Time  Nick      Message
08:40 rhariram  should I submit a patch ?
08:39 rhariram  hi, what dod I need to do to submit changes to fix bug 1230 ( http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1230 )
05:15 Genjimoto nope. still don't work.
05:07 btoumi    hi all
05:05 Genjimoto think i got it.
04:56 Genjimoto so... how do i put a frameworkcode in my koha, for koha2marc to work?
04:56 Genjimoto Hrm... in marc_tag_structure, frameworkcode is empty... every single entry.
04:55 Haranor   back
04:43 paul      Genjimoto: tell me when you're back.
04:43 Genjimoto back in a bit.
04:34 Genjimoto im stuck.
04:34 Genjimoto long time.... anyway... im wantingto koha2marc.pl.. but it needs frameworkcode to be not null... but the default framework code is null....
04:34 Genjimoto heya paul.
04:01 Genjimoto Can't figure it... commenting outthe offending code... think its a windows problem.
03:55 Haranor   my sessionlog says my ip address changed from 127.0 to
03:43 Haranor   k. ill struggle on.
03:42 chris     shouldnt matter
03:41 Haranor   hmm... users table is blank...
03:41 chris     ?
03:41 chris     is it
03:41 Haranor   logged in again, and still 127.0... but it still asked
03:40 chris     if you are coming at it on localhost yep that would be right
03:40 Haranor   This can't be right..... 127.0
03:38 chris     see what ipnumbers it has logged in there
03:38 chris     and do a select * from sessions;
03:38 chris     into the koha database
03:38 chris     you could jump into mysql
03:37 chris     hmmm
03:37 Haranor   it shouldn't go to the net and back..
03:36 Haranor   uhhh.... localhost server...
03:36 chris     see if the ipnumber changes
03:36 chris     hit that couple of times
03:36 chris     http://whatsmyip.org/
03:36 Haranor   wheres that information?
03:36 chris     against the number you logged in as
03:35 chris     nope it wont be that
03:35 chris     hmm so what it does is check the ipnumber you are coming from
03:35 Haranor   maybe my httpd.conf is wrong?
03:35 Haranor   okay. not cookies either.. since i skipped to the parameters screen... and it asks for login again.. same message..
03:33 Haranor   2.2.6
03:33 chris     what version of koha?
03:33 Haranor   eh... yuck.... opera does not like koha's main screen.
03:32 chris     id guess the cookies then
03:32 Haranor   dialup. :(
03:32 chris     and also ar you not behind some kinda proxy thing?
03:31 Haranor   mozilla firefox has it enabled.... hrm... ill try opera.
03:31 chris     check you have cookies enabled
03:29 Haranor   What does this mean? every time i do something, i have to log back in.
03:28 Haranor   You are accessing Koha from a different ip address!
03:28 Haranor   hiya all... im getting this wierd error message...
22:59 russ      hello
22:56 pupung    hi russ
22:44 pupung    mason.. are you up?
22:44 pupung    hello everybody
20:37 rch       okay, thx
20:35 chris     but it could be unique across the whole table with no harm
20:35 chris     it wouldnt hurt to be unique, it really only needs to be unique to a certain borrower tho
20:33 rch       chris: wondering if accountlines.accontno should be unique, or if there are circumstances I'm not thinking of...
20:31 rch       chris: got a minute?
19:47 js        (or ornella ?)
19:46 js        rch, are you here ?
19:46 js        lo all
17:33 chris     then i had me coffee :)
17:33 chris     ohh for a brief second i thought slef had packaged it
14:56 slef      when will wiki.koha.org be editable again?
