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11:30 kyle  hey all
11:31 kyle  I was wondering, is there a template variable available to all the templates that contains the 'logged in' branch name?
11:31 kyle  I'd swear that I saw the branch name in the header of the NPL templates, but I don't see it anymore.
11:32 kyle  I'm referring to dev_week of course ; )
11:35 kados hmmm, owen would know
11:36 hdl   kyle : this must be in Auth.pm
11:37 kyle  Yeah, I was hoping owen would be around. I know Paul added such a variable in 3.0, because it was when we were in France, and I was with him at the time. However, I'd swear I saw the same thing in NPL's templates, but it must've been a different variable name, becuase the branchname was still not showing up in our templates.
11:37 kyle  That or I'm just plain crazy. Certainly a possibility ; )
11:46 paul  kyle: I don't remember adding such a variable, but hdl is right, it should be in Auth.pm.
11:46 paul  some are in get_template_and_user also
11:46 paul  (even if it's crazy to have 2 places for global availability variables
12:56 kyle  Is koha lacking a facility to add messages to library items? That is, attach a message to an item the same way a librarian can attach a message to a patron.
12:56 kyle  I don't even see a message field in the 'items' table
12:57 kyle  my bad, it's called 'itemnotes' in the 'items' table, still I can find no facility to put anything in itemnotes in any of the template sets in dev_week
13:28 rch   hi kyle
13:30 kyle  hey
13:30 rch   kyle: if itemnotes is mapped to marc field, you can edit in additem.pl  (edit items)
13:31 kyle  I added a note to an item, but I couldn't not find said note the itemnotes field, is that correct behavior?
13:31 kyle  The note exists, but it's stored elsewhere.
13:32 rch   where's that?
13:32 kyle  using additem.pl
13:32 kyle  I don't know where, I can't find it ; )
13:32 rch   is that field mapped to items.itemnotes?
13:33 rch   you are looking at 952$w in additem.pl ?
13:33 kyle  I'm guessing not, because when I added the note 'testnote' to an item, I search for any items that had *any* note and the search came up with nothing.
13:34 kyle  where would I check the mapping?
13:35 kyle  ok, I found the mapping, and it has items.itemnotes mapped to 952 z - Public note
13:36 kyle  On mine, 952$w is 'Price effective from'
13:36 rch   ah, right.
13:36 rch   so it's just a search problem?  then you are not mapped correctly in zebra?
13:37 kyle  I don't know. Here's the state of the union: I can create a 952 z - Public Note. Next time I edit the record, it is still there. It's just that I can't find where it is stored.
13:38 kyle  What I really want is for a public note to appear on detail.pl if said note exists. Any idea if there is already a template variable for public notes?
13:44 kyle  ...
13:47 rch   yes...
13:48 kyle  there is? do you know what the var is named?
13:48 rch   the detail page has a biblio loop and an items loop,
13:48 kyle  ok
13:48 rch   these contain all the columns in the tables
13:48 rch   so tmpl_var itemnotes
13:48 rch   used inside the ITEM loop should work
13:49 rch   ...
13:49 rch   yeah, ITEM_RESULTS is the loop name.
13:50 kyle  excellent. Thanks for your help.
13:50 rch   np