Time  Nick  Message
11:32 thd   kados: are you there?
11:45 kados thd: what's up?
11:49 paul  kados : move rel_3_0 => on the way...
11:49 paul  HUGE commits coming !
11:49 kados paul: I see ... good luck
11:49 kados paul++ for doing it
11:58 thd   kados: so there is a whole country which wants multi-MARC Koha
11:58 thd   kados: good that it is not just me
12:16 hdl   kados : Why is there no sort_by parameter in BuildQuery ?
12:16 kados hdl: because sorting happens independently of the query normally
12:17 hdl   I think there should be one, since sort_by implies a modification in query.
12:17 kados hdl: you could add it if you wanted to have it as part of the query
12:17 kados not in zebra
12:19 hdl   @attr 7=1 @attr 1=4 0
12:19 hdl   ?
12:19 hdl   http://indexdata.dk/zebra/doc/administration-ranking.tkl
12:19 kados ranking is different than sorting :-)
15:40 tnb   hdl: are you there?
15:59 tnb   paul: hi :)  I'm putting together a profile of Koha users. Could you remind me how many items are in SAN-OP's collection?  I would be most grateful :)