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10:54 paul    see the last 2 commits from toins
10:54 paul    yep
10:44 owen    This was with rel_3_0 ?
10:44 paul    our mod_perl problem is (at least partially) solved
10:43 owen    Hi paul
10:43 paul    hi owen.
10:42 owen    kados?
04:59 btoumi  hi all
19:55 pecisk  :)
19:52 russ    i know one system that cost over $500k to deploy
19:50 chris   some will cost over 200k
19:50 chris   40k is cheap too
19:50 pecisk  Jesus Christ :)
19:46 chris   you can get things like dbtextworks for around 2000$ but they have no where near the features koha does
19:46 chris   kados would know better
19:46 chris   you wouldnt be payng less than 40k id imagine
19:45 chris   like sirsidynix horizons ...or liberty3 ?
19:44 chris   to pa for something that has the same functionality as Koha?
19:43 pecisk  Anyone here? if someone would like to buy Koha eq. commercial software, how much he should spend? 3000$? 2000$?
17:39 pecisk  ok, I will do
17:39 pecisk  http://pastebin.ca/276964
17:39 chris   might be the place to ask
17:39 chris   http://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/koha-translate
17:38 chris   hmm
17:37 pecisk  without futher details
17:37 pecisk  hmmm, it says Create FAILED at the end of issued command like in document
17:32 pecisk  thanks
17:32 pecisk  ok, that it is what I thought
17:31 chris   i think Locale::PO
17:31 chris   ah ha
17:30 pecisk  chris: I get Can't locate Locale/PO.pm in @INC error when launching that generation script, what CPAN thingy I need?
17:24 pecisk  ahhh, cool
17:24 chris   utf8
17:21 pecisk  in which encoding those po files should be?
17:20 pecisk  chris: question, do you use UTF-8 or something else in Koha?
17:11 pecisk  thanks :)
17:10 chris   if there isnt already a set of templates in your language, you can use this guide to make one
17:10 chris   http://www.kohadocs.org/KOHAtranslation/translation.html
17:10 chris   pecisk
17:04 pecisk  hi guys, I have question again - how one can localise Koha for his local language?
14:31 toins   bye all too
14:31 kados   ok, have a good night :-)
14:30 paul    I have to leave now. see you tomorrow for the 2nd part of this story ;-)
14:30 kados   we use debian sarge
14:30 paul    ubuntu for toins
14:30 paul    mandriva for me & SANOP
14:30 kados   what distro do you run on?
14:30 kados   so now you should have all the conf files
14:30 toins   ok
14:30 kados   toins: mailed to paul
14:29 toins   sites-enabled/000-default
14:29 kados   but are in their dirs
14:28 toins   kados, the most import file is site-enables/default
14:28 kados   it's broken into sections, so the mods aren't in the apache2.conf proper
14:28 kados   I'll email it to you
14:28 kados   it's just debian standard
14:28 kados   ahh, ok
14:28 paul    in apache core config
14:27 paul    to find any diff between SAN & NPL
14:27 kados   why?
14:27 paul    kados : i was interested by httpd.conf
14:26 alaurin we have apache 2
14:26 kados   paul: mailed
14:26 paul    kados & alaurin : do you have apache2 or apache1 ?
14:25 kados   paul: I will email you those files
14:24 kados   search.athenscounty.lib.oh.us.conf
14:24 kados   intranet.athenscounty.lib.oh.us.conf
14:24 kados   then in sites-enabled/ I have two conf files:
14:24 kados   NameVirtualHost
14:24 kados   NameVirtualHost
14:24 kados   and
14:24 kados   Listen 80
14:24 kados   in ports.conf I have
14:24 kados   so it is split between several files
14:23 kados   I use apache2 conventions for apache conf
14:23 kados   yep
14:17 paul    kados : could you copy your apache config as well ?
