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12:35 slef  kados: I have a git tree, but I want to automate its updates from CVS before publicising it much.
14:20 slef  hello lloyd
14:20 lloyd hey
14:20 slef  Are you OK there?
14:21 lloyd yeah, you?
14:21 owen  seen kados?
14:21 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 5 days, 16 hours, 1 minutes and 5 seconds ago, saying: checks [Fri Jun  1 10:20:32 2007]
14:21 slef  busy but getting there
14:21 slef  owen: I think dewey is lying...
14:22 owen  dewey, are you not being honest with me?
14:22 dewey owen: wish i knew
14:22 slef  seen kados_?
14:22 dewey kados_ was last seen on #koha 3 hours, 5 minutes and 37 seconds ago, saying: hi all [Wed Jun  6 23:16:35 2007]
14:22 paul  owen : i confirm, kados throw a private message 3 hours ago. although he didn't answer to my answer ;-)
14:22 paul  owen : o15.bureau.paulpoulain.com
14:22 owen  dewey: please keep track of all our aliases, nicknames, monikers, etc.
14:22 dewey owen: what?
14:23 paul  design OK with all browser, except IE6 and 7 ...
14:23 paul  do you know how to handle buggy fixed positionning with IE7 ?
14:24 lloyd slef - Do I know you? :)
14:24 owen  Not without some investigating. Unfortunately I don't have my IE7 machine with me today.
14:24 slef  lloyd: I was just being friendly to someone from Tractor Boy Land
14:25 slef  owen: Suffolk.
14:25 slef  owen: Norfolk = dumplings, various birds, other stuff, Suffolk = tractor boys + probably more I don't know.
14:26 lloyd they're both as bad as each other :)
14:27 slef  searching www.wsh.nhs.uk for 'lloyd' returns no matches... so who are you? ;-)
14:27 lloyd net admin
14:27 paul  owen : it's the same with IE6
14:27 lloyd supposed to be technical lead for our huge koha implementation
14:28 paul  what do you mean by "huge" lloyd ?
14:28 slef  Wow.  I know two people who would like to talk to you.
14:28 owen  paul: I know IE6 is notorious for improperly handling position: fixed
14:28 slef  By the way, realise that these conversations are recorded and published.
14:29 lloyd slef - Yah I know
14:29 owen  Aren't they all in the UK anyway? ;)
14:29 slef  owen?
14:29 dewey i heard owen was hardly ever in direct contact with kados. We communicate here.
14:29 lloyd paul - starting off with 28 librarys, east of england... moving on from that
14:29 slef  heh
14:29 slef  lloyd: 2.2 or 3.0?
14:29 dewey 3
14:29 slef  dewey: silence
14:29 dewey slef: excuse me?
14:29 paul  so it's larger than my larger network (23 libraries)
14:29 slef  dewey: mute
14:29 dewey slef: excuse me?
14:30 lloyd yes, 3 :)
14:31 lloyd paul - yah, we've got national interest from the rest of the UK too
14:33 paul  lloyd: how many items in your network ?
14:34 lloyd 250k books
14:34 lloyd with serials and other bits could get huge
14:34 paul  so my largest network has less branches but mor items (290 000)
14:35 lloyd sweet
14:35 slef  lloyd: I'm from www.ttllp.co.uk, awaiting signed papers for a .nhs.uk library deployment... I'd like to compare notes / cooperate if possible.
14:35 lloyd ahh yes
14:35 lloyd I was told about you =)
14:35 lloyd lol
14:35 slef  by a man from London?
14:36 lloyd cant remember now
15:02 thd   seen kados?
15:02 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 5 days, 16 hours, 42 minutes and 4 seconds ago, saying: checks [Fri Jun  1 10:20:32 2007]
15:05 slef  seen kados_?
15:05 dewey kados_ was last seen on #koha 3 hours, 48 minutes and 42 seconds ago, saying: hi all [Wed Jun  6 23:16:35 2007]
15:19 thd   kados: ping
15:40 slef  dewey: ow
15:40 dewey slef: huh?
17:35 rch   owen-away: ping
17:58 owen  Hi rch
21:00 chris morning