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16:34 slef         hi saorge
17:07 hm           hi... was just wondering whether someone knows of a vmware image with koha 2.2.9 pre-installed ?\
17:08 owen         hm, I thought I just saw something on the mailing list about that...
17:10 owen         http://kylehall.info/index.php/projects/koha/koha-virtual-appliance/
17:12 hm           :) i c ... i was actually wondering if anyone wanted mine of koha 2.2.9 on centos 4.4 vmware ... na way since it already exists one theres no need for mine!
17:21 martinmorris evening all got a quick newbie question :)
17:21 martinmorris i want the call number for a book to always be the UDC number i put in (because that's how the library works)
17:21 martinmorris is the way to do that easy and am I being thick in not finding it?
17:24 jaron        there are a couple of different places for call numbers that koha uses
17:24 jaron        the 942 is in the bib record
17:24 martinmorris i've been trying the iteamcallnumber field in the system preferences
17:25 martinmorris tried putting in both 080a and 080$a
17:25 jaron        all your item stuff probably needs to be in the same field
17:25 martinmorris how do you mean?
17:26 jaron        i think all the item level information should be mapped to a single field (952)
17:27 martinmorris ok, i'm wondering how to do that
17:27 jaron        two ways you can go about that
17:27 martinmorris right...
17:27 jaron        either in your MARC framework
17:28 jaron        or, erm, that other place I can't think of right now :)
17:28 jaron        I'm not at my Koha machine
17:28 slef         martinmorris: btw, will your library be on http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=kohausers soon?
17:28 martinmorris hehe fair enough
17:29 martinmorris yes it will slef - but i've a fair bit of cataloguing to do first!  and some learning too
17:29 martinmorris and the honorary librarian will need some help getting used to it too
17:30 martinmorris anyway, 942 only seems to offer dewey or LCC
17:30 jaron        right
17:30 jaron        look in 952
17:31 jaron        there are several call number fields mapped to there by default
17:31 martinmorris and library school didn't cover the depths of every marc tag :)
17:31 martinmorris ah, that's better
17:31 jaron        well, the 9XX are local use fields so you wouldn't have covered those much ;)
17:32 martinmorris fair enough :)
17:32 martinmorris so something in 952 will be mapped to my UDC classification?
17:33 martinmorris i'm seeing it's got the barcode and holding branch
17:33 jaron        something in your 952 will be mapped to a Koha table--think of it as mapped to a variable
17:33 jaron        something like itemcallnumber
17:34 martinmorris ok let me take a llok
17:34 martinmorris look
17:34 jaron        I think you'll have to move your call number down to the 952 into the correct subfield
17:36 jaron        or have the biblio call number mapped to your UDC classification and use the biblio call number in appropriately your templates
17:37 jaron        s/in appropriately/appropriately in/
17:37 jaron        what I do is run my records through a script that moves the dewey call number down to the proper 952 fields
17:38 martinmorris two secs
17:39 jaron        martinmorris: if you have records in Koha and then you change the framework you'll want to make sure to rebuildnonmarc before looking at the results
17:39 jaron        just ignore me until you read the scrollback :)
17:41 martinmorris sorry jaron trying to get off the phone! :)
17:41 jaron        no prob
17:42 martinmorris oh, my koha server has just crashed
17:42 martinmorris rebooting it
17:43 slef         ow
17:43 slef         that shouldn't happen - what is it?
17:44 martinmorris it's just a little machine i'm using to play with while i build the library's new system
17:44 jaron        what distro?
17:44 slef         Which distribution?
17:44 slef         heh
17:45 martinmorris ubuntu
17:45 martinmorris it's been fine for months
17:45 slef         wow... did you see why it crashed?
17:46 martinmorris waiting for it to come back up
17:52 martinmorris looks like i forget it's a dhcp'd ip address :)
17:52 martinmorris i forgot even
17:54 martinmorris yep, it did an address refresh and teh address changed, how silly :)
17:54 martinmorris *blush*
17:59 martinmorris anyway, i see that 952k is mapped to items.itemcallnumber
18:01 martinmorris but that there' snothing in 952k when i view the MARC record
18:01 jaron        you'll have to put something in there, right?
18:01 martinmorris do i have to do that manually, i can't just tell it i want teh contents of 080a in there?
18:02 jaron        read over the scrollback for my other suggestion
18:02 martinmorris ok
18:09 martinmorris so i think the second option would be better, i definitely want teh UDC number to be on 080a so if i can map the call number to that it would be good
18:10 jaron        then map the biblio callnumber or whatever it's called to where your classification number is now
18:10 martinmorris that's the itemcallnumber
18:10 martinmorris i've done that already
18:10 jaron        itemcallnumber MUST be mapped to 952 somewhere with the rest of your item information
18:10 jaron        AFAIK
18:11 jaron        you're looking for a bibliocallnumber
18:11 jaron        or something like that
18:11 martinmorris OK, two secs
18:11 martinmorris that's different from itemcallnumber then
18:11 jaron        yes
18:11 jaron        and is used differently in the templates too
18:11 martinmorris ok having a look
18:12 jaron        in other words you can have both a biblio call num and an item call num
18:12 jaron        that helps out some libraries with different classification depending on library
18:12 jaron        from what I understand
18:12 jaron        that is some libraries have branches which will want to use different call numbers
18:13 martinmorris right, that doesn't apply to me but thanks for the explanation
18:15 martinmorris 942j is currently mapped to biblioitems.classification
18:15 jaron        I think that's the one
18:15 martinmorris so i want to map that to 952k instead?