14:14 kados   those are some of my ideas :-)
14:14 kados   you can use mytop to see active mysql processes
14:14 kados   and try to find out if the bottleneck is in perl or in mysql
14:14 kados   (means log all queries that take longer than 1 sec)
14:14 kados   long_query_time     = 1
14:14 kados   log_slow_queries    = /var/log/mysql-slow-queries.log
14:14 kados   also, try logging slow queries:
14:13 kados   query_cache_type        = 1
14:13 kados   query_cache_size        = 128M
14:13 kados   query_cache_limit       = 5M
14:13 kados   record_buffer       = 2M
14:13 kados   sort_buffer_size    = 2M
14:13 kados   table_cache         = 512
14:13 kados   tmp_table_size      = 256M
14:13 kados   # was 128
14:13 kados   thread_concurrency  = 2
14:13 kados   # Try number of CPU's*2 for thread_concurrency
14:13 kados   thread_cache        = 8
14:13 kados   thread_stack        = 128K
14:13 kados   max_allowed_packet  = 16M
14:13 kados   key_buffer          = 1G
14:13 kados   # 25-33% of memory changed by JF
14:13 kados   here are NPL's settings:
14:12 kados   is my.cnf optimized to handle query cacheing?
14:12 paul    in circulation => toins cleaned D::M
14:12 kados   very strange
14:12 paul    (under medium load : 30 persons testing it.
14:11 kados   does rel_3 have Date::Manip ?
14:11 paul    (like 20/30 seconds to get a page)
14:11 kados   hmmm
14:11 paul    no, it IS slow
14:11 kados   paul: so without mod_perl it seems slow?
14:10 toins   it may be the problem
14:10 paul    because the server is quite a good one.
14:10 toins   kados, on this 3 script there are some internal sub
14:10 paul    can you explain why SANOP has so bad perfs without mod_perl and NPL didn't ?
14:10 toins   circulation shelves & branches.pl don't work with mod_perl on rel_3_0 and on dev_week
14:09 kados   I suspect there are some problems with the way it's written (not mod_perl safe)
14:09 kados   circ does some tricky stuff
14:09 toins   kados, dev_week is the same thing
14:09 paul    nope
14:09 paul    but we have strictly no errors.
14:09 kados   have you tested dev_week?
14:09 paul    the db handler seems to have "disappeared", or returns nothing at all.
14:08 paul    the 1st time you call them, it works, the 2nd time it may works, then, empty forms...
14:08 paul    a few script are failing miserabily : circulation.pl / branches.pl for example
14:08 kados   paul: what's that?
14:08 paul    kados : we face a very very strange problem with mod_perl...
14:07 kados   hehe, cool
14:07 owen    And I answered my own question, so I don't have anything to ask you :)
14:07 owen    Sure thing.
14:07 kados   owen: thanks!
14:07 kados   I'll update dev_week and get SMFPL to test it out
14:07 kados   owen: looks like it's working!
14:02 owen    Yeah, hopefully it's working now.
14:02 kados   shall I test it out?
14:02 kados   owen: looks like you committed a fix to the acquisitions, eh?
14:01 dewey   kados: I forgot kados
14:01 kados   dewey: forget kados
14:01 kados   hey owen
14:01 dewey   kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
14:01 owen    kados?
12:33 tumer   hi paul
12:33 paul    hi tumer
12:33 paul    could you send me your NPL apache config files (all of them) to see if I can explain why response times are so nightmare ?
12:32 paul_   - without mod_perl, they have awful performances (really : 20s to get a page)
12:32 paul_   - with mod_perl activated, they have big problems (like editing a page works only 1 every 2 times)
12:31 paul_   kados : (hello) what sounds strange to me is that SAN-OP did some harness testing today and :
12:30 kados   (the migration was done in a hurry as you recall)
12:30 kados   maybe I panicked at the last moment and turned it off just in case :-)
12:30 toins   kados, no problem...
12:29 kados   toins: right ... sorry :(
12:27 toins   so we can't know if there are some mod_perl bugs in the npl installation...
12:24 toins   hum...
