martinmorris evening, long time no see :) got a question on koha best practice
14:54 owen         I wonder if that's an encoding problem rather than a template problem.
14:53 owen         kados, did you see http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1390
14:16 kados        heh
14:16 darcilicious about time :)
14:15 kados        hi darcilicious
14:13 darcilicious kados :)
13:27 owen         Hi kados
13:27 kados        morning owen
12:59 JCATS        If you have time I can give you the IP and the username and pass to my server
12:58 kados        just a sec, I'll track it down
12:57 kados        I think I know the source of that problem
12:57 kados        hi JCATS
12:50 JCATS        koha:/home/koha/koha-2.2.9/scripts/misc/translator#
12:50 JCATS        Create FAILED.
12:50 JCATS        Removing empty file test_AL.po
12:50 JCATS        Charset for test_AL.po : ISO-8859-1
12:50 JCATS        Warning: Can't determine original templates' charset, defaulting to ISO-8859-1
12:50 JCATS        koha:/home/koha/koha-2.2.9/scripts/misc/translator# ./tmpl_process3.pl create -i ../../../intranet-html/intranet-tmpl/default/en/ -s test_AL.po -r