Time  Nick Message
15:42 cm   okay, thanks.
15:42 rch  i'll take a look
15:42 cm   he's not here atm, so i can't ask him.
15:41 cm   i don't think he did.
15:41 cm   i think kados said you guys would change it, and i was wondering if either of you had worked on it yet.
15:41 rch  i thought kyle changed that?
15:41 rch  right
15:41 cm   and for us we'd like it to use the rules for the issuing library.
15:40 cm   right now I think when something is checked out to a patron, it uses the issuingrules for their home branch
15:40 cm   i think kados and i talked quite a while ago about changing how checkouts happen.
15:39 cm   so my question...
15:39 rch  what's up?
15:39 cm   hi!
15:39 rch  hi cm
14:38 cm   hello kados or rch!  i have a question.