18:15 jaron        change biblioitems.classification to the field where you classification will be
18:15 dewey        jaron: that doesn't look right
18:16 jaron        be quiet, dewey.
18:16 dewey        jaron: what?
18:16 jaron        dewey: shush
18:16 dewey        jaron: excuse me?
18:17 martinmorris i've stopped for a second...
18:18 martinmorris am i changing biblioitems.classification from 942j to 952k?
18:19 jaron        biblioitems.classification to 082a or wherever you classification lives now
18:19 jaron        I think that's what you want
18:20 martinmorris 080a
18:20 jaron        so go to 080a
18:20 martinmorris after which i have to rebuild marc
18:20 jaron        yes
18:20 jaron        rebuildnonmarc methinks
18:22 martinmorris it's not finding C4/Context.pm
18:22 martinmorris is there an environment variable i need to be setting?
18:22 jaron        export PERL5LIB=
18:22 martinmorris ah, of course, thanks!
18:23 jaron        for me: export PERL5LIB=/usr/local/koha/intranet/modules
18:24 martinmorris it's doing something :)
18:24 martinmorris *nervous*
18:24 jaron        yes, 'something' is not always good :)
18:24 martinmorris hey, it worked :)
18:24 martinmorris thanks, learned something about the guts of koha there - thanks
18:25 jaron        sure
18:25 martinmorris now, if i want 952k to automatically be the same as 080a....?
18:26 martinmorris i have to map that too within the marc structure?
18:26 jaron        the marc structure can't do that, methinks
18:26 martinmorris right
18:26 jaron        a script could though
18:26 martinmorris oh i can do that in the database easily enough
18:26 jaron        koha allows for plugins
18:26 martinmorris i just wondered if koha had a native way of doing it
18:37 slef         can use perl -I rather than export PERL5LIB for a one-off command
18:38 jaron        slef: good to know, thanks
18:53 owen         kyle_: are you not seeding that koha vmware image anymore?
19:10 slef         and business letters are even more important, if a bit tedious
00:00 martinmorris hello me again, got a problem importing some MARC records i've generated
00:00 martinmorris i'm using the intranet, and getting this message in my koha-error.log
00:01 martinmorris [Wed Jun 27 00:59:49 2007] [error] [client] malformed header from script. Bad header=MARCRECORDMARCRECORDMARCRECORD: breeding.pl, referer: http://d
00:01 martinmorris az:8080/cgi-bin/koha/import/breeding.pl
00:01 martinmorris if anybody's there and knows what that means i'd love to know too
00:01 martinmorris the records are generated in USMARC format and i'm select MARC21 at the import screen
00:01 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> hmm, you might have to ask that one on the mailing list
00:02 martinmorris i thought so
00:02 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> lots of MARC guru's on there
00:02 martinmorris it's about 5,000 records in one file, that's OK I take it?
00:02 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> yeah ive done 300,000 +
00:02 martinmorris and there's some unicode characters in there too
00:03 martinmorris is there any way i can up the logging level to see more information?
00:03 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> not that im aware of
00:03 martinmorris ok
00:12 jaron        martinmorris: are you trying to import into the reservoir?
00:12 martinmorris i believe so, yes
00:13 jaron        try the same records with bulkmarcimport.pl and see what you get
00:13 martinmorris ok :)
00:13 jaron        is you database utf8?
00:13 martinmorris they import into OpenBiblio fine i notice incidentally
00:13 martinmorris yes it is
00:14 jaron        ok, if your leader byte 9 is encoded correctly bulkmarcimport will take care of conversion from marc8 to utf8
00:14 jaron        or at least should :)
00:14 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> they are full records you want straight in the catalogue eh?
00:14 jaron        character encoding is a pain
00:14 martinmorris yes they are [k]
00:14 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> not ones you want in the reserviour
00:14 martinmorris the 000 header was automatically created by MARC::Record
00:14 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> cool, just checking
00:15 jaron        [k] is a bot
00:15 martinmorris well, ideally i'd like them straight into the ctalogue but i thought i had to go via the reservoir
00:15 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> nope bulkmarcimport -> straight in
00:16 martinmorris well a lot of them are working but i'm getting some errors too
00:16 jaron        what are the errors?
