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12:46 hdl          hi
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19:09 kados        hi MotleyFool
19:11 owen-away    Hi kados, where are you today?
19:11 darcilicious kados! :)
19:11 kados        hiya
19:12 kados        yep, on my way back home
19:12 darcilicious kados is getting on a plane just about every day ;-)
19:12 owen         Wow, /still/ getting on a plane!
19:12 kados        flight was delayed last night, didn't get in until 3:30am :(
19:12 kados        so I'm kinda tired :-)
19:12 owen         Ouch, that's awful
19:12 kados        yea, I gotta start avoiding chicago
19:12 kados        seems like the weather's always bad there
19:15 darcilicious yeah, no kidding. summer time it's thunderstorms; winter time it's snowstorms
19:16 dbs          kados: that's because all of your flights have increased the global temperature by 0.1C
19:16 darcilicious we stopped flying through chicago to stockholm ages ago...
19:18 kados        dbs: hi Mot	
19:18 kados        akk
19:18 MotleyFool   Oh good!
19:18 kados        hi MotleyFool
19:18 kados        :-)
19:18 dbs          :)
19:18 MotleyFool   IRC CGI wasn't being friendly earlier.
19:19 kados        yea, not my fav either
19:19 MotleyFool   Is Koha an appropriate tool for our church, with its tiny library of about 50 DVDs or so?
19:20 kados        dbs: it'd be a real dream to not have to fly out to customer sites :-)
19:20 kados        MotleyFool: that's a pretty small collection
19:20 MotleyFool   I'm trying to wrap my head around MARC, and figure out how to make it easier for our bookroom guy to use (i.e. avoid seeing 9 tabs of stuff...)
19:20 kados        right
19:20 MotleyFool   The library might expand later, though, and we'll probably do library'ish things - rentals, loans, fines, etc.
19:20 kados        you can create a stripped down framework
19:21 kados        with everything in one tab
19:21 MotleyFool   By hiding almost everything?  Or just deleting the tags?
19:21 kados        either way
19:21 MotleyFool   Can I safely NOT use all the 0xx tags?  Or will Koha get mad at me?
19:21 kados        hehe
19:21 kados        you can not use them
19:22 kados        but you won't have valid MARC records
19:22 kados        which would probably be fine for you
19:22 MotleyFool   That would only be an issue for interoperability w/other libraries, right?
19:22 kados        right
19:23 MotleyFool   Ok.  I think I've about gotten past the installation bugs :-) so I'm ready to start trying to add some records, patrons, etc.
19:23 kados        :)
19:23 MotleyFool   Should be... fun?
19:23 kados        hehe
19:26 kados        be back tomorrow
19:26 MotleyFool   Thanks for the help
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00:32 chris        hi gvb
00:35 darcilicious christ! :)
00:35 darcilicious oops!!
00:35 darcilicious chris even. sheesh :)
00:35 darcilicious ha! :)
00:35 chris        wish i could the amount its raining here lately :)
00:35 [K]          <gvb@FreeNode> hi chris, just lurking :-/
00:36 chris        ahh cool gvb
00:36 chris        hows things darci?
00:37 darcilicious chris good enough :) and you?
00:37 chris        apart from the weather just fine
00:38 darcilicious still too hot here :(
00:38 [K]          <gvb_@FreeNode>                /msg nickserv link gvb heidianne
03:18 chris        hi jablko
03:39 jablko       hello chris
03:39 jablko       working on installing koha here at simon fraser university
03:40 chris        cool
03:40 jablko       preparing an email, it's near the end of the day
06:46 hdl          hi
06:49 chris        hi hdl
06:50 hdl          hi chris.
06:50 hdl          how are you ?
06:51 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> good thanks, trying to keep warm, how are you?
06:51 hdl          good.
06:51 chris        heh i did it again, type in the wrong window :)
06:51 hdl          summer is fresh here this year.
06:52 chris        winter was late here this year, but not it has arrived its pretty wet and windy
06:52 chris        not=now
06:52 hdl          I understood.
06:53 hdl          About my email on Koha db structure, do you have any remark, clue on some fields ?
06:53 chris        let me look again
06:53 hdl          Do you have an idea of a good DBdesigner under Linux.
06:54 hdl          (I would like to propose a DB design on the wiki... more useable and comprehensive than what paul did)
06:54 chris        right
06:55 chris        hmm i dont know of a good one for linux
06:55 chris        one that would build a uml would be great
06:56 hdl          I found DBdesigner4 but it relies on kylix
06:56 hdl          Anotherone  relies on Eclipse3.3
06:56 chris        right
06:56 hdl          I have to install all that.
06:56 chris        there is talend, that pierick works for
06:57 chris        thats eclipse too
07:02 chris        http://www.talend.com/
07:03 chris        talend studio 2.0 is supposed to be good, and we can ask pierrick for help :)
07:03 chris        i just replied to your email
07:20 chris        hi pecisk
07:21 hdl          hi pecisk
07:21 pecisk       :) hi people
07:21 hdl          Are you from latvia ?
07:21 pecisk       yes
07:22 hdl          I have good friends in Riga...
07:22 pecisk       great :)
07:23 hdl          chris: installing TalendStudio leads to a problem (a java for win32 printing blocks setup.)
07:23 chris        ahh thats no good
07:23 hdl          I tried to remove this. But TalendStudio comes compiled and got an error.
07:30 hdl          found a hint for a solution
07:36 toins        hi #koha
07:36 chris        hi toins
07:36 toins        hello chris
07:40 hdl          chris : problem solved.
07:40 hdl          (I downloaded the latest java)
07:40 chris        ahh cool