Time  Nick   Message
15:39 toins  bye bye world
15:40 kados  paul: are you there?
15:42 kados  hi hld
15:42 kados  hdl even
15:42 kados  hdl: before you go ... a quick question
15:43 hdl    yes
15:44 kados  hdl: is Wed a good day for a Koha meeting?
15:44 kados  if so, what time is best for frenchies that also works for NZ and US?
15:44 hdl    for me yes.
15:44 hdl    Should also be for paul.
15:47 kados  hdl: 19:00 GMT OK?
16:16 saorge can you tell me if there's still a Koha Live CD available anywhere ?
16:22 kados  saorge: there isn't one for the latest version
16:22 kados  saorge: indradg is the one who maintained the earlier ones
16:22 kados  semight be worth pinging the devel list
16:45 saorge kados: even an old version could be useful
17:18 hdl    kados : yes OK for me
17:18 hdl    and for paul
17:45 waylon heya all.. was wondering... how does koha support simutanious acquisitions?
20:43 mason  right