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09:59 slef  oh for a router that is stable
22:16 chris sleep well
22:16 Lea   nn all!
22:16 chris cool
22:16 Lea   will check it out tomorrow
22:16 Lea   ok
22:16 chris you might want to lurk on that
22:16 chris cool :)
22:16 Lea   no I'm not
22:16 Lea   talk in the morning if you're still up :D
22:16 chris are you on the devel list?
22:16 Lea   it's really late
22:16 Lea   right I need to go to bed
22:15 Lea   yeah
22:15 Lea   ok, well it's good news
22:15 chris busy summer
22:15 Lea   looks like I might have to do this as well as re-engineering my entire network + servers this summer :(
22:15 chris we dont have a nice tarball install package yet, but if you check out the HEAD of cvs, thats 3
22:15 Lea   ah ok :D
22:14 chris its all in cvs :-)
22:14 Lea   i have a full time librarian who could test it
22:14 Lea   i would be willing to test 3 if you like
22:14 chris holidays were just recently backported to v2
22:14 chris and yes 3 does
22:14 Lea   ?
22:14 Lea   I believe V3 will have these
22:14 chris ahh holidays are fixed for v2
22:14 Lea   2. Holidays
22:13 Lea   1. Short term loans
22:13 Lea   i think there was also 2 showstoppers for v2:
22:13 chris ah right
22:13 Lea   to do with data migration
22:13 chris what sort of stuff?
22:13 Lea   I'm being asked to do a load of stuff for V2 that may not be necessary
22:13 Lea   great stuff
22:12 chris we are having an irc meeting to talk about that soon, paul is deploying it soon for final(ish) testing
22:12 Lea   hi
22:12 chris hi lea
22:09 Lea   I kust popped in before going to bed. Any worg on Koha v3 yet?
22:09 Lea   long time :D
22:09 dewey hola, Lea
22:09 Lea   hi
18:12 owen  show-off ;)
18:11 kados about 6-8 folks responded
18:10 kados owen: yep, and scheduling it is on my todo for today
18:09 slef  brb
18:09 owen  kados: have you gotten feedback about an IRC dev meeting?
18:08 slef  Oops.
18:03 kados well deleting might be instant
18:03 owen  Weird... I just deleted something and it disappeared from search results right away
18:02 kados my fault
18:02 kados no, but they should
18:02 owen  kados, does NPL have rapid index-updating now?
17:59 owen  yeah, koha++
17:58 slef  koha++
17:58 dewey koha has neutral karma
17:58 slef  dewey: karma koha
17:58 dewey somebody said koha was the first open-source ILS or a good free software ILS
17:58 slef  dewey: koha
17:54 kados hehe
17:54 owen  Anal Tourism Research post: http://community.livejournal.com/library_mofo/489373.html
17:54 slef  (which isn't in DNS, at least not yet)
17:54 kados neat
17:53 kados greetings
17:53 slef  Greetings from the XMPP world, by the way.
17:53 kados guess so
17:52 dewey make has karma of -1
17:52 slef  dewey: karma make
17:52 kados @karma make
17:52 owen  @karma
17:52 slef  BTW, did you all see the Anal Tourism Research post on librarian.net?
17:52 owen  Does #koha really have a karma bot?
17:52 kados yep
17:52 slef  kados: makes(sic) it very easy to package, though.
17:52 owen  Yeah, I'll be sure to bring it up if we have time.
17:52 kados make--
17:52 kados makemaker--
17:52 slef  It's possible.  I can't remember what I did last week. :-/
17:51 kados owen: we can discuss further on Thur if you want
17:51 slef  I'm still slapping my head against the MakeMaker problems.
17:51 rch   i thought i saw your name in the credits for the oo version.
17:51 kados 10-15 hours I'd guess
17:51 kados owen: the idea you presented wouldn't be very difficult to implement, it's in the order of the xisbn idea
17:51 rch   two virt shelf modules, one oo.
17:51 rch   not the case?
17:50 slef  Someone is hitting me with a shelf?
17:50 rch   i notice there's a virtual shelf OO implementation with your name on it
17:49 rch   hi, slef
17:46 kados hehe
17:46 owen  Lousy skinflints!