12:21 kados   toins: so mod_perl is enabled, but Koha doesn't use it currently (but it looks like I did test it, so I'm not sure why it's not being used)
12:20 kados   toins: originally I had it in perl.conf file ... but I see it is commented out currently
12:20 hdl     back
12:19 toins   kados, and where do you writed your koha is under mod_perl ??
12:17 toins   ok thanks
12:16 kados   for the OPAC
12:16 kados     </Directory>
12:16 kados      PerlSetEnv KOHA_CONF "/koha/etc/koha.xml"
12:16 kados      PerlSetEnv PERL5LIB "/koha/intranet/modules"
12:16 kados     <Directory /koha/opac/cgi-bin/>
12:16 kados   I have:
12:16 toins   ah ? and so you defined the PERL5LIB in the virtual host ?
12:16 kados   and it looks like the handlers are commented out currently
12:15 kados   toins: startup.pl is not included
12:15 owen    What does it mean, on acquire.pl, "(that all costs are for 1 item)" ?
12:13 toins   this => http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=mod_perl
12:12 kados   toins: I can compare to NPL's config
12:12 kados   toins: which wiki page?
12:12 tumer_  to whom it may concern:wiki.koha.org is not readable with IE. The left menu covers the documents and its frustating!
12:09 toins   http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=mod_perl
12:07 toins   kados, do you use a specific configuration for mod_perl ? Or a configuration like writed on the wiki ?
11:59 hdl     Do you still use your metakoha record ?
11:55 tumer   you gain speed by not converting xml to koha perl hashes anyway
11:54 tumer   hdl:it was fast
11:54 tumer   but need lots of xslt knowledge to define sheets so i left it
11:53 hdl     was it slow ?
11:53 tumer   used xml-libxslt ;impressive
11:53 tumer   kados: i tried that once when i was doing metakoha records
11:52 dewey   hdl, I didn't have anything matching tumer
11:52 hdl     dewey : forget tumer
11:52 toins   hi tumer
11:52 dewey   hdl: I forgot hi tumer
11:52 hdl     dewey : forget hi tumer
11:52 dewey   i think hi tumer is still strugling
11:52 hdl     hi tumer.
11:51 kados   tumer: hdl and I were wondering if you have been working on XSLT stuff? :-)
11:51 dewey   it has been said that hi tumer is still strugling
11:51 kados   hi tumer
11:49 owen    Okay, that's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure
11:45 hdl     owen : Freight is for freight fees.
11:45 hdl     owen : Parcel Code is a code you enter in order to retrieve easily the parcel. Could be the parcel # from bookseller, could be any code you want.
11:45 hdl     yes
11:44 kados   hdl: mod_perl ?
11:44 hdl     in rel_2_2 it crashes FF.
11:44 toins   kados, yes perhaps
11:44 kados   but not sure ...
11:44 kados   what are the bugs?
11:43 kados   yep
11:42 hdl     Do you use shelves module ?
11:41 hdl     for circulation.pl, shelves.pl and branches.pl
11:37 kados   npl is running mod_perl ... what bugs?
11:36 toins   CAN seems to have some mod_perl specific bugs
11:36 toins   kados, is npl under mod_perl ?
11:36 hdl     Do you have mod_perl installations  running ?
11:36 kados   hdl: mod_perl probs?
11:35 hdl     kados : what about mod_perl problems ?
11:35 toins   kados, ok
11:35 owen    What values should be entered there?
11:34 owen    Parcel Code and Freight.
11:34 owen    I'm curious about the screen that shows "Receive a new Parcel"
11:34 kados   toins: you may want to see the few commits Ryan and I have made to dev_week, cleaning up a couple of minor bugs
11:34 toins   owen, what 's your problem with acquisition ?
11:33 toins   hi kados
11:33 kados   hi guys
11:33 kados   hehe
11:33 owen    Are you familiar with acquisitions?
11:32 toins   owen, yep
11:32 owen    toins, are you still there?