Time  Nick         Message
13:34 tnb          hi sarab
13:34 sarab        hey
13:34 tnb          This is Koha Project Day everyone!
13:34 tnb          woo hoo!
13:37 lloyd        hehe
13:37 tnb          Hi Lloyd :)
13:38 tnb          Are you on the channel for Koha Project Day? Or just dropping by? ;):
13:38 tnb          hey owen :)
13:38 jaron        owen: heh
13:40 lloyd        I was actually looking for MJR
13:41 lloyd        what exactly is project day? :)
13:41 tnb          it's a day for anyone who would like to get involved in furthering the Koha Project to do so
13:42 tnb          many work independently on their own Koha-related proejcts, but at least know others are around on the channel  for feedback/support
13:42 tnb          for instance, I'll be working on online help for Koha later today
13:42 tnb          :)
13:43 jaron        tnb++
13:43 jaron        good_documentation++
13:43 tnb          ha! yep :)
13:43 lloyd        ahhh
13:43 tnb          I'll be starting seriously on this around 12pm for anyone who wants to work with me
13:44 tnb          ;)
13:44 lloyd        well we've just paid the bill to develop get 3tier biblio records
13:44 lloyd        apart from that, i've got nothing :d
13:45 jaron        lloyd: what's that?
13:45 dewey        that is the only case though
13:45 tnb          Lloyd, what organization are you with?
13:46 lloyd        well i'm with west suffolk hospital, but it's being developed for a project by the strategic health authority
13:46 owen         dewey: forget that
13:46 dewey        owen: I forgot that
13:47 owen         dewey: good boy
13:47 dewey        thanks owen :)
13:47 lloyd        jargon :  allows multiple branches to have the same item but with different values for things like notes, classmark, item type
13:48 jaron        ah, nice. seems to be a big issue these days on how to keep local data while using consortial records
13:48 lloyd        yeah a lot of librarys want it
14:23 ryan         hi #koha
14:28 owen         Hi ryan
14:51 Brooke       Howdy
14:51 owen         Hi Brooke
14:53 Brooke       How goes ye olde html?
16:16 Brooke       hi tnb
16:17 tnb          hi brooke :)
16:17 Brooke       How's it going?
16:18 tnb          pretty good, thinking about doing some online help documentation
16:18 tnb          How are things going for you today?
16:19 Brooke       *nod* Doing the same here - what parts are you working on so I don't double up?
16:19 tnb          still getting organized... let me look at the wiki and see where I left off last time I worked on it
16:19 tnb          hang on--
16:20 tnb          Brooke: you working from within the wiki http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:documentation:onlinehelp ?
16:22 Brooke       will now
16:25 tnb          if you get confused, let me know.  This structure was created during KohaCon. We also created a 'template' of sorts for doing the help.
16:25 tnb          incase you haven't already seen this, here's the 'style' guide
16:26 tnb          http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:documentation:online_help_style_guide
16:26 tnb          to help us try to maintain a similar approach across help pages :)
16:26 tnb          i'm gonna work on "members"
16:27 tnb          http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:documentation:members
16:30 kados        hiya brooke
16:30 kados        hey tnb
16:30 kados        Brooke: thanks much for the email
16:30 Brooke       howdy
16:30 dewey        what's up, Brooke
16:30 kados        Brooke: it'll give me some place to start from
16:30 Brooke       np
16:30 Brooke       a lot of the stuff that I wanted is already on the road map though :)
16:30 kados        :-)
16:30 Brooke       Makes me feel less weird
16:31 Brooke       <------- Dork
16:31 kados        yea, it's always been about resources here in the koha community
16:31 kados        never missing ideas :-)
16:31 kados        it's really interesting that so many users have the same ultimate goals
16:31 kados        prety validating of the model, really
16:31 kados        users DO know what they want ;-0
16:32 Brooke       actually...
16:32 Brooke       groups of users know what they want
16:32 Brooke       and different groups will want different things
16:32 kados        *nod*
16:41 tnb          kados: did we ever get a program in place for transferring help from the wiki to the 'help'pages in Koha?
16:41 tnb          the original plan, if i recall, was to write an application to populate that
16:50 kados        hey owen
16:50 kados        hmmm, good question tnb
16:50 kados        it's a pretty trivial thing to create
16:51 kados        one of the problems with the namespace on the wiki is it isn't linked to a specific version of Koha
16:51 tnb          kados: can we put chris on it?