17:46 kados present company excluded of course ;-)
17:46 kados the problem with koha users is they don't want to pay for anything ;-)
17:46 kados but I suspect it's a problem for all koha users
17:45 kados not vocally
17:45 owen  kados, are other clients of yours wrestling with the issue of how to handle records without items?
17:45 dewey thanks slef :)
17:45 slef  dewey: botsnack?
17:45 slef  hi all
17:42 kados heh
17:41 kados great idea!
17:41 owen  I suppose you could build a URL click-handler that worked for all URLs, on which you could add things like pattern match conditions and redirect URLs. It would be a nice way to add click-tracking to Koha's statistics.
17:40 kados meant perl regex
17:40 kados right
17:39 owen  What do you mean by koha regex? Koha is re-writing the URL coming from the MARC record?
17:37 kados and it would check to make sure the user was logged in
17:37 kados http://myacls.org/authenticatenetlibrary?redirect=http://netlibrary.org/audiobook/14
17:37 kados so you'd have something like:
17:37 kados probably the most elegent is to have koha regex add the redirect URL to the real URL and have a script somewhere that handles the authentication
17:36 kados more than a couple actually
17:36 kados ok, so coupla ways to do this
17:35 owen  Right. If you've got a record in the catalog for an e-audio book, what does it link to?
17:35 kados you need to catch the click from the OPAC
17:35 kados ahh
17:35 kados so what's the prob?
17:35 kados works like a charm
17:34 kados so I enter in my card number
17:34 kados yea
17:34 owen  https://www.athenscounty.lib.oh.us/authenticate.html?choice=eaudiobooks
17:34 kados what ever happened with that?
17:33 kados remember a while ago we had some PHP script or something that was supposed to authenticate users?
17:33 kados if we have an agenda for Thursday that could be on it
17:32 owen  No, but I'm not talking to a tech person
17:32 kados did they mention anything about that?
17:32 kados now traditionally this would be done with ezproxy IIRC
17:32 owen  If it's circs Lauren wants... :)
17:31 owen  :)
17:31 kados a proxy redirect ;-)
17:31 owen  So how do you catch a click from the OPAC and get the user properly logged-in?
17:31 kados I thought we had a proxy redirect in place
17:31 kados ahh
17:31 owen  We have to figure out how to work with NetLibrary's authentication scheme, which right now is IP-based. Home users are supposed to log in on NPL's site
17:30 kados deletions too, eh?
17:30 kados no?
17:30 owen  The issues don't stop there, for us
17:30 kados s/work/word/
17:29 kados not sure module is the best work, 'feature' is probably better
17:29 owen  Oh, right.
17:29 kados to allow import and overlay of records
17:29 owen  Module?
17:28 kados they are going to need that overlay module
17:28 kados but I know it's a biggie for the academic libraries that are interested
17:28 kados no, not yet
17:28 owen  I'm curious if other Koha libraries are trying to address the same problems we are
17:28 owen  Has Stowe-Munroe talked to you about the downloadable audio books at all?
17:27 kados owen: what's up?
17:27 kados yep
17:26 owen  kados, are you around?
15:40 paul  read you later
15:39 paul  ok, waiting a little bit (and leaving for a demo tomorrow, for 2 days)
15:39 kados Bo has reported some, and others are on bugs.koha.org
15:39 kados paul: no, there are more bugs to squash
15:39 paul  2.2.10 to release asap ?
15:39 kados bbiab
15:39 kados hdl++
15:38 kados jaron: great, thanks for your help on this
14:12 jaron hdl++
14:12 jaron Looks like this bug can be closed.
14:12 jaron hdl, kados: On 2.2.8 I applied hdl's two line patch to Biblio.pm. I imported a record with a subtitle, then deleted it. Before the patch I'd be left with a record for that bib number with just a subtitle, after applying the patch I have a blank bib as it should be.
13:54 rch   yes, this is the case for us: no error; the suggestion is just ignored.
13:38 kados the report specifically is about when you are not logged in
13:31 hdl   suggestions work ok.
13:30 hdl   not on my configuration.
13:27 kados hdl: have you seen that one?
13:27 kados hdl: how about the other report from Bo on 'purchase suggestions'
13:16 hdl   in OLDdelbiblio
13:16 hdl   two lines to be added.
