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13:08 thd            seen kados?
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15:13 kados          darcilicious: !
15:13 darcilicious   kados! this is where you hide from me, eh? ;-)
15:13 kados          hehe
15:15 kados          hehe
21:32 chris          morning
21:32 kados          darcilicious: met chris yet?
21:32 kados          darcilicious: chris _invented_ koha :-)
21:32 darcilicious   kados! you're not supposed to be at the keyboard! ;-)
21:32 chris          heheh not quite :)
21:32 darcilicious   hello chris! pleased to meet you :)
21:32 kados          hehe, yea
21:33 chris          hiya darci
21:34 chris          from oregon eh? so far the prettiest state in the US I have visited :)
21:35 darcilicious   i like it here :)
21:36 darcilicious   i've been to australia twice but haven't made to nz yet... what's wrong with me? >:/
21:36 chris          yeah ... picked the wrong country out of those two :-)
21:36 darcilicious   ;-)
21:37 darcilicious   well, the second time sis was getting married in brisbane so not much choice there ;-)
21:37 chris          in that case your forgiven
21:37 kados          darcilicious: we'll have to bring you to nz for our next KohaCon
21:37 kados          :-)
21:38 darcilicious   in the meantime, there's always naples ;-) http://plonebootcamps.com/courses/conf2-using-plone
21:39 kados          hehe
21:40 chris          http://plone.org/news/new-zealand-government-releases-web-guidelines-plone-instance
21:40 darcilicious   wonder if all that is still the case...
21:41 chris          its being used by more govt depts now
21:41 kados          darcilicious: i had the idea of either hiring someone to do a skin for koha.org, or doing some kind of competition with a decent giveaway
21:41 kados          darcilicious: you have any thoughts on that?
21:41 darcilicious   what kind of give away?
21:41 chris          http://www.e.govt.nz/policy/open-source
21:42 kados          darcilicious: the monetary kind :-)
21:42 darcilicious   perhaps an iphone? ;-)
21:42 kados          oooh, good idea
21:42 chris          restricting to states in the US that way would be my only worry
21:42 kados          chris: right
21:43 kados          money is probably easier anyway
21:43 chris          you might have to do iphone or something if you dont live somewhere an iphone will work
21:43 kados          don't have to deal with shipping, etc.
21:43 darcilicious   phooey. good points all.
21:43 darcilicious   but yes, a contest would be grand :)
21:43 kados          darcilicious: think the plone community would respond well?
21:43 darcilicious   i think there's some thought for something similar in plone.org ;-)
21:43 kados          sweet
21:44 kados          darcilicious: would you be willing/able to run the contest per chance? :-)
21:44 darcilicious   like some group within plone.org picks X number of word press themes to have them converted to plone skins
21:44 darcilicious   lol!
21:44 darcilicious   this is hardly fair, kados!
21:44 kados          hehe
21:45 darcilicious   unless of course the contest director gets an iphone ;-) (j/k!!)
21:45 kados          thing is, I think it's a neat idea
21:45 kados          but I don't have time to run it :-)
21:45 darcilicious   then i would likewise consider doing it :)
21:45 kados          hehe
21:45 darcilicious   yeah, because i have all this spare time ;-)
21:45 kados          hehe
21:45 kados          yea, it's the OSS way
21:46 kados          lots of great ideas, no resources
21:46 darcilicious   yeup! :)
21:48 darcilicious   i've been busy. opened up registration for plone training and have submitted a proposal to present too
21:48 kados          darcilicious: is there a plone product that manages that?
21:49 darcilicious   joel burton has a custom type / product on his site for training/registrations. he might be willing to open source it or give it to koha as he loves libraries
21:50 kados          w00t
21:50 darcilicious   for the proposals, plone folks seem to like to surveymonkey of all things
21:50 darcilicious   that's a big "might"
21:50 kados          that'd be sweet because managing our last con was a real pain
21:50 darcilicious   interesting. let me see to what plone.org is doign for the conference this year
21:54 darcilicious   this year's conference folks are using: http://ploneconference2007.bookdirect.it/BookPubb/pubbhomepage.aspx?
21:54 kados          huh, an asp?
21:54 kados          alter.it
21:54 kados          interesting
21:54 darcilicious   third party
21:55 kados          guess plone.org must have trouble with organizing cons too ;-)
21:55 darcilicious   plone is a little weak in the ecommerce bit at the moment.
21:55 darcilicious   yeah ;-)
21:56 darcilicious   actually, the organizing is fine. it's getting paid that seems tough. hence a new project/product: PloneGetPaid ;-)
21:56 chris          heh
21:56 kados          hehe
22:17 chris          hi matthew
22:17 darcilicious   oh, kados, you should use this email address for any emails between us: darci.hanning@gmail.com (not sure if you have that one or not?)
22:17 matthewmetzger Hello Chris
22:18 matthewmetzger I'm just stopping by to observe for a while.
22:19 chris          its usually pretty quiet today
22:19 matthewmetzger So I can see. Sundays are when you all get together, right?
22:20 chris          sundays your time yep .. monday for me
22:21 chris          is it reports/inventory.pl that you are using and can't because of the no item.itemcallnumber problem?
22:21 matthewmetzger Do you have some time to chat about a particular problem that I'm having? I already posted to the list. Yes
22:22 matthewmetzger that's it.
22:22 chris          2.2.9
22:22 chris          ?
22:22 matthewmetzger Yes.