16:51 tnb          I think it is a shame to not get the help that has already been created up there
16:51 kados        yea, we could ask him to write something to do that
16:51 tnb          it helps build momentum to see what has been done
16:51 kados        it should only take an hour or so
16:51 kados        *nod*
16:52 tnb          ok, you want to ask him?
16:52 tnb          also, one other question
16:52 kados        well, I will be on a plane to ottawa when he gets up
16:52 kados        might be worth writing him an email though
16:52 kados        sure
16:53 tnb          so, i'm working on 'members"
16:53 kados        right
16:54 tnb          and some pages haven't been done.  I insert that page after http://koha.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/members/
16:54 tnb          inorder to find out what the page pertains to
16:54 tnb          so i can create help for it :)
16:54 tnb          but some of the 'missing pages'
16:54 kados        wait ... what?
16:54 kados        I'm not following, sorry
16:54 tnb          don't retrieve (like deletemem.pl)
16:55 tnb          ok, hang on...
16:55 kados        I don't think deletemem needs a help file
16:55 kados        it's a function, not a page
16:55 tnb          http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:documentation:members
16:56 kados        what we need is a new way to write documentation
16:57 kados        that the user can initiate from within koha itself
16:57 kados        this wiki stuff is too confusing
16:58 tnb          kados: you had a question for me ? ;)
16:58 tnb          ah, ok, so you want to scratch the wiki method?
16:58 kados        owen: what do you think about allowing a user to edit the help files from the help files themselves?
16:58 kados        tnb: yea, once we get that content transferred, maybe
16:58 kados        heck, come to think of it, why don't we just store that stuff in the database?
16:59 owen         On a per-install basis? Or to a common Koha wiki?
16:59 kados        well ... good question
16:59 tnb          i think it should work like Adobe online help
16:59 kados        some sites will want it to be a per-install basis
16:59 kados        those that have highly customized installs
16:59 chris        in the database = not translateable
16:59 kados        others will want to just draw from some centralized place
16:59 kados        hey chris
17:00 kados        heck are you doing up?
17:00 kados        :-)
17:00 chris        lil man is hungry
17:00 tnb          chris?!
17:00 tnb          :)
17:00 kados        chris: what if we stored it in a way that identified the language too?
17:01 chris        hmmm
17:01 kados        table with columns: filename, language, version, description
17:01 kados        or sth
17:01 chris        im not sure that you gain much
17:01 chris        over just making a system to edit the .tmpl files
17:01 kados        on the filesystem itself you mean?
17:01 chris        yep
17:01 kados        I guess I was just thinking it might be easier to code and more secure
17:02 kados        since we alreay have a dbi plugin for the db
17:02 chris        open the file read it all into a text area
17:02 kados        but if we coudl just edit the filesystem directly that'd be cool
17:02 kados        *nod*
17:03 kados        guess we could use filesystem permissions to lock it down if we needed
17:03 kados        in a non-development environemnt
17:03 chris        yep
17:03 kados        chris: you got anything else on your plate for koha project day? if you have some time wanna whip something up for that?
17:03 chris        ahh im working on testing
17:03 kados        i would be tons easier for those writing documentation
17:04 chris        but if i get what i want to get done
17:04 kados        if they could do it on the actual screen
17:04 chris        then i can start on that
17:04 kados        cool
17:04 kados        how's little kahu doing?
17:04 chris        what would be really trick is to use versioning
17:05 chris        ill have to think about it more
17:05 kados        yea
17:05 kados        Brooke: :-)
17:05 chris        he's ready to go back to sleep, and so am I
17:05 chris        ill be back in about 3.5 hours :)
17:05 kados        hehe
17:05 kados        night chris
17:05 kados        ttyl
17:05 Brooke       good night chris
17:05 chris        my plan is get my automated test system doing more tests, then ill look into documentation
17:05 kados        chris++
17:06 kados        brooke sent me a great list of suggestions for 3.0 as well
17:06 kados        that I'm planning to work through
17:32 Brooke       mmm cherries
18:41 Brooke       hi oego
20:21 chris        back
20:21 darcilicious front?
20:21 darcilicious ;-)
20:21 chris        heh
20:35 masonj       aloha koha
21:21 kados        hi all
21:57 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> hi everyone
23:42 chris        kados: u about?
00:01 kados        chris: am now
00:01 chris        http://staff-kapiti.dev.kohalibrary.com/
00:01 chris        click on the help icon
00:01 kados        hehe
00:01 kados        chris++
00:02 kados        does it work yet?
