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10:57 thd    owen: would adding onLoad to the body element kill the waiting message?  How does the waiting message know to go away when the page created by Perl is loaded?
10:55 owen   But if the form has a valid action and method, those with javascript turned off will just submit the form.
10:54 owen   The 'return false' will prevent the form from submitting on its own, leaving it to the javascript to do the submit (this is used in form validation, for instance).
10:54 owen   Yes. You can have the onsubmit call the function to both submit the form and display a waiting message. <input type="submit" onsubmit="myFunction(); return false;">
10:52 thd    owen: if I use onSubmit for the form will the results page still load when the client does not have JavaScript?
10:49 thd    exactly
10:49 thd    owen: so if you have a JavaScript solution which will all a non-JavaScript client to function I would be pleased to know
10:49 owen   So the user is clicking a button, and you want a wait message to appear while the user waits for the next page to load?
10:48 thd    owen: I always want alternatives to JavaScript but everything must at least work with no message if the user has no JavaScript
10:47 owen   And you don't want to use Javascript?
10:46 thd    owen: I have a search of remote targets and want to display a message while the targets are being searched and results are being parsed so the user does not have the impression that nothing is happening
10:44 owen   Can you tell me more about what you're trying to do?
10:44 thd    owen: I wanted a language independent method of doing something similar.
10:43 thd    owen: the record editor displays a wait while loading message but that uses JavaScript.
10:42 thd    I want <object classid="myscript.pl" standby="Please Wait While Searching ..."><br />Object failed to load.</object> without having the object fail every time.
10:42 owen   I don't even know what you're talking about :)
10:41 thd    owen: would the standby attribute of an object element work for Perl code?
10:40 thd    owen: yes
10:40 owen   thd: is there something I can help with?
10:35 thd    kados: are you back from breakfast?
10:27 thd    owen: are you there?
09:58 thd    kados: are you still there?
09:21 dewey  salut, owen
09:21 owen   Hi
09:21 kados  morning owen
03:55 osmoze hi #koha