13:41 slef      ho ho ho
13:40 slef      libkoha-perl_2.2.8-1_all.deb       yaz_2.1.18.orig.tar.gz
13:26 slef      90% of the problems with installer.pl are SQL datas related (mysql misconfigured or doing strange things, and so on)
13:25 paul      the web part taking care of loading SQL datas
13:25 slef      yep
13:25 paul      & httpd virtual host. right
13:25 slef      which I think I can do well
13:25 slef      then the packaging part just needs to check dependencies, copy files and write the .conf files
13:24 paul      it can't, as it's not written, but it will be able to do, of course
13:24 slef      Yes, make it go to the installer if it thinks no koha is configured yet
13:24 slef      can it load the SQL definitions/alterations too please?
13:23 paul      that the techie don't understand !
13:23 paul      no, choose between MARC21, UNIMARC, french, english, and many other features
13:23 paul      that should ease a lot the process of writing .deb, .rpm ...
13:23 slef      librarian part => web pages that display when no koha is configured?
13:22 paul      it will be in a web interface. Only the techie part will be done in command line.
13:22 slef      so this installer I'm writing for 2.2.8 may work on 3.0 without much change
13:22 paul      but hdl will work soon on the librarian part of the installation process
13:22 paul      there's nothing new in rel_3_0
13:21 slef      if there's 3.0 INSTALL written
13:21 paul      do you plan to work on 3.0 installer ?
13:21 paul      hdl was with me a few minuts ago, he is no more.
13:21 slef      for 2.2.7
13:21 slef      oh and I uploaded a barcodefix.patch to a bug
13:20 paul      that should be easy ;-)
13:20 slef      paul: I'm trying to break the installer again.
13:20 paul      hi slef/mj
13:20 slef      hello
12:04 tumer     the only code i cleaned is modules not recursively call each other now
12:04 tumer     i have not cleaned any code so yes you may have solved it
12:03 paul      (as most problems comes from global variables)
12:03 tumer     yes we issued to x and it came back asiisued to y whch was the previous customer
12:03 paul      note that in rel_3_0, we removed some global variables in circ code, so we may have got rid of this problem
12:02 paul      how did you notice it ? just knowing that you issued a book to X and it has been stored as issued to Y ?
12:02 tumer     i will try to setup a test machine and reproduce it
12:00 tumer     mod_per:PerlRun i mean
12:00 tumer     i got so afraid when i saw it i immediately returned to mod_perl so i do not know
11:59 paul      do you have any idea where it can come from ?
11:59 paul      how did you notice this problem ?
11:58 paul      about issues/circ : it's really dangerous if you're right : the SANOP does > 3000 issues/day !
11:57 tumer     with PerlRun everything is looking very normal for a week now
11:56 tumer     even circulation keeps the user in memory and issues to previous user sometimes
11:55 tumer     it seems PerlRun is more compatible for code not specifically written for modperl
11:55 paul      what kind of problems ?
11:54 paul      why should we chose PerlRun and not Registry ?
11:54 tumer     with registry i get alsorts of other problems
11:54 paul      that's our difference : I use Registry
11:54 tumer     i am using ModPerl:PerlRun in Apache rather than ModPerl:Registry. It seemed to solve all the problems
11:53 paul      are you 1000% sure you're with mod_perl ?
11:53 paul      the "do" don't have this constraint.
11:53 paul      and next time, the require is not compiled anymore, and the page always open with the same plugin.
11:53 paul      thus, with mod_perl, the 1st time the plugin is called, it's stored in RAM
11:52 paul      with "require", the symbol table is calculated only once, and as long as the script remains in memory, it' never called again.
11:52 paul      (& some perl mongers confirmed to me why it don't work)
11:52 paul      for me, the old code don't work & i can explain why
11:51 tumer     when i use do it does nor work (in mod_perl)
11:51 tumer     for the plugin yes. the old code works for me
11:50 paul      !!! I did it because require didn't work in mod_perl !
11:50 paul      you mean the commit for plugin ?
11:50 paul      1/ => I agree
11:50 tumer     hi in mod_perl your commit about s/require/do do not work for me
11:49 paul      tumer: hello,i'm here
11:49 tumer     paul:about?