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17:17 kados hey owen
17:18 kados how's that spam filtering working for ya?
17:18 owen  Hi kados. It's working really well.
17:18 kados cool
17:18 owen  It's a drastic reduction.
17:18 kados I bet it's the greylisting
17:28 owen  It must be. It's interesting that it catches so much but not all
17:43 kados yahoo is the one that alerted me to the existance of greylisting
17:43 kados when I discovered that it was greylisting stuff from liblime.com
17:43 kados from certain IPs and not others
17:43 kados it's an interesting technique
17:45 owen  Oh, so you had to get yourself unlisted?
17:45 kados yea, had to apply to get on the whitelist
17:45 kados but you have to specify the fqdn of your outgoing mail servers
17:50 owen  Is that bad?
17:51 kados fqdn is just the fully-qualified doman name ... it's when the reverse dns entry is the same as the forward dns entry ... it's the only way to really be sure that the originating server is who they say they are
17:51 kados well, provided you trust DNS :-)