Time  Nick      Message
10:11 sinantena i keep gettina a premature end of script headers error
09:51 sinantena hello are there any linux users here?
16:58 kyle      hey all
13:54 kados     thx
13:54 paul      i'll answer on perl4lib
13:54 kados     paul: but it would be good if you could respond to Mike
13:54 kados     paul: I need to leave
13:52 kados     paul: in perl4lib?
13:52 kados     paul: did you see Mike Rylander's response?
13:52 kados     paul: !!
13:12 kados     paul: probably why no-one has done it before today :-)
13:12 kados     paul: a long process for a one character bugfix :-)
13:12 kados     done
13:08 kados     paul: temporarily available from http://kados.org/stuff/cpan/MARC-XML-0.85.tar.gz
13:08 kados     paul: uploaded to CPAN
13:00 paul      10000 thx then ;-)
12:59 kados     paul: I will do a release of the CPAN today
12:59 paul      1000 thx
12:59 kados     paul: ok, fixed in CVS
12:57 kados     (I am utf8 too, no probs ;-))
12:57 paul      (i'm utf8 on this channel now, in case you'd got some diacritics problems)
12:56 paul      (iirc)
12:56 paul      (we get àe instead of ê for example)
12:56 paul      which is silly ;-)
12:56 paul      making a MARC8 => utf8 char decoding.
12:56 kados     ok
12:56 paul      => we set MARC8 flag to 1
12:55 paul      then the test is FALSE && anything && anything = FALSE
12:55 paul      for us, lc($format) ne 'unimarc' is FALSE.
12:54 kados     not 'if we are unimarc'
12:54 kados     but it says 'if we are not unimarc'
12:53 paul      because if we are unimarc, we have nothing to do with MARC8 ;-)
12:53 kados     right
12:53 paul      that is wrong.
12:52 paul      this one says : "if we are not unimarc AND have $enc set and it contains utf8 => no need to do MARC8 stuff
12:52 paul      I bet Ed would not have made the typo with a test resulting in test?1:0;
12:51 paul      (the strangeness of the test being that you set 0 if true and 1 if false.
12:51 paul      in this case :  (lc($format) ne 'unimarc' && $enc&& lc($enc) =/^utf-?8$/o) is the test
12:50 paul      test?true:false maybe ?
12:50 kados     paul: I can never remember the syntax for the shortcut if statement ?
12:49 kados     && lc($enc) =/^utf-?8$/o) ? 0 : 1;
12:49 kados     $parser->{ Handler }{ toMARC8 } = (lc($format) ne 'unimarc' && $enc
12:49 kados     paul: .
12:47 kados     back
12:45 paul      'morning owen
12:43 kados     sec, phone
12:43 kados     Mike Rylander is the one who has taken over
12:43 kados     did you send to Ed or to perl4lib because Ed hasn't worked on M:F::X for some time
12:42 paul      ne instead of eq
12:42 paul      the problem is trivial & it's clearly a typo in the code
12:41 paul      already done, some months ago.
12:41 kados     paul++
12:41 paul      (working on circ code cleaning this afternoon)
12:41 kados     paul: to make the fix you are proposing I'd suggest sending a mail to perl4lib with a test case proving the problem, and show how the patch fixes it
12:41 paul      hi kados.
12:40 hdl       Did you see the problem with bugs.koha.org ?
12:40 kados     paul: you around?
12:40 kados     hdl: I'm here now
12:19 dewey     kados is just a bit tied up
12:19 hdl       kados ?
12:11 js        ok paul :)
12:10 paul      js : chris, afaik
12:09 js        who is admin of bugzilla ?
12:09 js        hop