13:16 jaron ok
13:16 kados jaron: Biblio.pm
13:16 jaron hdl: sure. might not be until later that I get a chance. what file(s) changed?
13:15 kados hdl++
13:14 hdl   jaron : problem 1346 should be fixed in CVS. Could you confirm and close ?
12:50 hdl   I understand
12:50 jaron hdl: I do not currently have a testing machine to replicate the problem and I'm not willing to do it on production again :)
12:49 jaron hdl: All trace is gone. I've since dumped all my MARC records and imported them again to completely rebuild the tables.
12:48 hdl   b) would you mind sending offending bibliosubtitle record, previous bibnum taht was deleted, and an instance of an other biblio with its biblionumber ? So that we could follow the problem.
12:46 jaron hdl: no errors in koha-error_log
12:46 hdl   a) is there mysql errors in koha-error log when deleting biblio.
12:45 kados hdl: bugs 1334 - 1346 all look to be un-addressed
12:44 jaron Please let me know if you need any clarification concerning this bug. I'm the one who reported it.
12:43 jaron hdl: this is one: Bugzilla Bug 1346
12:43 kados hdl: see Jaron's post above about subtitles
12:42 hdl   which ones ?
12:42 kados paul, hdl, do you plan to investigate these bugs and fix them in the 2.2 series?
12:42 jaron kados: I check koha-error_log for the days around when I reported that bug and didn't see any errors concerning the phantom subtitle bug.
12:38 owen  Yeah, I have noticed a bit of complaining on the list
12:38 kados it seems there are some pretty serious ones reported in 2.2.8/9 in the last few days
12:37 kados just having a look at some recent bug reports
12:37 kados nuthin much
12:37 owen  Hi kados, what's new?
12:37 kados morning owen
12:35 kados paul have you seen this bug report?
12:34 jaron I'm not on that machine.
12:34 jaron ah, give me a little to check....
12:34 kados jaron: do you see any errrs in your logs?
12:33 jaron I'm on mysql 5 so that's be my first guess
12:33 kados hdl: if we are getting reports then it is likely a problem and should be fixed asap
12:32 kados hdl: can you confirm that does not happen in 2.2.9?
12:31 jaron Bugzilla Bug 1346
12:31 jaron for the books.
12:31 jaron subtitles of the other books get all screwed up, Wrong, random subtitles
12:31 jaron erased from the subtitle database. When new books are added then the
12:31 jaron 3. When Deleting a book from Koha, the Biblio Subtitle (245b) is not
12:31 jaron One of the bugs Bo reported I've run into myself in 2.2.8.
12:28 kados a miss-configuration
12:28 kados no, not a bug at all
12:27 jaron I haven't upgraded yet myself.
12:27 jaron This isn't a problem with 2.2.9 per se?
12:26 kados jaron++
12:26 kados you can tell him on-list that the problem is caused by incorrectly defined frameworks
12:26 kados thanks for volunteering :-)
12:26 kados right
12:26 jaron I didn't know where to start trying to help him.
12:25 jaron Not much. I was going to ask here myself about that fellow's problems.
12:25 kados hi jaron, what's new?
12:25 kados yea, I'll have to ask ryan about that
12:24 jaron At one point the framework was locked down for demo users.
12:24 kados I guess we need to have cron update the framework every day too
12:23 kados maybe someone has messed up the framework
12:23 kados and the title disappeared!
12:23 kados I edited the biblio title
12:22 kados if I edit a biblio
12:22 kados wow
12:21 hdl   But it is quite surprising to be told that on liblime demo, updating items donot work... Does it ?
12:20 kados so others can see the solution?
12:20 kados could you 'bounce' your reply to the list
12:19 hdl   2) it is mainly a framework problem imho
12:19 kados yep
12:19 hdl   1) not on bugs.koha.org
12:19 hdl   Very bad publicity he does indeed.
12:19 hdl   I answered him.
12:19 hdl   Yes.
12:19 kados g'morning
12:19 hdl   morning kados.
12:19 kados for 2.2.9 I believe
12:18 hdl   yes
12:18 dewey i heard hdl was here
12:18 kados or hdl?
12:18 kados paul around?
12:18 kados morning all