00:16 dewey        the errors are different. It says up-to-date check failed and terminates
00:16 martinmorris here's an example
00:16 jaron        ok
00:16 martinmorris looks like it's for certain " style characters that have crept in
00:16 martinmorris Converting record 103 encoding from MARC8 to UTF-8
00:16 martinmorris no mapping found for [0x80] at position 3 in AC‟197/198â€? *71 #l -e1b g0=ASCII_DEFAULT g1=EXTENDED_LATIN at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/MARC/Charset.pm line 210.
00:17 martinmorris yeah, and other unicode characters
00:17 martinmorris here's another
00:17 martinmorris Converting record 160 encoding from MARC8 to UTF-8
00:17 martinmorris no mapping found for [0x9D] at position 25 in Internacia Katolika UnuiÄ?o Esperantista g0=ASCII_DEFAULT g1=EXTENDED_LATIN at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/MARC/Charset.pm line 210.
00:18 martinmorris so falling over on the Ä? character
00:18 jaron        those are both control characters
00:18 martinmorris you're seeing them as control characters?
00:18 jaron        that's what the hex code maps to
00:18 jaron        http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/search.htm?q=9d&preview=entity
00:19 martinmorris weird
00:19 martinmorris it's seeing the characters wrongly then
00:20 martinmorris i'm far from expert on that kind of thing
00:20 martinmorris that should be  g with a circumflex on it
00:20 jaron        that's what I'm seeing
00:20 martinmorris good
00:20 jaron        could you send me one of those records?
00:21 jaron        it's hard to tell without seeing a record
00:21 jaron        at least for me :)
00:21 martinmorris they're all in one file (1.5Mb)
00:21 martinmorris want the lot?
00:21 martinmorris or shall i recreate one of them for you?
01:18 CGI766       test
07:23 toins        hi #koha
09:44 martinmorris hello got another probably basic question
09:48 martinmorris in the catalogue I've got, i want people who search for one name to be directed to another one
09:48 martinmorris and i'm not sure how to set that up
11:26 kados        g'morning #koha
11:41 paul         hello kados
11:42 paul         i just see : http://liblime.com/products/masterkey
11:42 paul         what's masterkey ?
11:43 paul         (technically)
11:43 paul         because i've got questions about OAI support in Koha, merged /multiple sources searches ...
11:43 paul         things that "masterkey" seems to be able to do !
11:44 paul         (+ i've seen yakpac as well : very nice)
11:44 paul         (except flash technology, of course)
11:44 kados        masterkey.indexdata.com
11:44 kados        hi paul
11:44 kados        masterkey doesn't have OAI support, in fact, it doesn't store any data itself
11:44 kados        it's a metasearch engine
11:45 kados        it just queries other searches and merges the results
11:45 kados        we have a customer who will go live with it in about 3 months
11:47 paul         wow, very impressive demo.
11:48 kados        This is the customer: http://www.schlowlibrary.org/
11:48 kados        they have 4 libraries that will use it to search each other's collections
11:49 kados        yesterday was the last day of the largest library con in the US, ALA
11:49 kados        many many people were interested in open source ILS :-)
11:49 paul         some good business contacts here ?
11:50 kados        yes, met with some good people
11:50 kados        so today I have a holiday :-)
11:50 paul         so what are u doing here ?
11:50 kados        I'm going to see the capitol and smithsonian, etc :-)
11:50 kados        ahh, it's still early, so I'm just catching up on email, etc. and saying hi to Paul Poulain of course :-)
11:51 kados        http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.si.edu%2F&ei=Nk-CRp2HGYygedXbibYK&usg=AFQjCNG5IDyN385B8_qyyqx8JrEvhKnEjg&sig2=Q9Gqvvvi-0t_TD_l37Bv_g
11:51 kados        oops
11:51 kados        www.si.edu/
11:51 kados        since they have a two letter URL you know they are rich :-)
11:51 paul         lol
11:51 kados        it's the most prominent museum in the US I think
11:52 paul         like the louvre in Paris ?
11:52 kados        similar, yes
11:52 kados        it was founded by a famous person, James Smithson
11:53 kados        he donated his wealth to the US to found the Smithsonian Institute
11:53 kados        (side note: they contacted me recently about Koha, but this visit is unrelated :-))
11:55 kados        paul: quick question
11:55 kados        someone asked me yesterday about serials
11:56 kados        paul: do any libraries manage more than one subscription for a biblio?
11:56 paul         yep
11:56 kados        (what if a library has 4 branches, and they order 4 issues of each serial)
11:56 paul         they create 1 subscription for each they have
11:56 kados        ok, i thought so
11:57 paul         in head, there is a "branch" filter available, to specify that this subscription is attached to branch X
11:57 kados        cool
11:57 paul         (and if IndependantBranches is ON, then the librarians will see only it's subscriptions)
11:57 paul         on the other side, the "note" field appears everywhere
11:58 paul         so, you can have 2 subscriptins for the same branch, one with "public access" and one with "for reserve" (example)
11:58 kados        ahh, cool
11:59 kados        I think his wife just had a baby
11:59 kados        so he takes a couple days off :-)