22:23 chris          interesting i cant see in the code where it uses itemcallnumber, lemme just do a grep
22:23 kados          matthewmetzger: see the list
22:23 kados          matthewmetzger: just sent you a nice script :-)
22:23 matthewmetzger My latest post to the list asked how I could just transfer the value of one sql field to that of another, but I'm not sure that is going to be the solution.
22:23 kados          matthewmetzger: that should solve your ills
22:23 matthewmetzger Thanks so much kados. I'll check it out.
22:28 chris          you should be able to do it with a line of sql too
22:29 kados          chris: with a subselect maybe?
22:29 chris          update items,biblioitems set items.itemcallnumber = biblioitems.classification where items.biblioitemnumber=biblioitems.biblioitemnumber;
22:29 kados          ahh, right
22:29 kados          I think the timestamp too
22:29 chris          naw, since about 4 i think mysql supports multi table updates
22:29 kados          don't wanna lose the timestamp
22:29 chris          right
22:30 kados          the script gives you a nice count too :-)
22:30 chris          update items,biblioitems set items.itemcallnumber = biblioitems.classification, items.timestamp=items.timsestamp  where items.biblioitemnumber=biblioitems.biblioitemnumber;
22:31 chris          either oughta work :)
22:31 kados          yup
22:31 matthewmetzger so all I have to do is run what Chris just wrote.
22:31 chris          what id do before i ran either
22:31 kados          matthewmetzger: back up your db beforehand
22:31 chris          is select * from items into outfile '/tmp/itemsdata';
22:32 matthewmetzger okay, thanks. I'll be looking at it closely. Yes, I'll definitely back up.
22:32 chris          then if it goes wrong you can delete from items;
22:32 chris          load data infile '/tmp/itemsdata' into table items;
22:32 kados          yea, easy peasy
22:32 chris          or, mysqldump that table
22:32 chris          (or the whole db if its not so big)
22:33 matthewmetzger I do a daily mysqldump for a backup.
22:33 matthewmetzger I'll just make sure there have been no changes since the last backup
22:33 kados          sweet
22:34 matthewmetzger thanks again. I might not actually do this until Monday as I want to make sure I understand everything. I've also got some other work. I'll let you know how it goes.
22:34 chris          no problem it might be good to extend kados's script to back up the data
22:34 chris          then that would be a handy tool for others
22:35 chris          who get into this situation
22:35 chris          also if we wanted to be nice and tricky, we'd extend it to populate marc_word and marc_subfield_table too
22:35 kados          yea
22:36 kados          coffee break
22:36 kados          brb
22:44 kados          back
22:44 kados          coffee++
22:46 kados          sweet
22:54 matthewmetzger you are making me thirsty. All I have is green tea. That will have to do. See you guys later and thanks for the help!
22:54 kados          hehe
22:54 kados          matthewmetzger: cheers, good luck, let us know how it goes
23:38 ryan           kados: around ?
23:41 ryan           anybody ?
23:42 kados          hey ryan
23:42 kados          I don't know what the def is
23:42 kados          I've never seen it defined anywhere
23:44 kados          ryan: it's just:
23:44 kados          defaultvalue text,
23:44 kados          http://cvs.savannah.nongnu.org/viewvc/koha/installer/kohastructure.sql?revision=1.4&root=koha&view=markup
23:48 ryan           ah, simple
23:48 ryan           i didn't think it had been committed
23:49 kados          ryan: committed now
23:49 kados          ryan: I had to overwrite paul's because it was failing
23:50 ryan           yikes
23:50 kados          sup?
23:52 kados          we should take a couple hours and step through each table def
23:52 kados          compare what's in CVS now to paul's
23:53 kados          for one, paul has all the constraints
23:53 kados          the one I committed doesn't have those
23:53 ryan           yep - v3 could drop a few tables
23:53 ryan           did you do the whole db?
23:53 kados          no
23:53 kados          all I did was revert paul's commit
23:54 kados          plus just now I added defaultvalue
23:54 ryan           ah
23:54 kados          so now we should go back and manually re-add paul's changes
23:54 kados          plus I think he wrote a mail about them
23:54 kados          so I'd like to read that
23:54 ryan           so no fk constraints on marc structure table
23:55 kados          right, not in the current form anyway
23:55 kados          I wonder if it should all be in one file
23:55 kados          seems like maybe it should be broken up
23:55 kados          should constraints be in the same file?
23:56 ryan           that makes some sense
23:57 ryan           adding constraints & cascades by alter table lets you successfully create in any order
23:57 ryan           then add fk stuff after
23:57 kados          yea
23:57 kados          and should the db def be defined by module?
23:57 kados          I really wish we had a plugin architecture like plone
23:57 ryan           yeah, i think there should not be a single structure.def
23:58 ryan           but several structure.sql's for each module
23:58 ryan           er... one for each module
23:59 kados          right
23:59 ryan           should start thinking about a plugin api
08:16 ogoul          i need help to learn koha. some on can help me?
09:07 chris          that was random
09:57 oscarog        hi
09:58 oscarog        i need tuto for koha, can you help me?
09:59 chris          http://www.kohadocs.org/newbieguide.html
10:02 oscarog        thanks chris, i go on the web site
10:06 chris          there is other documentation at www.kohadocs.org that might be useful as well
10:20 oscarog        there is some french document?
10:21 chris          http://www.kohadocs.org/
10:21 oscarog        in french?
10:21 chris          yes, linked from there
10:21 oscarog        ok, thanks
10:22 oscarog        i'm already seen this one
10:23 oscarog        thanks for your help