00:02 kados        edit even
00:02 chris        nope i just started
00:02 kados        ahh
00:02 kados        very cool
00:02 kados        tina will sing your praises :-)
00:02 kados        as will Brooke :-)
00:04 chris        yeah i just have to get it editing now :)
01:27 chris        back
01:27 darcilicious front!
02:00 walter       jaron, looks like i finally found someone to do the ruby-zoom extended services api work
02:00 chris        cool walter
02:00 kados        neato
02:00 kados        hiya walter, long time
02:00 kados        congrats on the success of kete!
02:03 walter       why thanks
02:14 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> hiya walter
02:14 walter       howdy
02:38 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> darci are you around?
02:39 darcilicious yup :)
02:39 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> hiya - i am having some issues with publishing on the new.koha site
02:39 darcilicious k, let me wander over there
02:39 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> has kados given you a login for that site?
02:39 darcilicious i have a power user access yet
02:39 darcilicious yes
02:39 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> i wanted to try out linguaplone
02:40 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> so i have tried translating one page of this manual
02:40 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> http://new.koha.org:8080/koha/documentation/manual/koha-2.2
02:40 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> The 1. Introduction
02:40 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> should be in both english and french now
02:40 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> and i have tried publishing the pages
02:40 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> but i get asked to login to view them
02:41 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> when i am not logged in.
02:41 darcilicious k
02:42 darcilicious getting a new password :)
02:43 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> np
02:44 darcilicious the french version is not published
02:44 darcilicious what happens if you publish it?
02:45 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> hmm i tried to publish it
02:45 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> i'll try again
02:45 darcilicious k
02:47 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> hmm i see a translate  option
02:47 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> but nowhere to publish the translated version
02:47 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> under manage translation the only option i get for french is to delete it
02:48 darcilicious select french from the drop down menu
02:48 darcilicious you'll get the french view and it'll be in draft
02:49 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> ahh found it
02:49 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> somehow i have ended up with the introduction
02:49 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> at the end of the document
02:49 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> instead of the beginning :-)
02:50 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> http://new.koha.org:8080/koha/documentation/manual/koha-2.2/introduction/view?set_language=en
02:50 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> http://new.koha.org:8080/koha/documentation/manual/koha-2.2/introduction-1/view?set_language=fr
02:50 darcilicious i see that
02:50 darcilicious how odd
02:50 darcilicious :)
02:51 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> yeah something werid when i go to add a page
02:51 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> ah well
02:51 darcilicious i'm not sure how well PHC and LP play together :)
02:51 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> to be honest i think that is PHC
02:52 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> cos if i recall
02:52 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> that happened when i was putting the document in orginally
02:52 darcilicious ah
02:53 darcilicious select english and it's 1. again :p
02:53 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> i think phc is a little buggy
02:53 darcilicious right
02:55 darcilicious argh. it won't stay there
02:56 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> your guess is as good as mine :-)
02:56 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> bbiab
02:57 darcilicious k
03:04 darcilicious okay, reordering via drag/drop is not working on that site
03:04 darcilicious it's no limited to the PHC objects
03:07 darcilicious okay, i don't have the correctly permissions to reorder items anywhere on that site other than in my own personal folder
03:07 darcilicious correct even
03:09 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> back
03:09 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> right
03:09 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> i think kados has started with quite restrictive privs and is gradually adding them as we need them.
03:09 darcilicious ah
03:09 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> that is my guess anyway
03:10 darcilicious when you're in the contents tab do you see the up/down arrows in the far right column (of any folder)?
03:10 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> i'll email him and cc you in so that if i get  it wrong you can set him right :-)
03:10 darcilicious :-)
03:10 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> nope
03:10 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> i havent seen any up down arrows
03:10 darcilicious that's the deal then :)
03:10 darcilicious not sure what permissions that is
03:11 darcilicious it'd be easier if he just gave me full site manager privs. i have them at plone.org ;-)
03:14 [K]          <ru55el@FreeNode> i agree - we'll wear him down on the front :-)
03:14 darcilicious :-)
03:14 darcilicious works for me
03:14 darcilicious :)
03:33 darcilicious all right then. night night, #koha :) i need to be up in 8.5 hours to have another day :)
03:33 chris        night darci
08:26 slef         /names
08:26 [K]          *** #koha@FreeNode names: ru55el jeff [K] rangi
08:26 slef         ru55el: are you russel?