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12:00 kados  pretty sure you're the first
12:00 kados  but might be worth pinging the list
12:00 kados  maybe Tumer's done it already
12:00 kados  (he's at NEU)
12:05 jamesa neu ?
12:05 kados  near east university
12:06 jamesa near east - easter europe ?
12:06 kados  cyprus actually
12:06 jamesa OK was close
12:07 jamesa so if I am first, how do borrowers find out using existing koha system?
12:08 jamesa librarian prints report and snail mails notice ?
12:31 kados  jamesa: they can check the status from the OPAC
12:31 kados  jamesa: and most libraries call or email the patron when they pull the book off the shelf
12:32 kados  hmmm, come to think of it
12:32 kados  NPL already does the email thing
12:32 kados  I wonder if owen did that in PHP or something
12:32 jamesa thnx
12:39 kados  jamesa: i've emailed owen, I'll send you his response
12:41 jamesa great thnks, i'll look tomorrow AM, good night and thanks again
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11:15 slef   Hi all.
11:29 slef   relo thd